Get Beauteous At Beauty Lane Philippines

I was lucky to be chosen for a makeover session last Saturday, I consider it as an early gift to me because before of the said invite. I was actually planning to visit a salon to have my hair done for few fixes. A haircut and a hair relax if still fits my budget was the original plan.

I had my hair rebonded 2 years ago  and I would like to have another one this time but haven't had time and budget for now. Thanks to Beauty Lane Philippines for having me. I got my hair cut done and a Brazilian Blowout for free. Not only that but I also have hair color which is great and I'm loving it.

When we visit the Beauty Lane Training Center in Alabang. I met Ate Onie Revilla, she takes care of me during the session. I was lucky because she helps me to choose the best color for my hair and she is very precise to what she does, and I know that she knows everything on her chosen career. 

First, she put rubber bands on my hair so that she will know long she needs to cut it. Ouch! I think the length was too high, but it's okay.  My kid also gets few souvenirs of my hair tied in a rubber band. Then she sectioned my hair and applied a first coating. Actually, she made 3 sets of coatings on my hair.  What I like to the products they use into us is that it won't kill you in odor, very mild and very effective.

After the coatings to my hair and had rinse and blow dry it. She followed it with Brazilian Blowout. Same thing as the hair color didn't smell like chemicals. It's actually very fragrant. However, during the time that they blow dry my hair and iron it, I feel something itchy in my eyes. It also makes me feel like crying. I know that it's natural because they even use a face mask to cover their nose. Then it was rinsed and blow dry again. 

Check out the difference... my hair before and after the treatment.

Finally, it was done... and had few touches in my hair and it looks perfectly awesome. I love the outcome and even my blogger friends like it. Most of the people I know told me that my new hair style and color is suitable for me. 

Thanks to Beauty Lane Philippines and to Ate Onie. You guys are so good, until next time!

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