Chemworld Fragrance Factory Open Its New Branch At Fairview Terraces

Another branch of Chemworld Fragrance Factory was open today at the Fairview Terraces which is thee CFF 3rd branch in Quezon City. The grand opening and blessing was attended by the owners and management of Chemworld, friends and bloggers who witness another milestones of the Chemworld Fragrance Factory.

Their mission is to assist potential entrepreneurs realize their dream to be financially independent by giving them proper training, complete and affordable supplies, and continuing guidance in the industry of perfumery.

They have trained more than thousands of successful entrepreneurs since 2014. Giving them a hanfds-on training. teaching how to create a high quality fragrances like some expensive designers perfume.

One thing I like about them is that they provide the steo by step guide on how to formulate your own perfume versions. Oh, another thing is that they are also your one stop shop for your perfumery  supplies. When I say one-stoo-shop, it's the convenience if making business that all you need is there. From the materials and ingredients that you will need in making perfume up to packaging and labeling, they all have it in their branch.

I enjoy the day and I love the free training part for us. The training is usually Php 500 but we got it for free and the most exciting part is that we take home the 100ml of perfume that we created. Thank you Chemworld Fragrance Factory for inviting us to your Fairview Terraces branch Grand Opening and Blessing plus the Training and not to mention the FREE perfume.

Now, thinking of business that don't needs much capital? Chemworld Fragrance Factory is here to help you start your own business and your success story will start with them now!

For more information on how to start your perfume business, visit or


  1. Wow! Ang bilis! Hehe. It was nice meeting you at the event! :)

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