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The Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp

The 90's favorite cologne has recently re-launch their cologne product with its newest endorser Celebrity mom IyaVillania-Arellano and Baby Primo. 

The celbrity mom share's her motherhood journey during the event as he mention the importance of listing down things she need to do, so she won't forget it.

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Sometimes, you will meet someone and it works. Sometimes, you will meet someone and it will feel like God intervened and made you meet. Most of the time though, you meet someone and they break your heart into a million pieces and you start to wonder, “why me?” With hugot still being one of the trending topics of all time, we decided to ask Dr. Paolo Bellosillo who is known for advocating living a quality life to share his thoughts on how you can protect your heart from the greatest stressor in life, a heartbreak.

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Two companies has announce their partnership that will help one another for their milestones.  Sunlife of Canada Inc. for Philippines, the number one life insurance company in the country and Mommy Mundo, Inc., the mommy community dedicated in making motherhood easier, happier and more fulfilling by its various activities and ventures recently signed a partnership that would provide Mommy Mundo members an easier access to affordable insurance.

With their partnership, Mommy Mundo members under the age of 65 can avail of Sun Life's PA TXT Card.

We all know that as a mother we never have breaks or should I say, we can not resign to the position that we have. As a mother we are all on call whenever our family needs us especially our kids.

I am a mother to Arnie Jet although I am also a mother to my niece and nephew. They grew up with my side and I also consider them as my kids upon they parents abandon them. I became responsible to all their needs.

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Procter & Gamble and Robinsons Supermarket Join Forces with Mothers to Further Strengthen Their Advocacy of Wellness. 

What happens when mothers come together to celebrate their personal advocacy of wellness? A Wellness Moms Movement emerges- a movement of change by mothers rallying as one for a better and healthier lifestyle.

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Most of the Mom's will definitely agree when it comes to bedtime challenge that we all face in getting our babies to sleep and stay sleeping.

Did you know that studies say that 20%-30% of babies experience sleeps problems, including difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

In return, it can cause problems not only to babies,  but also for mothers and have an impact in the health development of babies.

It was such a nice to attend an event who featuring  about family, especially with regards to our beloved mothers. I personally touched on how Great Image showcases their love of our mothers together with the Make Your Mother Proud Foundation.

Who among us did not care about the person whom give us life? For sure guys, you know what I mean.

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The marathon is not my forte nor my interest. Although, I run,  sometimes  I am not really into it as a serious sport. Marathons take years of preparation. One needs to train hard, maintain a balance diet and build muscles.

I know the fact that not everybody can run a race to help promote an advocacy.

Selfless, this is how we best describe our mothers. They put their children’s happiness and well-being ahead of their own. Their unconditional love that they can give is priceless. This month of May, Great Image wants to meet your Nanay that gives and share you everything in life. It's about time to acknowledge them at the least time that they expected. 

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Your mother is walking miracles to you. This Mother’s day show your appreciation and love for her by treating her to a lavish Sunday brunch, the Manila Pavilion Hotel crowns the queen of our hearts with awe-inspiring offerings that is sure to make her feel truly special. 

Bow & Wow as the country’s first and only all-natural pet store together with CARA Welfare Philippines hosted a benefit dinner, where pet lovers and owners gather together in the celebration of National Pet Parent’s Day at the Robinsons Magnolia Garden last April 23, 2016 to continue support the CARA in its advocacy.

Last March 19, 2016, Philippines is one of the countries who join the annual event of the world's largest advocacy in saving Mother Earth. Here in the Philippines SM Cares support the campaigns and all 56 SM malls in the Philippines and 7 SM malls in China have participated in the global celebration of Earth Hour. Lights were shut off from 8:30PM to 9:30PM simultaneously.

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 When you have time to spend and to share, especially for the people with disabilities. There are no doubts that your heart will melt as you see them how they see things in the most simplest way.

I am personally touched with their simple life and believe. Last February 21, I spend my Sunday morning with these people whom I did not know personally.

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It was another wonderful event and gathering of people who supported people with Autism. It was my first time to attend an event like this and it was very touching to witness that they are truly unique on their own way. 

These people are not just a person with disabilities but instead have their own unique talents that can be shared to others.

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Another Philippine Feng Shui Convention for the Year of the Fire Monkey was held at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas. The event is the brainchild of International Fengshui master Marites Allen, the first Filipina to be accredited by the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA).

This year event is the 11th presentation of forecast for the year 2016, and the interest in fengshui keeps growing.

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The International Feng Shui master Marites Allen gave a briefing on the luck indications for each of the zodiac signs to the members of media last Monday, December 7 at the Marco Polo Hotel. She said that not all animals signs are lucky during their year, the Monkey year is very fortunate for all Monkey-born people. The Rat, Dragon, and Snake who are all allies of Monkey, may have difficulties next year according to her.

Starting on February 8, 2016 until January 27, 2017. The Fire Monkey will take over the Wood Sheep as the ruling animal on the Chinese zodiac. For Feng Shui followers, the changing of the lunar year brings different opportunities and certain challenges for each animal sign.

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Any parent with young children would admit that nothing can be more mentally draining than going through the painstaking process of preparing healthy meals for their kids’ baon.

Unfortunately, a lot of little fussy eaters have a tendency to wrinkle their noses, make faces, or deliberately gag on their food and bring home their baon.
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In our society that is in becoming digital our kids best friend to make them quiet is by giving them and allowing them to use gadgets and I am one of the moms who are guilty with that.  As a matter of fact, kids today can't live without tablets, mobile phone, etc.

As parents, we sometimes think that giving those expensive gadgets can be so much more. 

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It was such a privilege to be invited for a small talk about money matters. We spend money here, there and everywhere without telling ourselves and knowing when to stop until we are broke and have so many debts.

I personally don't practice of having debt. I simply don't like the idea and for me it's better to maximize everything I have than to loan to someone.

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Johnson and Johnson Consumer Company Inc. conducted the Global Bath Time Report in seven key countries to understand how parents view the bath time in the development of their babies. 

In our country, it has been said that 96% of parents in the Philippines believe that bath time is so much more than just cleaning their babies while 45% do not see that it is extremely important for cognitive development. 

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For Filipinos couples, talking about sexual intimacy is kept to their self where I think couples should need to be more open with their partners what can satisfies them.

Sharing special bond is a good reason not to be comfortable about telling your partner what you like and you don't like about making love.

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Give Joy This Christmas With #HapeeDelivery Campaign

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to deliver a package? Did you know that how dangerous the job of the delivery man and put their life at risk just to deliver your package?

This Christmas, let's makes a twist and give something to these people who give us joy every time we get a package delivered right from our doorstep.

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Parents Should Be Vigilant; Children Should Learn!

Child(ren) should learn things at early age. They can't do it of course without their parent supervisions but at least we, as parents can give them insights of thing may and may not happen. Remember parents we are responsible to everything with regards to our child(ren). We can avoid bad things happen to them if we guide them properly.

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Spending The Day With Family At The Banana Peel Family Funville

They say Sunday is for Family Day.  Oh yeah! It’s true and you can enjoy the family day specially when you celebrate it with a total bang. 

I mean, going to a fun fair at the mall with your family and celebrate the life with exciting surprises and fantastic experience at the Banna Peel Family Funville in Robinsons Place Manila.

What's The 10 Health Benefits Of Sex?

Just saw a shared post from a friend in Facebook whom the topic is about SEX or would rather say about "10 health benefits of sex you need to know". Oh well, many people are not that too open to tell about things they've done while doing it. 

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Our Journey Through A Mother's Eyes

No other love is great but from a mother's love... the unconditional love she can give is priceless. For this Mother's Day, Goldilocks has commissioned a video to reminisce and celebrate how motherhood is so unique. 

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Create The Kind Of Relationship You Want

If you are in a relationship that isn't makes you happy and loved, or perhaps you're already suffering through dating that makes you feel dreadful because it's not getting you, the man and the relationship you want.

I know what it feels like helpless in your love life for this. Experiencing the reality of what is hoping to be in your love life and the feeling of your desiring for the great love but makes you feel hopeless all the time.