PhilCare NFC Cards For One Top Closer To Better Health Care

PhilCare is bringing the first NFC-enabled HMO Card in the Philippines. As the next best thing in mobile transaction PhilCare continues in providing a much-needed upgrade in the way health care is delivered to thousand Filipinos.

This after the leading health care provider PhilCare came up and put in operation NFC-capable membership cards designed to make availment of health services from hospitals faster, more efficient, and close to paperless.

NFC-capable card means to do away with the usual tedious process of availing health services from health maintenance organization (HMO). With a single tap, hospitals and clinics can now determine coverage and benefits of  a member, as well as other details of the member's account.

Basic consultation and procedures will also be processed faster. since it will no longer require long waiting times just to confirm coverage.

What are the Benefits:

Convenient and efficient - be assured quick, efficient and accurate service with just one tap of your card on the NFC terminal

Easy viewing of membership benefits your eligibility status and membership benefits  are immediately confirmed

Real-time update of member records - patient information is updated in real time- the first of its kind in the Philippine health care industry

Quick approval od Letter of Authorization (LOA) requests - enjoy quick approval of LOA request for consultations and selected outpatient procedures

The new technology is the first of its kind in the Philippine health care industry and allows patient information to be updated in real time, ensuring quick, efficient, and accurate service. So what are you waiting for, get yours now! 

You may call them at 802-73-33 local 19224 from Mondays to Fridays, 9-5pm. You may also visit,

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