#StyleKoAyosDito Fashion Show: The Next Street Fashion Collection

#StyleKoAyosDito promo was recently launched by AyosDito, where consumer had the chance to sell their pre-loved fashion items to create the next street fashion with their favorite fashion bloggers. 

AyosDito and top fashion bloggers Camille Co, David Guison, and Patricia Prieto together with sellers are all set to reveal the next street fashion collection they have to watch out for.

Last night at Raven Boutique Club in BGC , the fashion showdown and strut their collection happens. The hashtags use was #TeamCamille, #TeamDavid, or #TeamPatricia. 

So which team you want to be with?

One of the major criteria in judging the best collection is each team’s AyosDito factor: how well the bloggers engaged their fans to sell pre-loved fashion items on AyosDito.ph based on the number of fans who sold pre-loved fashion items to them, as well as the number of items actually posted as a #StyleKoAyosDito entry. The collections are also judged by how each team will incorporate the pre-loved stuff bought from AyosDito to their respective “Manila Street Fashion Collection”. 


At the blogger-seller meet-up, Patricia, David, and Camille inspected each item for sale and even haggled with their fans so they can buy a lot of their follower’s stuff! Because of this, the bloggers scored good-as-new and even premium branded clothes and accessories for an average of P350 only. 

“AyosDito is committed to helping young fashionable Pinoys to pursue their passions including fashion while giving them diverse options and value for their money. Fashion, being one of the fastest selling categories on AyosDito, grew by 111% from 2013 – 2014 and through the campaign, we wish to encourage more people to buy, sell, and celebrate the love for fashion on AyosDito to sustain this growth,” shared Rebecca Ricalde, Marketing Manager for AyosDito Philippines. “This is one of the most exciting campaigns we ever had and to see this come to life just really amazed us! Having the bloggers and sellers meet and transact in real life is our way of demonstrating how online selling and buying is easy, convenient, and safe.” 

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