I may not have a regular exercise but I always find time to make myself as active as I can. As my routine, I used to have few minutes to walk in the morning going to work and before going home. However, I find it not enough, so I tried to join in different running activities. The last fun run I had was over a month ago.

I was glad to be part of last Sunday's activity wherein the National Milo Marathon organizers, some blogger friends, and Coach Rio Dela Cruz spend a Saturday morning to have a fun run for the launching of the upcoming National Milo Marathon 2019.

I personally enjoyed it. Sweat all over me and the feeling is great after the hardcore warm up and two laps running in the academic oval of UP Diliman.

The MILO Marathon encourages people, especially children from all walks of life, to get into sports and prepare for a larger arena called life.  For this year's theme, they call it “One Team. One Nation. Go Philippines!”

They also like to encourage the entire nation, to rally the Filipino athletes competing in the Philippines’ hosting of the 2019 SEAG. Part of the Philippine contingent is 6 time consecutive NMM Queen, Mary Joy Tabal, who continue to bring pride to our country. She also used to participate in other MILO programs at a younger age where she was able to strengthen her values in pursuing her ambitions such as discipline, confidence, and teamwork. 

There are total of 10 regional race schedules starting June 14 to November 17, 2019 and the national finals will be on January 19, 2020 in Tarlac City. Below is the full race schedule of 2019 National Milo Marathon.

So get ready and choose the distance that you like, starting from 3K, 5K, 10k, 21K, and 42K run. Race kit inclusions are follows:

Please take note that if you are running for a half or full marathon which are the 21K and 42K respectively, you will be needing to present and submit a fit-to-run medical certificate for both Manila and Provincial elimination round.

To learn more about the 2019 National Milo Marathon and to download the registration form, visit https://www.milo.com.ph/events/milomarathon.!
I'm so glad to be part of PMAP Palarong Pinoy, it was my first time and I enjoyed it. The energy of the participants overwhelms me. They are so empowered and I think very competitive.

We are less than 15 members that day but we face them with courage to try and do the things we never thought we can do. Too bad most of us are not prepared for the games, but we did our best to compete.

The first games was called Suot Lusot, the goal is to slip the Hula-hoop from one person to the other without breaking each others hand grip and the team to make the hoop come back to the starting line will win the game.

The second game is the Hula-hoop, a total of six players needed - 3 girls and 3 boys. Players will spin the Hula-hoop one at a time. The player will spin the hoop 60 seconds and the score will determine by the number of spin seconds. I finished the whole 60 seconds and it was fun, it reminds me the street game that I used to play when I was a kid.

The third game was called Funminton, there are 10 players in a group and there are 4 teams to compete each other in 4 courts all at the same time. To win, the team must eliminate other teams one-by-one until they are the last team left. The score is 10 points per player left.

The fourth game was the Kapitang Kulay, its a colored mat game who is spread at the court. Players will reach out for the called-out colors using the body part such as hand, foot, elbow, knee, shoulder, head, etc.

A body part can only be used once. Players un-able to reach the colors announced will be eliminated. There will be 10 calls. Ten players, two rounds. First round 5 females and the second one is 5 males.

Then, an obstacle relay race was next its called Karerang Takbo. Player will pass thru a variety of Pinoy games as obstacles. Path 1 is Piko Step-No, Path 2 is Limbo Rock, Path 3 is Walis Bilis. The race is timed and players run from the starting line and go thru each hurdle. Then from the turn-around points, players go back to the starting line before the next runner's turn. 20 runners per team will play the game.

Lastly, the Patinbola, 20 players per team, 12 offense / 8 defence and 2 minutes per set. Its actually a Patintero game with a twist because attack team carries a ball to and from the base and try to make Touch-Down Scores. The players may pass the ball to co-player team. However, if caught by Defence Team, both player and the bal is out. Attack Team may also make home-runs even without a ball.  Scoring will be 10 points for regular home-run by Attack Team, 20 points for home-runs with a ball by Attack Team and 5 points every TAGS made by the Defence Team.

The experience is amazing, it brings me back to my childhood memories and learn to enjoy simple games that helps you interact again with people around you. Unlike these days, kids are so busy on their own space, physical and virtual.

By the way, the sports fest activities is facilitated by Magna Kultura and sponsored by Universal Rubina Corporation, Evebelena, Healthway, and more. Thanks to PMAP for the invites as well as to my friend Richard.

PMAP Palarong Pinoy 2019

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I'm so glad to be part of PMAP Palarong Pinoy, it was my first time and I enjoyed it. The energy of the participants overwhelms me. Th...

As we all know, millennial's always thought that they can rule the world. Sometimes they tend to try everything without thinking. Oppps! I did not generalize it, instead telling you that most of them wanted to start everything on their own. Like they wanted to own a business, they wanted to become a entrepreneur but have no knowledge on how to's.

Today, franchising a business is easy, you just have to have a money to start with and everything will work. How about the others who wanted to have their own label and name? 

Well, I met Ms. Diana Stalder and Ms. Dina Stadler of Diana Stalder by Dermaline at the Health and Wellness ConfEx 2019 and fortunately they share about helping young entrepreneur to wanted to put up their own business under their own label. They can manufacture different products in and out of the country to help you build your dream. 

On that moment, I was mesmerized by the confidence and eagerness of the mother and daughter tandem on trying to help people to do business. As one of their core strength, they aims to help people who are business minded to have their own brand. They can also help educate you and your customers about the products which I think a great way in telling people that you are true to help them and to your goal.

For more information about the business starting kit of Diana Stadler and Stadler Laboratories, visit their website at www.dianastalder.com