VNC 3D Fiber Mascara: More Than Just Perfect Eyelash

Every girl, lady or women had the dream about having a long and curly eyelash. We always want to be beautiful in eyes of others and most people will notice you right away if you have beautiful eyes and lashes. 

I remember when I was young, my auntie used to cut the tip of the lashes when there is a new baby girl in the family. They say, it helps the lashes to grow long and thick, which I noticed truly. However, there are some people who really not too bless having beautiful lashes.

That is why in the modern day today, there are so many options that you can do to have you're dreamed curly and long lashes. There is salon who offers the so called eyelash extension and the false eyelashes which are really so hit especially to the teenager. But there is a downside of it, because the more you have it the more chances that you can lose your natural eyelashes, you can also have eye infections or injury that can lead to visual impairment or in worst case could be blindness. Another thing is that it can cost you more over the time.

I am not saying that there is no solution with this problem and having falsies or eyelash extension is your choice. However, I know something that you will really love and could be the answer to your eyelash problem to get beauteous instantly.

Can't wait to hear the good news?

Oh well, there is a 3D mascara who is currently sprouting in fame in the market today. It guarantees the 300% of length, volume, and thickness of your eyelashes. It hypoallergenic, water-based, recommended for contact lens wearer by Ophthalmologist, looks natural, can be removed by water only, no smudge, no panda eyes and no need to use curl lash.

So how was that sounds like? Do you like it? VNC 3D mascara is very efficient and not hard to apply. It just a normal mascara but there is a procedure on how to use it because every kit has a two sets of the tube.  The collagen transplanting gel (A) and the green tea fiber (B).

Below is the video on how to use the VNC 3D Fiber Mascara;

To learn more about the VNC 3D Fiber Mascara, you can visit their website at and Facebook page at

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