Ceelin Plus Apple: My Kid's Loved

Cough and colds are my kid usual sickness. I was one of the lucky Mommy Bloggers who had been chosen to try samples of Unilab's famous Vitamin C Syrup for kids, known as Ceelin Plus.  

Actually, Ceelin is my kid Vitamin C although we haven't tried the Ceelin Plus before. The Ceelin Plus is the combination of Vitamin C and Zinc in a liquid form to improve the health of kids' ages 1-13 years of age. These combinations will results with a dual immunity boosting action that makes the immune system of kids to be stronger. 

One thing I love about Ceelin Plus is that, there are no foods should be avoided while taking it. 

Now let us know the two main nutrients of Ceelin Plus. Of course, these are the Vitamin C and  Zinc. 

What is Vitmin C?

Vitamin C is a vitamin which is soluble in water. It helps the growth and repair of tissues in all of our body parts. It helps make collagen in our body that is needed for healing wounds. It also repairs, and help maintains our bones and teeth. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant too and fight the bacteria and viruses that can harmful the body. 

What is Zinc?

Zinc is nutrient that we need to stay healthy. Like Vitamin C, it helps the immune system to fight the invasion of bacteria and viruses throughout our body. 

It is a major component to make proteins and DNA, which are genetic materials within the cells. It also helps our body to grow and develop properly. 

Ceelin Plus is nutritional supplement for our kids to prevent and treat the Vitamin C and Zinc deficiencies in their body. My kid loves it's Apple flavor and the smell of Ceelin Plus. So mommy's give your kids the right nutritions that may help them to have a strong immunity. Try Ceelin Plus from Unilab

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