7 Waxing Reminders

Summer time is almost end and for sure we had experienced waxing during this season. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind after having a wax in a salon or by your self;

1. After waxing, refrain from washing the newly waxed part for 4 hours.

2. If you get waxed during the early evening, wait until the next day to wash the waxed area.

3. Don't scratch or rub.

4. Avoid putting on make-up, lotion, powder, cologne, etc. after getting wax.

5. Apply antibacterial cream 2x a day after every wax.

6. For redness and minor swelling, apply cold compress by wrapping an ice cube around a washcloth and press it gently on the waxed area.

7. Refrain from any strenuous activities that will make you sweat to prevent bacterial infection.

Hope this reminders will help you! enjoy the summer sun!

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