Johnson’s Expose The Benefits of the First Clinically Proven Bedtime Routine

Most of the Mom's will definitely agree when it comes to bedtime challenge that we all face in getting our babies to sleep and stay sleeping.

Did you know that studies say that 20%-30% of babies experience sleeps problems, including difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

In return, it can cause problems not only to babies,  but also for mothers and have an impact in the health development of babies.

Establishing a sleeping routine is one of the most important things that parents can do to help their baby sleep better.  Johnson's had recognized this and that is why they launched a clinically proven Bedtime Routine. It helps baby to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer in just 3 steps.

Step 1. 

Bath: A bedtime routine, including a warm bath with Johnson’s bedtime baby bath, helps baby know it’s time to sleep.

Step 2. 

Massage: A massage, using Johnson’s bedtime baby lotion can help baby sleep better. Familiar and pleasant scents can make baby feel happy and relaxed and lead to better well-being by enhancing baby’s mood and emotions.

Step 3. 

Quiet Time: The moments before bed are an opportunity to help baby wind down through quiet time activities, such as reading, singing or listening to music. Complement quiet time with Johnson’s bedtime baby powder to freshen and keep baby feeling comfortable while sleeping.

You can complement the Johnson’s 3-Step Bedtime routine with Johnson’s bedtime baby oil to warm baby before bath.

During the event, Dr. Agnes Tirona- Remulla, a specialist in ENT-Head and Neck Surgery, sub-specializing in Sleep Medicine and Surgery told us that the sleep rhythms begin to develop at around 6 weeks and most babies are developmentally capable of regular sleep-wake cycles by 3-6 months.

Sleeping is important for the little ones because it has an impact to their immune system, it promotes cognitive development by building memory and supports learning. It also improves social skills of the baby.

Also, Johnson's has launched its Bedtime baby sleep app. Designed to equip mothers with information on how to ensure longer and better sleep for their baby. It is now available around the world, the App features a proprietary customized sleep profile tool to get a research based analysis of baby's sleeping habits, there is also a lullaby album and an ambient sound mixer to make playing lullabies more convenient. There is also an information on the Bedtime Routine and products, and access to Johnson's sleep experts to answer sleep-related questions.

It’s so nice to know that there is such products and apps like Johnson's offer. Johnson's encourage moms and dads to learn how to establish a good night time routine early on.

To know more about Johnson’s and how you can enhance a baby’s bed time experience, visit and

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