Hyphen Luxe Your Guide In Beauty And Fashion

I get a chance to have bonding with other fashion and beauty bloggers. Although the location is far, but I would say that I have a great time with them. 

Basically, it's not the event that i thought indeed its a small get-together of fashion and beauty bloggers in Manila.  It was in a bazaar where the host of the event is the Hyphen Luxe, and the owner is very nice and accommodating

She said that she started making small business when she was sixteen and no wonder why she was so successful today. Working hard with the thing you love and like to do will definitely have good results eventually. 

Hyphen Luxe sells Bangkok clothes, dresses, accessories from necklace to bangles, different kinds of nail polish from Korea, China, etc. They also have bags, belts, and wallets. 

They even sell one kind of make-up where the brand is not locally available, plus some of the pre-loved items. 

After the non-stop laugh and chatting. We end up staying good-byes and hope to see each one of them in the future.  If you like to inquire about their hip and cool products, you can visit http://thehyphenstore.multiply.com/or you may like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thehyphenstore


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