A Brand New And Beautiful You This Coming New Year

What started as a 100-day countdown before Christmas is now about waiting before we bid goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016.

The adversities and difficulties we experienced the past year are now almost behind us and today, we look forward to the coming new year with much anticipation and excitement.

And best we greet the new year by presenting a new version of ourselves—whether women and now, even men—not just with a new look but being healthy and beautiful inside and out. And this we can achieve by using a potent and powerful drink touted as today’s modern “fountain of youth”—HyC 150.

HyC 150 is becoming popular for being the "secret weapon" of today's generation when it comes to looking young, feeling fit physically and emotionally and over all being great.  Made by one of Japan's manufacturing firms, FINE Japan Co., Ltd., this potent food supplement in a sachet contains a worthy mix of nutrients and proteins to achieve that healthy and youthful you.

When combined, these powerful nutrients offer substantial benefits to our bodies. During various clinical trials abroad, particularly Japan, North America and Europe, almost 93 percent of the users from both sexes said their hair, nails and skin showed remarkable improvements when used consistently.

Credit goes to HyC 150’s mighty mix of 7 “wonder” nutrients and proteins like collagen, hyaluronic acid and ubiquinol, plus other active ingredients like Vitamin C, Biotin, Elastin and Pearl Coix, all renowned for their youth-inducing effects to help us become healthy and full of vitality every day.

With 5,250mg in every sachet of HyC 150, Collagen is HyC 150’s age-defying ingredient. It helps us keep our skin looking practically eternally youthful by helping slow down the aging process. Collagen helps keep the skin supple and smooth enough to prevent wrinkles and age pores from showing early, and 
helps keep our skin protected from the harmful effects of being exposed to too much sunlight, pollution and other negative elements in the environment.

One of the main ingredients of HyC 150 is hyaluron, where every HyC 150 sachet contains 150mg of this “lubricant.” Hyaluron’s gel-like composition is beneficial for keeping people active enough since it helps lubricate the bones in our bodies for it to move freely and much fluidity, even our eye tissues and aids in keeping our gums healthy. It acts as a complementary nutrient to collagen since it nourishes and hydrates the skin to keep it young-looking. It even helps keep a healthy scalp so our hair remains healthy and glossy all the time, and promotes faster healing of our wounds.

Elastin, meanwhile, is a highly elastic protein found in the body’s connective tissue to keep our skin flexible enough. Every sachet has 15 mg of elastin to maintain skin elasticity. Pearl Coix, on the other hand, helps lighten the skin to make it refreshed, relaxed and more radiant all the time.

Included as well in HyC 150 is 100mg of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects us from certain types of cancer and helps us maintain a stronger immune system, while Ubiquinol (10 mg in every sachet) provides us with more energy. Ubiquinol is naturally produced by our bodies to block off a variety of harmful toxins. Plus, Biotin helps protect the hair and scalp so you’ll have nice and shiny hair.

So forget all your health woes and other concerns for the past year and welcome 2016 with a healthy, youthful, vibrant, and brand-new you. Gals—and guys—we all deserve to be in good shape, and the good thing about it is it doesn’t take a lifetime to achieve that, thanks to HyC 150!

HyC150 is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and at online selling site Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph).  For more information, visit our website at www.HyC150.com; “Like” us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HyC150); follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02) 5467297, 09177750779.

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