Jasmine Curtis-Smith Is The New Gibi Lady

Gibi Shoes marks its 30th years in the retail industry of footwear. From 184 where it was first started GIbi Shoes marks its continued success and leads in footwear industry in the country. It also captured several countries like Sri Lanka, Australia, Korea, Taiwan and China that reached them through export proving to all that Gibi is a World Class shoe brand.

Gibi offers unprecedented shoe selection of both genuine and man-made leather for all ages. Their brand has grown up with customers comforting feet from childhood up to this date. They have wide selection for all customer groups like for Men’s, Ladies and Children’s shoes.

As a matter of fact, Gibi boast of as an all season all occasion shoe brand. Why? First, they have wide choices of basic to trendy footwear in both genuine leather and man-made. Second, the quality has been tried and tested durability. Third, its outlets are very accessible to each target markets. Fourth, the prices are very competitive in comparison to other foreign brands. Lastly they give after sales service, which all the concerns from the customers are well taken care of.

Meet the Ambassadors

When Gibi introduced the trendy and chic ladies design over a decade ago, they got Nadine Samonte to be the face of Gibi Ladies. She started at age of 14, way back 2003. Just like the brand, Nadine can carry different styles from casual, dainty and sporty up to more sophisticated looks that matched with her persona.

Next is Xian Lim, who is best represents the Gibi Men’s line in 2012. Gibi and Xian intends to encourage and enlighten everyone that the premiums, stylish but classic pairs in genuine leather are needed not to be expensive. Gibi also proves that it is best to invest in a good, quality pair that will last. Just like the brand, Xian puts emphasis on longevity, durability, quality and comfort of every shoe that he wears.

Then to represent the dynamic world of young and teen’s generation; the young, bubbly, happy and loving Ella Cruz. Ella loves fashion, colors and wants to feel care free most of the time. Teens have different kinds of choices from school shoes, drama club requirements, wedges and party wear.

And now, let’s welcome the additional member of the growing family of Gibi Shoes. The arrival of someone who is epitomizes class, substance and freshness. The latest face of Gibi Ladies, the empowered and independent, Jasmine Curtis-Smith who knows what she wants and best represents the modern Filipina.

Building and maintaining its leadership through innovation and responsiveness, the brand is offering exceptional quality and value. Today, Gibi Men’s Ladies and Children’s footwear can be attined through distribution channels all over the Philippines. It has 55 Gibi boutiques nationwide and 60 points of sale in leading department stores. Gibi Shoes indeed is a part of every Filipino family.

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