Why Drink Purified When You Can Drink Pure Water?

As a result if inadequate services, contaminated drinking water and waterborne diseases safe drinking water remains a major public health concern today in the Philippines.

Accounting for more than 500,000 morbidly sick citizens and 4,200 deaths per year the avoidable health costs alone is estimated to be at Php 3,3 billion annually. While the economic losses die to water pollution are estimated at Php 64 billion in fishing and tourism industries alone.

Now, can you put a price on the health of your family or children?

I bet not and for sure you will always seek to have the solution with this. I was invited to an event where I was really convinced that the WaterBoy machine from GreenFocus inc. can actually harvest pure fresh alkaline drinking water from the air.

The WaterBoy is not only provides limitless alkaline water but it creates a more healthy environment within your home. Puzzled? Oh well here's the catch;

1. It harvest humidity from the air and dispenses it as pure, cool drinking water.

2. It purifies the air, removing contaminants for a healthier environment in your office or home.

3. It dehumidifies the air, aiding to eliminate dry rot, mold and mildew, and reduces allergens.

Sounds impossible but true... 

It's pure alkaline water that you can trust and made from the air. Why? because it meets international water safetly standards to include Phlippines based accredited testing laboratory, INTERTEK - (Verified Alkaline).

Also, Beta testing is continuously sin October 2011, it has a rapid response after sales service, and U.S.A. TECHNOLOGY. 

The WaterBoy is always available. No more waiting for sporadic municipal water or an unreliable delivery person. It's safe for your health, very economical, environmental friendly and reliable.

Check its specifications;

Output: Produces up to 30 liters per day
Dimensions: 37cm X 48cm X 52cm
Weight: 39.5 kg\Total Water Storage: 13.5 liters
Power Costs: As low as Php6 per liter
Refrigerant: R-134a (environmentally friendly)

Filter System and Safety Controls:

-Auto Humidity and Temperature Control
- Filter Exchange Detector
- Drainage System and Automatic overload detector.

"I enjoy living a healthy and worry free lifestyle at a low cost. The WaterBoy provides my family and I with unlimited Alkaline water from the air. I no longer have to buy bottled water or worry about the quality of the water being delivered to me. It is simply the best tasting water money can buy and it is at my fingertips."

- January "Lumen" Isaac, Actress

So, worry no more about where your bottled water came from and if its clean and toxin free because WaterBoy is here and many Doctors claim numerous benefits from drinking Alkaline water.

For more details about this product, you may call (02) 551 0860 or email them at waterboy@GreenFocusInc.com and visit their website at www.GreenFocusInc.com.

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