STUDIO 24: Designs for Redefining Spatial Limitations

Millennials today, are setting trends across all markets. In the realm of real estate, millennials’ needs and preferences are even prompting developers to build more vertical housing units that feature micro-condos.
To show just how versatile a micro-condo space  can be,  despite its size,  the Philippine School of Interior Design’s graduating batch of 2015 tackles its personalization with STUDIO24, an exhibit showcasing innovative design solutions that not only maximize the area but also cater to the taste of 24 different dweller archetypes.
Small Space Can Mean Big Potential
According to a study by Lamudi, 42% of the condo units for sale have a floor plan of 50sqm. or less. While the floor sizes decrease, the number of units in a building increases. Therefore, more tenants are accommodated. In exchange of proximity to lifestyle conveniences and the chance to actively socialize, first-time homeowners are choosing micro-condos over house  and lots in  the suburbs. 

Often, small condos carry the stigma of being cramped and limited. However, in the right hands micro-condos can be personalized  into a dream abode.   With micro-condos becoming the norm, adapting one’s style  to a small  space is more of an opportunity than a challenge. As long as the space is customized to fit the style and needs of the homeowner, the small size is of very little consequence.

A Legacy of Thinking outside the Box
For the past 48 years, The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), has nurtured and taught countless interior designers who continue to make their mark here and abroad. In doing so, PSID fostered a legacy of taking unassuming spaces and turning them into the ideal nests. STUDIO24 utilizes twenty-four standard 24sqm.  spaces decked out in 24 popular trends  inspired by unique personality archetypes. Each of the 24 styles fall under 3 main categories. 

Ladies’ Lairs evoke the colorful activities and interests of today’s independent women. The styles under it include; The Pastry Chef, The Socialite, The Romantic Writer, The Artist, The Classy Dame, The Bachelorette, The Shy Violet, and The Comic Geek.

Meanwhile, Man Caves is geared towards the modern male who lives a well-rounded and active lifestyle. Listed under Man Caves are the following: The Refined Gentleman, The Gadget Freak, The Young Urban Professional, The Sports buff, The Travel Bug, The Anime Aficionado, The Goth, and The Old Collector.

Lastly, Perfect Pairings celebrate dynamic duos and the passions they pursue. This category houses the following styles: The Retirees, The Power Couple, The Newlyweds, The Backpackers, The Brothers in Arms, The Spinster Sisters, The Gay Bestfriends, and The College Buddies.
“We want to show that our budding designers can not only adapt to the new norm of micro-condos, they can use ingenious, imaginative,  and innovative design solutions that not only showcase their talent but also show dwellers how to transform their space,” shares Pojie Pambid, Dean of PSID. The exhibit runs from October 3-31 at Ronac Lifestyle Center along Paseo de Magallanes. 

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