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NOVUHAIR®, the country’s leading natural hair loss solution, supports the nation in highlighting the importance of a healthy and balanced nutrition amidst the ongoing health crisis.

NOVUHAIR® partnered with Chefy Wifey’s Kitchen and cooked up something, literally. Consistent with the brand’s advocacy, the “Food for the Hair” mini-program shall offer four (4) video demo episodes on how to prepare practical, nutritious and easy-to-do meals at home, focusing on ingredients that support healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

With the Philippines being both the social media  and  selfie capital of the world; coupled with the country’s economy becoming more heavily reliant on customer-facing, service-led businesses – Filipinas today have come to recognize the personal and professional advantages of looking their best, and feeling their best all the time. In light of this reality, a great number of Filipinas have made a personal decision to use skin whitening products to help them achieve their beauty goals.

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Self Care Sunday at Elite Skin Perfection

They said Sunday is family day, but mom's like me sometimes need to take a break and relax a bit and should spare some time. Taking care of our self should also consider for us to do our part in our family.

I'm so glad that I was able to spend one Sunday to give time for myself when I said yes to a event for self care and thanks to my friends from Cosmetigroup Int'l Corporation for the invites.

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NU Skin’s Newest Eye Area Treatment is now in the Philippines

Take away those signs of stress and a busy lifestyle. Reduce the appearance of puffiness, under-eye bags and dark circles. There is now a skin technology that works as a targeted treatment for the eye area. 

As announced last March 12, 2019, NU Skin Enterprises, Inc. launched the ageLOC LumiSpa Accent and ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes in the Philippines. It’s the new targeted treatment that harnesses the power of ageLOC LumiSpa Accent to rejuvenate skin around the eyes and is ideal for women and men who seek targeted solution for brighter, more youthful skin around the eyes.

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The Return of Miss Teen Philippines in 2019

The first ever beauty pageant for teens in the country has marks a new milestone in its history as Miss Teen Philippines 2019 officially opens with bigger opportunities for its future youth ambassador. To make a bigger dreams come true and to empower the new generation and promote the value of education on the global stage.

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The Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

The 90's favorite cologne has recently re-launch their cologne product with its newest endorser Celebrity mom IyaVillania-Arellano and Baby Primo. 

The celbrity mom share's her motherhood journey during the event as he mention the importance of listing down things she need to do, so she won't forget it.

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Bring Your Younger Body Back!

Aging is a natural process where the human body manifests signs of countless years and experiences that it has lived through. It is noticeable through numerous aspects in the person’s body; it can be seen in the mentality, personality and health of a person.

But most of the time, aging takes its toll on a person’s physical attributes. Undergoing circumstances that wither or exert the skin more than its normal capacity can cause it to lose its firmness.

My Nail-a-holics Experienced At Glorietta 3 Branch

Hello Loves!

Guess what? I was so excited to share to you my Nail-a-holics experience. I got a busy day when I saw the message of one of my blogger friend who invited me to try the services of Nail-a-holics. I got so thrilled to have a foot spa that day aside from having a sore feet lately.

One of the most prevalent skincare problems each and every one complains about is Dull skin. As we age, our glowing, healthy skin gets damaged, and with a demanding and oftentimes noxious lifestyle, it seems absolutely impossible to maintain it. We often wonder how a lucky few seems to have been blessed with glowing healthy skin despite the hectic lifestyle. But did you know that aside from a healthy lifestyle and diet, another factor that causes dull skin is poor oxygen supply?

A huge thank you to Mitch Garcia and the rest of Marriott Hotel Marketing Team for having me in the Opening and Blessings of the jewelry store Twin Princess Gems at the West Wing of Manila Marriott Hotel last August 9.

As we all know Filipinos love jewelry even from the colonial period, it is also listed in the top 10 best gifts that you can give to your love ones and for sure no women will fall to the timeless beauty of any jewelry. 

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Every girl dilemma is having a breakouts that makes them feel ugly. The confidence and the self-esteem was banish. Every girl wants to have a beautiful skin to be able to present their self in front of others. Breakout problems might go along the way as they grow mature and sometimes it gives not only physical but also emotional damage.

I was fortunate enough to meet wonderful people like KG who introduce to me the products that they considered and quoted "No Politics Just Results". 

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Channeling your beauty to radiate doesn’t come overnight, your skin requires pampering and care of a professional center that understands your needs. A center that provides all your skin pampering necessities has now come into full bloom as it introduces its new look and logo.

For 2 decades, Dermcare have continuously shared their unfailing love and concern for their customers, delivering utmost satisfaction to your every vanity regardless of gender, age, social standing, and personal preferences.

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A never-before-seen beauty breakthrough has arrived in the Philippines through That'so, an Italian skincare brand renowned for its "fast beauty" concept. That'so Philippines co-founders and Filipina-Canadian sisters Queenie Subido and Flecett Aspilla bring in the breakthrough for Filipinos to experience. Their first-ever offering is That'so Pure White, a patented skin-brightening and anti-aging treatment that addresses hard-to-solve woes including discoloration, hyperpigmentation, fines lines and wrinkles.

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Tutuban Center, Manila’s bargain shopping destination, recently established the Tutuban Center Home Club (TC Home Club) as part of its community development activities.

TC Home Club seeks to empower women of today, especially the underprivileged ones living within the Tutuban Center community and nearby cities with little or no education, to gain the confidence of facing challenges in life when raising a family. 

Girls always wanted to have a beautiful skin and even boys these days become so vain. I was very choosy on selecting facial wash for my face because I don't like to end up regretting on things I've done for myself especially if it is something to do with my daily regimen.

Washing of face is one of the most important things to do every day, in the morning and at night time before going to sleep. This should not be skipped in our daily lives.

I was lucky to try the newest Myra VitaSmooth and VitaWhite Facial Wash. I actually tried it and I love the soft feeling after I wash my face. 

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TV host and comedienne, Alex Gonzaga was recently launched as the First Filipina Face of Proactiv. A loyal user of Proactiv for 6 years, the 27-year old actress is thrilled to be among the elite roster of Proactiv Hollywood endorsers.

“I discovered Proactiv when I was in the States. A relative recommended it to me and true enough, Proactiv got rid of my pimples.  When I came back, I asked around where I could get it and found out they have it at Watsons,” shares Gonzaga.

Proactiv’s General Manager, Mari del Rosario considers this a big milestone for the brand.

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Scarring is part of the body’s healing process but scars need not stay on your skin forever. The same goes with skin hyperpigmentation. But through innovative solutions discovered by dermatologists, many patients are now faced with several alternatives on how to improve their skin condition.

I was lucky to be chosen for a makeover session last Saturday, I consider it as an early gift to me because before of the said invite. I was actually planning to visit a salon to have my hair done for few fixes. A haircut and a hair relax if still fits my budget was the original plan.

I had my hair rebonded 2 years ago  and I would like to have another one this time but haven't had time and budget for now.

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I was invited to witness another amazing product which is locally made. I have tried different kinds of whitening  lotion, but they failed to give what I expected.

This time I was mesmerized to see that there is something better than the usual whitening lotion I have. 

During the demo, it was so amusing to see the instant output that it can give. I tried it too to myself and it's perfect because I was so tan due to almost every week of out of town for swimming.

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Every girl, lady or women had the dream about having a long and curly eyelash. We always want to be beautiful in eyes of others and most people will notice you right away if you have beautiful eyes and lashes. 

I remember when I was young, my auntie used to cut the tip of the lashes when there is a new baby girl in the family. 

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As we all know, when people grow old, we will be having wrinkles, puffy eyes, and so many changes in our physical appearance.

Today, as the modern times is here. People even discover something we can do to prevent aging to look younger. 

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I have attended the launching of the two newest products of Dermplus, joining the skincare family of Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock. The Dermplus  Invisilite Sunblock Spray and Dermplus  AfterSun Hydrating Body Gel.

Have you ever wear sunblock who is invisible? 

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It was initiated by Captured Dream Entertainment Productions and they found the 40 young earth champions with the heart of service, love, humility and values of non-violence after months of searching for the Miss Teen Earth Philippines and Little Miss Earth Philippines. 

Today, as the leading pageant that provides World Class Beauty Pageants for young women.

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I was invited to the launching of Beauty Elements Venture Inc. (BEVi) newest campaign entitled, "You're Covered for a Wild, All-out Fun Summer 69" where the promise fun, exciting, and wild summer experience awaits.

To start-off, Kojiesan's summer campaign is the Road to Summer 69 Activation.

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Who doesn't love a little fun in the sun? The beach can be a perfect way to spend the day and get some summer moments with your loved ones. Summer means sun, shorts, sandals, bathing suits, and bronzed skin. But with beach hair and shorter hemlines comes the dangers that not only instigate the probability of skin cancer, but the aging process as well. Sun exposure is, essentially, subjecting yourself to sun damage – but in the same note, avoiding the outdoors altogether is both impractical and nearly impossible.

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I was invited to try a new skin care clinic where I am very much impressed with the credentials of their Doctor non-other than Dra. Nikita Kyla Talens who have been studied here and abroad. What makes me admire her more is that when her mom told us the story about her, like how she transformed into a beautiful Mariposa. 

Heart's Day is coming... Yay! But wait. I know that you can't still decide what and where to buy gifts that you can give to your special someone. Every now and then, when times like this are coming, I always rattle to go somewhere like malls, bazaar and etc. just to look for something to buy for my love one. 

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The modern-day women are very remarkable, especially Filipino women because despite the challenges that they face every day, they are able to manage their busy lifestyle with glamour and pursuing the dreams with passion. 

During the Celebrated Women Discover Softer Days with Kleenex event.

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How can you achieve financial freedom from financial related problems? The answer is SUPREME Business Solutions!
Supreme Business Solutions offers a wide variety of beauty, health and wellness products. They are the first direct selling company who brought Garcinia Cambogia in the Philippines which is known to effectively lose weight without any harsh side effects.  Unlike with other direct selling companies, Supreme Business Solutions provide their partners the most advance operational system in the industry.

In today's world, contemporary medical technology and procedures are continually arising. Treating injuries or diseases over the past years have been introduced in different ways to have a better and effective treatment. One of which is the Cytori Cell Therapy. It is one way of restoring or repairing the lost or damage tissue in the body. 

The good news is that we have it now in the Philippines because the EA Regenerative Medicine Center of Excellence offers this one of a kind tissue function restoration.

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I was invited for another opening of nail spa in BGC. Although I am not a fan of growing my nails and having it with nail polish I still attended the event. I used to have manicure and pedicure all by myself except that I want to have a good foot massage or foot spa, then that's the time I go to a spa center.

When I heard about the NailGanic Lounge, It makes me wonder if all the products in ther spa are really organic. Sounds interesting right?

NailGanic Lounge only use one brand of nail polish and other nail essentials, SpaRitual, certified 100% Organic and Vegan Ingredients from around the world.

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HP8233During the long and gloomy days of the rainy season, the weather is not the only thing that gets out of control—this also happens for your hair.

“Each time it rains, the air becomes thick with water and hair absorbs the excess humidity like a sponge, leading to brittle, stubborn frizzed hair,” explains RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

Do you want a trip to Hongkong and Macau for four days 3 nights with a free tour at Ocean Adventure and HongKong Disneyland together with a $500 USD pocket money? How about an Apple I-Pad Air or a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4? 

Oh well, you can have any of those by simply joining the Schick razor’s newest craze #SMOOTHLEEADVENTURE promo.

I was giving a change once again to review some beauty products. This time a Lip Balm and Eye Cream from Celeteque DermoScience. This is my first time to used their products and I'm pretty excited to try. Why? Because I think, I need it specially the Lip Balm for it was so cold  here in Baguio. I was experiencing chopped and dry lips these days.


When I am stress and need a little break from work, the first thing that pops into my mind is to have been well pampering day. This pays off my long week of working. I usually visit a spa twice a month to have massaged and once a month for a foot spa.



With the launch in 1988 the John Frieda Brand brought genuine salon-inspired products that deliver salon-quality results at home for the first time.  The brand went on to pioneer first-to-market, fashion-forward haircare innovations such as Frizz-Ease, Sheer Blond, Brilliant Brunette, Luxurious Volume and Precision Foam Color - each designed to meet the evolving needs of women and to give them hair they truly love.

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Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG), a Worldwide Olympic Partner, kicked off the company’s Thank You Momcampaign today with the Raising an Olympian series featuring Olay® athlete Lindsey Vonn (United States), Gillette® athletes Felix Neureuther (Germany) and Sven Kramer (Netherlands) and Pantene® athlete Elena Ilinykh (Russia).

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Some women are just born perfect. They have flawless skin, toned, sexy body, and silky, long, luscious hair, while some just don’t have it all. If you belong to the first group, you are blessed. You are one of those women we get so jealous of because you just look absolutely perfect anytime of the day.

But for those who belong to the second group, fret not! You are not alone. Even seemingly perfect celebrities have flaws they just know how to correct them.

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Once upon a time, women had time to pull their hair in rollers and blow dry it to perfection. But in this era where every minute counts, spending too much time to fix your crowning glory is not always an option.

However, the frequent bad hair days can be prevented if you have the right haircut, color, and/or treatment, which passed through the hands of a hairdresser who understands the art and science of hair.


I never tried visiting a waxing salon because I'm scared of many thing. First, I know and I feel how painful it is even just thinking of how it was done. Second, I'm not comfortable of being naked in front of someone whom I don't know, plus the fact that I am also shy to that person. Third, I know that these kind of salon is expensive.

I was invited to a launcing and celebrating the purecolor lipstick, purecolor eyeshadow palette, and vivid shine collection of Estee Lauder. As one of the most renowned global beauty brands, last February 12, 2013 fashion enthusiast, beauty blogger, as well as media gathered to celebrate the beauty and grace of women in the PureColor Play event featuring its latest make up line in Rockwell Tent, Makati City.

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Rhian Ramos, As The New Face Of Zen Health Magazine

After a year of controversies, Rhian Ramos is now getting back into the track and ready to face the showbiz world again. As she feels so excited the same way she felt when she was starting show business.

Zen Health, a magazine for empowered women believes that no one except Rhian could carry out the message of re-emergence and new beginnings. 


We always see the gleaming flawless face of or favorite Korean actresses and actors in the Koreanovela that we used to watch. 

Today, another Korean made had come to the country to try the Hayan Korea cosmetics, to bringing Filipino women a step-closer to achieving a youthful look all day.

From make-up-artist-to-the-star, to product user and endorser Fanny Serrano is now launching a new TV Commercial to change your ideal remedy for the hair fall.  He experienced different kinds of products to get solution on his problem with regards to hair fall but none of them worked.

On his journey in finding a good one is began when he stumbled upon the Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion and after two weeks his own hair stylist began to notice some changes in his scalp because a new growth of fine baby hairs started to appear.

What's new with The Body Shop? Well there are lots of news that you should know about. The Body Shop celebrates their style as they introduce their new look as Body Butters gives you a new design, Beauty Oils for your body, hair and face, and meeting Lily Cole as their new brand ambassador. Plus, The Body Shop Body Mists for you everyday use.


The Promise Of Better You In Dianna Stalder

Diana Stalder formerly known as Dermaline, now provides a more unique and exciting route to beauty and wellness is featured in Metro Mag, May issue.


Kohl Industries In Their First Blogger Meet Ups 

Kohl Industries Corporation host their first blogger meet ups held in the Valle Verde Country Club. As a leading manufacturing company of household and industrial products in the Philippines. It's mission is to give consumer a cheaper but high quality of home care products. Their small contribution in alleviating the effects of the economic crunch that has been affecting many households in the country. At the same time, Kohl is able to provide employment and business opportunities for the Filipino community. 


Jelly Nail Polish By Jennifer Lynn At Nailandia

It was my first time to have a manicure in a salon and do some coloring to my nails when I was invited to have a pampering for my self and give a little time to enjoy the foot spa with pedicure and manicure.Nailandia, this nail studio and body spa is really new to me. Maybe because they just started for just a month and so.  The place was not too hard to find because it was located along the street of Tomas Morato where you can use the  Zirko Bar as the landmarks.


Get the most relaxing reward when you apply and get subsequently approved for a Mercury Drug Citibank Card! With a minimum spend using your Mercury Drug  Citibank Card of P2,000, single or accumulated transaction slips, enjoy a Nurture Spa package for 2 worth Php5,000 as a welcome gift from the credit card that gives you the best health benefits.

The Nature Spa Package for 2 includes a four (4) hour stay at the Garden View Room, a one (1) hour spa treatment (choice of Full Body Massage, Natural Facial or Hele Foot Spa) per person, and one (1) Amu’ln reward product.

7 Waxing Reminders

Summer time is almost end and for sure we had experienced waxing during this season. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind after having a wax in a salon or by your self;

1. After waxing, refrain from washing the newly waxed part for 4 hours.

2. If you get waxed during the early evening, wait until the next day to wash the waxed area.

The Essential Looks FLUX Collection For Spring/Summer 2012

ESSENTIAL LOOKS from Schwarzkopf Professional brings you the FLUX Collection. The latest catwalk trends distilled into four NEW visual moods for Spring/Summer 2012.

Each season a handpicked team of hair professionals immerse themselves in the fashion weeks of London, Paris, Milan and New York and emerge inspired to create a collection of distinct trends that will lead hairdressers and their salon clients to progress their personal style for the months ahead.

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It was such a humid day and whenever the time like this comes, you liked to stop what you are doing and had a sleep first because your body is pulling you to be lazy. Of course, it will not happen because of the loads that have to be done in front of your table. Gosh! I need a break... That was the first thing that you will say though. 

I hate rainy days but had no choice if the weather becomes crazy and had a quick change in an instant.  Bored days like this will give me reason to visit the Pinoy Blogger group in Facebook to lurk around and see what's happening with other blogger friends.


I never thought that Diana Stalder is already in its fifteen year. I only find this beauty and skin care shop only when I pass the 3rd floor of EDSA Pavilion going to MRT. I even never thought that Diana Stalder was the Dermaline Facial and Skin Care Center. 

Diana Stalder had joined the world of wellness and beauty as they are represented beauty and charm. I also, noticed that they manufactured all their quality skin-care products and using its impressive line-up for Diana Stalder that aims to satisfy every man and women who desire for beautiful skin.

Welcome to Get Beauteous, on this web blog, I will help you to give the best lifestyle that you want for your daily life. Being beautiful not only matter especially if you are concerned with your health. 

Being fit is very important because you will find yourself healthy. I will give you the best, and the finest information that you will need on how make your lifestyle more beautiful and healthy as ever.