Can regular exercise make your hair grow? Although hair growth never comes as a direct cause by exercise, mental and physical health challenges may interrupt the hair’s normal growth process which may lead to hair loss. However, regular cardio exercise for example, can help improve your health and mood — discouraging any breaks in the natural hair growth cycle.

Coach Jim and Toni Saret, The National Youth Commission (NYC), ABS-CBN Star Hunt Academy artists, together with the leading hair loss treatment in the country NOVUHAIR, nature’s answer to hair loss, officially launched “FITFIL YOUTH AGAINST DRUGS (and Obesity)” at SM Mall of Asia By the Bay last November 16, 2019. The challenge for a 2-hour Dance Fitness Marathon was attended by more than 3,000 youth delegate and representatives from from various government sectors. 

NOVUHAIR conducted free hair and scalp analysis to help attendees achieve overall wellness starting with their crowning glory.

Highlighting the event, The National Youth Commission headed by Commissioner Ryan Enriquez, pledged to donate 2 million pounds of excess fat from Filipino youth! This challenge is FITFIL’s way of rallying humanity to become more proactive in fighting lifestyle-related diseases responsible to almost 70% of all Global illnesses including deaths.

Flex those muscles and add a zest to your life by following this tips on how to make yourself happier and healthier through exercise in 6 Ways:

1. Control your weight
No matter how busy your schedule is, try to allocate time to go to the gym or just do some routines at home on a regular basis.

2. Fight health conditions and illnesses
Exercising regularly prevents many health malaise and concerns. These include stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis and a number of types of cancer.

3. Enhance your mood
Uplift your emotions simply by taking a brisk walk or a brief gym session. Engaging into some physical activities will help trigger different brain chemicals to make you feel more happy and relaxed.

4. Boost your energy
An exercise brings oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. What’s more, it aids in making more efficient your cardiovascular system. A well-functioning heart and a healthy lung will enable you to do your daily chores.

5. Promote better sleep
If you’re having a hard time to snooze, a physical activity can make you fall asleep quicker and achieve quality slumber.

6. Bond and have fun
Beyond the health and physical gains, it’s more fun doing an exercise! For one, it allows you to unwind, enjoy the outdoors or just engage yourself in activities that bring you happiness. 

Second, it also serves as a bonding moment with your family or friends. Consider a dance class, hiking or enlist in a sports team. Look for a physical activity you’re interested with and just enjoy doing it. You’ll never know what you will discover about yourself in the end.

Make that move. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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With the Philippines being both the social media  and  selfie capital of the world; coupled with the country’s economy becoming more heavily reliant on customer-facing, service-led businesses – Filipinas today have come to recognize the personal and professional advantages of looking their best, and feeling their best all the time. In light of this reality, a great number of Filipinas have made a personal decision to use skin whitening products to help them achieve their beauty goals.

But achieving this skin care goals often comes at a high price. While some women have come to accept the inconveniences attached with the goal of achieving fair skin (for e.g. high costs, skin dryness, and harshness), Silka, the brand at the forefront of producing affordable and effective beauty products, believes that this should not be the case.

The new and improved Silka Green Papaya with VitaRich Actives have been further enhanced with green papaya enzymes that treat dead skin cells; and vitamin E with antioxidant properties that help condition the skin. These formulation changes help Filipinas experience puting walang hapdi, in as early as just 7 days -- proving that accomplishing fair skin can be fast and convenient without the dryness and stinging associated with other whitening product brands.

In a celebration held in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Quezon City, Silka Green Papaya endorser Angelica Panganiban was introduced to media and special guests, coinciding with the launch of Silka’s White Weeksary campaign.

During the program, it was revealed that Angelica is a firm believer of Silka’s mission to help women achieve their skin goals and recognizes that Silka is a trusted brand because of their quality products that help women feel and be their best.

“Angelica Panganiban has gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout her life and career. Because of her experiences, she knows when to take time for herself and avoid issues that can affect her” said Jane Co, Silka’s Marketing Head. “As a Silka lady, Angelica embodies tunay na alaga, and chooses those that will not hurt her. Beautiful and smart, she is an inspiring example for Filipinas” Co added.

Experience puting walang hapdi in as early as 7 days and celebrate a White Weeksary with Silka Green Papaya soap to look and be your best all the time.

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Technology can now allowed you to feel the frustration of having Neuropathy.

How will you feel if suddenly, you can no longer do simple daily tasks? Most Filipinos admit to feeling the frustration. But what they don’t know is that this inability might actually be the result of undiagnosed Neuropathy or nerve damage—symptoms of which include pangangalay, pamamanhid and tusok-tusok.

Naturally, nerves can regenerate or repair when damaged, but only for a certain time. Once 50% or more of the nerve tissue is damaged, the nerve reaches the “point of no return,” which means that the nerve damage is permanent. That is why Neurobion wants Filipinos to take necessary action to prevent neuropathy, and those people who are already experiencing the symptoms should consult their doctors immediately.

To help prevent this, Neurobion conducted a survey asking men and women how they deal with health issues. An alarming 53% admitted to brushing off symptoms of being sick; which means more than half of the population could already be feeling signs of Neuropathy without them knowing.

Even more alarming is that 88% of the respondents admitted to feeling the exact symptoms of Neuropathy. But because the symptoms appear to be negligible, they’re deemed less important than the task at hand, when they’ve already affected Filipinos’ daily lives.

Coupled with the fact that 84% say that not being able to do everyday tasks would be extremely frustrating, it’s very important that they address the symptoms of Neuropathy, instead of simply brushing them off.

One way for Neurobion to raise awareness on this matter, is to actually let people experience the frustration of those who have Neuropathy through the Sense Glove—a haptic glove that provides tactile and force feedback, enabling users to feel and interact with objects in virtual reality.

Filipinos can experience this breakthrough technology that brings to light the effects of Neuropathy through the brand’s event series, Neurobion Feel to Win. With the aim to give importance to nerve care, Neurobion provided different challenges that test the strength of people’s nerves: the brand’s first-ever Sense Glove VR challenge that mimics the frustration and difficulty of a person with Neuropathy, the Nerve Twist challenge that reinvents the classic Twister game by using everyday poses that strain the nerves, and the Nerve Wobble challenge that utilizes a wobble board to test a person’s ability to hold a pose for extended periods.

In the launch event held recently in Eastwood Mall Atrium, Quezon City, media and other special guests were given the opportunity to be the first to try the challenges, with the assistance of celebrity Nerve Drill Instructors for the day, Gabby Concepcion, Sam YG and Suzy Entrata-Abrera.

“The activities are meant to familiarize people with the frustration of having undiagnosed Neuropathy – particularly not being able to do simple everyday tasks like commuting, cooking, standing for extended periods and picking up objects.” Said Ming Arroyo-Cunanan, Head of Marketing, P&G Health Care Philippines.

“Among all the activities, the Sense Glove is particularly interesting. The use of breakthrough technology attracts people to try it and the virtual reality experience is an effective way to highlight how frustrating the symptoms of Neuropathy feels.” Cunanan added.

Experience the Sense Glove for yourself at the Neurobion Feel to Win event in Lucky Chinatown Mall Atrium on September 21.

To learn more about keeping your nerves healthy, follow Neurobion Philippines on Facebook.
They said Sunday is family day, but mom's like me sometimes need to take a break and relax a bit and should spare some time. Taking care of our self should also consider for us to do our part in our family.

I'm so glad that I was able to spend one Sunday to give time for myself when I said yes to a event for self care and thanks to my friends from Cosmetigroup Int'l Corporation for the invites.

It was a wonderful afternoon, full of learning, fun raffles and games. There are speakers who give their talk and share their insights about the industry. The winner for the trip to Boracay promo was also announced.

The company was very generous to give away facial mask worth 22k and Elite Skin Perfection treatment voucher (VIP Facial Treatment).

Just to give you fabulous information about Elite Skin Perfection, they are created years ago to serve people around the world with a luxurious environment both for skin and soul. They are specializing in beauty industry for the last 19 years and clients around the world are satisfied. They can cater all people with all skin types for both male and female.

So if you want to experience Elite luxurious spa treatment, visit their branches at Edsa Shangri-la Mall, Festival Mall, Ayala Circuit Mall and Glorietta 4 and try their services. They will give you best pampering for your skin like you never experienced before using with both patent technology and award winning brands like Aqua mineral from the Dead Sea as well as Botanifiquie.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the branch near you and take advantage their Pampered Beauty Facial Sale for as low as Php999. For appointment scheduling, you may call 0995-8231775 or 0961-3657662.

I may not have a regular exercise but I always find time to make myself as active as I can. As my routine, I used to have few minutes to walk in the morning going to work and before going home. However, I find it not enough, so I tried to join in different running activities. The last fun run I had was over a month ago.

I was glad to be part of last Sunday's activity wherein the National Milo Marathon organizers, some blogger friends, and Coach Rio Dela Cruz spend a Saturday morning to have a fun run for the launching of the upcoming National Milo Marathon 2019.

I personally enjoyed it. Sweat all over me and the feeling is great after the hardcore warm up and two laps running in the academic oval of UP Diliman.

The MILO Marathon encourages people, especially children from all walks of life, to get into sports and prepare for a larger arena called life.  For this year's theme, they call it “One Team. One Nation. Go Philippines!”

They also like to encourage the entire nation, to rally the Filipino athletes competing in the Philippines’ hosting of the 2019 SEAG. Part of the Philippine contingent is 6 time consecutive NMM Queen, Mary Joy Tabal, who continue to bring pride to our country. She also used to participate in other MILO programs at a younger age where she was able to strengthen her values in pursuing her ambitions such as discipline, confidence, and teamwork. 

There are total of 10 regional race schedules starting June 14 to November 17, 2019 and the national finals will be on January 19, 2020 in Tarlac City. Below is the full race schedule of 2019 National Milo Marathon.

So get ready and choose the distance that you like, starting from 3K, 5K, 10k, 21K, and 42K run. Race kit inclusions are follows:

Please take note that if you are running for a half or full marathon which are the 21K and 42K respectively, you will be needing to present and submit a fit-to-run medical certificate for both Manila and Provincial elimination round.

To learn more about the 2019 National Milo Marathon and to download the registration form, visit!
I'm so glad to be part of PMAP Palarong Pinoy, it was my first time and I enjoyed it. The energy of the participants overwhelms me. They are so empowered and I think very competitive.

We are less than 15 members that day but we face them with courage to try and do the things we never thought we can do. Too bad most of us are not prepared for the games, but we did our best to compete.

The first games was called Suot Lusot, the goal is to slip the Hula-hoop from one person to the other without breaking each others hand grip and the team to make the hoop come back to the starting line will win the game.

The second game is the Hula-hoop, a total of six players needed - 3 girls and 3 boys. Players will spin the Hula-hoop one at a time. The player will spin the hoop 60 seconds and the score will determine by the number of spin seconds. I finished the whole 60 seconds and it was fun, it reminds me the street game that I used to play when I was a kid.

The third game was called Funminton, there are 10 players in a group and there are 4 teams to compete each other in 4 courts all at the same time. To win, the team must eliminate other teams one-by-one until they are the last team left. The score is 10 points per player left.

The fourth game was the Kapitang Kulay, its a colored mat game who is spread at the court. Players will reach out for the called-out colors using the body part such as hand, foot, elbow, knee, shoulder, head, etc.

A body part can only be used once. Players un-able to reach the colors announced will be eliminated. There will be 10 calls. Ten players, two rounds. First round 5 females and the second one is 5 males.

Then, an obstacle relay race was next its called Karerang Takbo. Player will pass thru a variety of Pinoy games as obstacles. Path 1 is Piko Step-No, Path 2 is Limbo Rock, Path 3 is Walis Bilis. The race is timed and players run from the starting line and go thru each hurdle. Then from the turn-around points, players go back to the starting line before the next runner's turn. 20 runners per team will play the game.

Lastly, the Patinbola, 20 players per team, 12 offense / 8 defence and 2 minutes per set. Its actually a Patintero game with a twist because attack team carries a ball to and from the base and try to make Touch-Down Scores. The players may pass the ball to co-player team. However, if caught by Defence Team, both player and the bal is out. Attack Team may also make home-runs even without a ball.  Scoring will be 10 points for regular home-run by Attack Team, 20 points for home-runs with a ball by Attack Team and 5 points every TAGS made by the Defence Team.

The experience is amazing, it brings me back to my childhood memories and learn to enjoy simple games that helps you interact again with people around you. Unlike these days, kids are so busy on their own space, physical and virtual.

By the way, the sports fest activities is facilitated by Magna Kultura and sponsored by Universal Rubina Corporation, Evebelena, Healthway, and more. Thanks to PMAP for the invites as well as to my friend Richard.

PMAP Palarong Pinoy 2019

by on 11:51 PM
I'm so glad to be part of PMAP Palarong Pinoy, it was my first time and I enjoyed it. The energy of the participants overwhelms me. Th...

As we all know, millennial's always thought that they can rule the world. Sometimes they tend to try everything without thinking. Oppps! I did not generalize it, instead telling you that most of them wanted to start everything on their own. Like they wanted to own a business, they wanted to become a entrepreneur but have no knowledge on how to's.

Today, franchising a business is easy, you just have to have a money to start with and everything will work. How about the others who wanted to have their own label and name? 

Well, I met Ms. Diana Stalder and Ms. Dina Stadler of Diana Stalder by Dermaline at the Health and Wellness ConfEx 2019 and fortunately they share about helping young entrepreneur to wanted to put up their own business under their own label. They can manufacture different products in and out of the country to help you build your dream. 

On that moment, I was mesmerized by the confidence and eagerness of the mother and daughter tandem on trying to help people to do business. As one of their core strength, they aims to help people who are business minded to have their own brand. They can also help educate you and your customers about the products which I think a great way in telling people that you are true to help them and to your goal.

For more information about the business starting kit of Diana Stadler and Stadler Laboratories, visit their website at
Take away those signs of stress and a busy lifestyle. Reduce the appearance of puffiness, under-eye bags and dark circles. There is now a skin technology that works as a targeted treatment for the eye area. 

As announced last March 12, 2019, NU Skin Enterprises, Inc. launched the ageLOC LumiSpa Accent and ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes in the Philippines. It’s the new targeted treatment that harnesses the power of ageLOC LumiSpa Accent to rejuvenate skin around the eyes and is ideal for women and men who seek targeted solution for brighter, more youthful skin around the eyes. The multitasking ageLOC LumiSpa Accent uses an oscillating motion to gently exfoliate the skin and perfectly paired with ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes to have a brighter and fresher eyes.

What are the benefits of ageLOC LumiSpa Accent:

  • Gently massages active ingredients into the skin for enhanced efficacy.
  • Increases the appearance of skin volume and density around eyes.
  • Promotes the appearance of stronger, healthier skin wile refining fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Spot treatment heard uses the softest silicone available.
  • Spot treatment head is embedded with antimicrobial silver which makes cleaning as easy as possible and helps keep the silicone tips hygienic.

What are the benefits of ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes:

  • Fresher, brighter, hydrated skin around the eyes.
  • Softens, smooths and instantly hydrates skin while promoting radiance.
  • Eyes look awake and refreshed while minimizing the look of tired, stressed skin.
  • Reduce appearance of dark circles.
  • Visibly reduces puffy eyes and under-eye bags.
  • Helps to visibly lift and firm the eyelids.
  • Helps improve skin texture and tighten skin around the eyes.

According to Dr. Joseph Chang, the Chief Scientific Officer, Executive Vice President of Product Development. They’ve developed a topical formula that not only provides the correct cushioning and interaction between the surfaces of the skin but also provides some key ingredients for it. Mainly because the eye area has a unique characteristics that makes it a perfect candidate for this targeted treatment. It is never too early to start caring for this area and keep your eyes looking glowing and healthy.

How it works:

ageLOC LumiSpa Accent features a soft treatment tip, which attaches to the ageLOC LumiSpa device and expands the benefits of LumiSpa’s patented design and skin movement technology to gently massage, stimulate, and treat the skin around the eyes.

How to use it:

To use, apply the ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes to the skin around the eyes not on the eyelids or eyes themselves and turn on the device and glide the ageLOC LumiSpa Accent over the eye area using slow, gentle motions. You will notice that the device will pause shortly after 39 seconds, indicating that it’s time to treat the next eye area for 30 seconds as well which I experienced during the event.  For best results, use it for one minute every morning and night, after toning and moisturizing the face.

The ageLOC LumiSpa Accent launch kit includes the ageLOC LumiSpa device with normal surface head, ageLOC LumiSpa Cleanser, ageLOC LumiSpa Accent with silicone head, ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes, and a quick start guide for a retail price of Php 20,000. 

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. was founded for more than 30 years. They develop and distributes innovative consumer products, offering a comprehensive line of premium-quality beauty and wellness solutions. Nu Skin Enterprise Philippines, LLC was the 6th market in Asia and the 23th market worldwide to sell Nu Skin and Pharmanex products. It has more than 200 products in the anti-aging, personal care, and nutritional supplements categories including ageLOC, Nu Skin’s premier brand for targeting the signs and sources of aging.

For more information about the products and the company, please visit Follow them on Social Media, on Facebook at and on Twitter and Instagram at @nuskinph.

According to survey, our country is one of the happiest countries in the world. In the United Nations celebrations of the International Day of Happiness on March 20 to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world.

SM Mall of Asia, as the pioneer and one of the largest malls in Asia recognized the influence of promoting the happiness in every Filipino. Thus, on its 3rd year, the MOA Happiness Campaign brings it to the next level of giving happiness like no other to every Filipino mall-goers. To kick start the International Day of Happiness, SM Mall of Asia partnered with SMDC and Runrio Events, Inc. in organizing the very first and happiest run in the country entitled MOA Happiness Run which will be on March 17, 2019 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

To feel the happy vibes through running, the runners will experience a day of extra happiness as they go through the four (4) different stations such as Happiness Bubble Station, Happiness Inflatable Station, Happiness Wall and Happiness Photo Stations.

Upon registration, runners will receive their Happiness Kit that contains, a singlet from which you can choose from two happy emotions, loot bag with lots of happy treats and goodies, happiness medal and race bib which is specially designed to hype the happiness feels.

The racecourse will includes the fun obstacles and the event itself will have activities that runners of all ages will enjoy. There will also a Happiness Concert and a segment wherein the event will give away big prizes such as cameras, phones and gift certificates along with more exciting prizes that people should watch out for.

Not only that because SM Mall of Asia has its own unique efforts of building the mall itself as the hub for happy moments and memorable experiences which will be a day full of extra happiness on March 20 as we celebrate the International Day of Happiness. There will be a shower of discounts and promotions from mall wide Happiness Sale and surprises from our Happiness Squad will roam around the mall to give away free hugs and treats to customers.

At night, mall-goers will have something to look forward to capturing the iconic MOA Globe that will transform into our favorite emojis starting March 1.
Celebrate happiness at SM Mall of Asia and sign up now for the first ever and happiest run of the year!

#MOAHappinessRun # MOAHappinessDay

Calling all My Little Pony fanatics!

Get ready for another fun run that will you surely enjoy and excite. Mark your calendar because the My Little Pony Friendship run will be on February 24, 2019, 5:30am at the North Fountain, SM by the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex.

The individual price starts from Php700 for 1 kilometer, Php800 for 3 kilometers, and Php900 for 5 kilometers race category. If you want to run with your family, the price starts at Php2,500 for the family of four for the 1 kilometer race category and Php2,900 for the family of four for the 3 kilometers race category.

For the race kit, it includes the following:

1 singlet
1 drawstring bag with wings
1 sun visor
1 race bib

Also, you can add on a rainbow colored tutu for only Php250. Oh! By the way, finisher's medal can be claim after the run. 

There are two (2) ways to join or to register.

1. You can register via online at
2. On-site registration through Chris Sports branches at the UP Town Katipunan, SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, BGC Uptown Mall, and SM MOA.

For more information about My Little Pony Friendship Run Manila 2019. You may follow them on their social media on Facebook and Instagram: @mylittleponyrunmanila. You may also contact them at 09503789306 on Smart and 09272826769 on Globe.

It's gonna be fun... So what are you waiting for? Register now and bring your friends and family with you. See you on the 24th of February!
The first 1,000 Days of Life Program to benefit 40,000 children under 5 years of age and 57,000 pregnant/lactating women in Samar, Northern Samar and Zamboanga del Norte. 

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and UN children's agency UNICEF in the partnership with Department of Health and National Nutrition Council have launched an integrated nutrition and health program targeting the first 1,000 days of life benefit of vulnerable children and women in Samar, Northern Samar, and Zamboanga del Norte.

The support from KOICA is amounting to $6 million and targets 19 local government units in three provinces, two from Region VIII and one from Region IX. It was expected to be 12,000 infants from 0-5 months old, 36,000 6-23 months old and 57,000 pregnant and lactating women.

The National level support was expected to reach an estimated 14 million children under 5 years old including acutely malnourished children, premature newborns, 3.5 million estimated pregnant women and 3 million lactating women in the 17 regions across the country.

It was aims to establish a more respobsive enabling policy environment at the national and local level that will support the maternal, infant and child nutrition and health in the first 1,000 days while the second is to strengthen the systems fir the delivery of quality and comprehensive nutrition abd health services and lastly, is to improve knowledge, attitudes and practices of pregnant women, mothers abd caregivers in tge 19 project areas on maternal and child nutrition and health.

The First 1000 days Law or the Kalusugan and Nutrisyon ng Mag-Nanay Act was approved in the end of 2018 and heralds the beginning of more concerted efforts by the national and local government, donors, and civil society.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. PAIK Seunghwa, Assistant Country Director, KOICA, Mobile: +63917-800-3058,
Ms. Michelle Apostol, MD, Health Specialist, KOICA, Mobile: +63905-462-2356,
Ms. Zafrin Chowdhury, Chief of Communication, UNICEF Philippines, Mobile: +63 917 867 8366,
Ms. Marge Francia, Communication Officer, UNICEF Philippines, Mobile: +63 917 858 9447,