Buy Generics And NOW Supplements Are The Latest In Watsons

A great body is not a luxury but a necessity so we can all live happy and meaningful lives.

Saving and Buying Generics

To overcome these challenges, Watsons exerted utmost effort to look for the right pharmaceutical partners and bring together quality generic medicines in the market. This is consistent with its mission of inspiring people to live beautifully and healthily and its aim to provide added value to its shoppers in managing their health.

Starting June, Watsons will bring together all its generic offers in a special, highly visible Buy Generics counter inside the pharmacy.  The new health section will carry the Watsons Compliance Packs (for chronic and acute diseases), Watsons Health Packs (for common ailments like headache, stomach pains, allergies, etc) and a wide range of generic products only from trusted manufacturers like Unilab, Ritemed, Pharex and others.

Watson's will be able to provide patients with a variety of quality natural products that are specifically- formulated to help support and promote optimum health through good nutrition.

Now Foods

What started out as a small family business in Illinois is now an award-winning manufacturer, a respected advocate of the natural product industry, and a pioneer in the fields of nutritional science and methods development.

With its 263,000-square foot facility regarded as one of the most scientifically-advanced in the natural products industry, NOW Foods is able to capture nature's recipe for optimum well-being and turn it into health supplements that are guaranteed fresh and effective.

NOW supplements are Acai Juice, Calcium & Magnesium, Cholesterol Support, CoQ10, Goji Juice, Joint Support, and Salmon Oil.

Avail of the Buy Generics and Now Foods at all Watsons stores nationwide. Log on to

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