SupermodelMe Season 5: Diva With Four Sirens In Manila

The original Asian Supermodel Series SupermodelMe's roster of finalist this year are Feisty Filipinas Irish Ong and Jasmine Ng from the 12 aspiring models of Asian heritage competing in a once-in-a-lifetime even to advance their fashion career.  The two lovely ladies are both set in their appearance to the media together with the fellow finalists, Brazilian-Japanese twins Rafaella and Gabriela Leonardo at the Cav Wine Shop and Cafe.

SupermodelMe have their most daring, most explosive and most revealing season in their comeback. Aptly dubbed as SupermodelMe Sirens. The latest season promises to break a new ground as the search for the ultimate siren is set to its new location in an exotic background in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The finalist will faced the fashion-forward challenges, grueling, crazy casting calls, photoshops featuring exotic birds, catfights on moving vehicles and more.

The difference of SuperemodelMe in the other modeling competition-based reality series is that they represent the Diva's commitment to not only entertain but to empower it core female viewers. SuperemodelMe: Sirens premieres on Novembere 24, 2014, Monday at 8 pm. First and exclusively on Diva, Channel 37 for Sky Cable and Destiny Digital, while Channel 32 on Cable Link. #supermodelme and #DIVAasia are the official hashtags of the SupermodelMe: Sirens.

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