Twin Princess Gems At Manila Marriott Hotel

A huge thank you to Mitch Garcia and the rest of Marriott Hotel Marketing Team for having me in the Opening and Blessings of the jewelry store Twin Princess Gems at the West Wing of Manila Marriott Hotel last August 9.

As we all know Filipinos love jewelry even from the colonial period, it is also listed in the top 10 best gifts that you can give to your love ones and for sure no women will fall to the timeless beauty of any jewelry.

When you think of Jewelry carft, Twin Princess Gems has various type of jewelry from earings to anklets. Necklace with stones, gems and pearl are truly amazing. I was so lucky to witness their Grand Opening. The event was short and the jewelry enthusiast gathered together to see the latest collection of the store. They are hand crafted and of course a proudly Filipino made.

It was said that the Marriott Hotel branch was their second store and i heard that Twin Princess Gems will be giving discounts to all who check-in in Marriott Hotel for the month of August.

Eric Santos was also there and serenade the guest while there is someone who brought a pair of jewelry while the rest is enjoying the cocktails.

There was also a Chocolate Ring giveaways and I love the Pearl Necklace that Chef created. Look at them they are cute and really beautiful but edible. The owners are really nice and got my ring chocolate too bad it was already deformed when I get home because of traffic and heat outside when I left Marriott Hotel.

To learn more about the Twin Princess Gems, you can visit them at the West Wing of Manila Marriott Hotel and check out their jewelry collections.


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