One of the largest chains of fitness clubs for women is celebrating their 25th year. It was out of the blue when I get invited to the event. I, together with the other blogger friend didn't even get to witness their flash mob dance of Curves Bonifacio Global City Team because we are all late.

However, we still get a chance to participate in their other activities. They have Zumba which I joined for 45 minutes, they have raffles, exciting games, product samples from sponsors and of course the best part of it is the learning where there's a short talk about breast cancer.

It just actually a preview to what will happen to their upcoming events which is the Breast Cancer Awareness this October.

I join their games and it was totally tough, 25 times fulling the thing with your feet is a no joke. We loss the game but it was fun. I also won something during the raffle and got a chance to take home some freebies from their sponsors.

It was a day to remember and to cherish. Kudos to all members and coaches of Curves Bonifacio Global City!

Hello Loves!

Guess what? I was so excited to share to you my Nail-a-holics experience. I got a busy day when I saw the message of one of my blogger friend who invited me to try the services of Nail-a-holics. I got so thrilled to have a foot spa that day aside from having a sore feet lately.

I was rushing to the venue which is in Glorietta and I heard that they just got open recently. It was actually still part of their National Pampering Day campaign. Winding inside the Glorietta 3 mall, I was luckily bumped to some of their staff and asked where they are located. 

Finally got to the venue... Yey!

When I get there, the staff are very accommodating and I was delighted. I was seated to the vacant chair and being ask what kind of services I wanted to have. There are actually five choices, A to E options and I choose letter A ( O.P.I Manicure, O.P.I Pedicure with Foot Spa. I was actually thinking of the letter B. However, letter A was kinda fit for me that day.

The Nail-a-holics staff prepared the things that she's going to use for me. First she gave me a warm foot soak and I love it. It feels so relaxing and gives me a calm mood. She proceed to the foot spa and while she scrubbing  my feet... I was a bit tickled. Almost got to laugh but thanks to the waiter who gave me something to munch while having pampered.

I told ate Shiela to pay attention more on the foot spa because for the manicure and pedicure I will be so easy to her. She just need to cut the nails, clean it and dry it. No need to put effort on it. Although, I ask her to put a nude color of polish on my feet. It's been ages when I have a nail polish on my feet and I think the last is when I was in College.

It took her almost an hour to finish the whole nail service but it was nice and not painful compare to others. One thing that I do not go to a nail salon because I am afraid to get hurt by the nail technicians. However, my experience with Nail-a-holics staff was really astonishing and reminds me not to be afraid specially with the services of Nail-a-holics because they can take good care of you.

The ambiance of the place is really inviting, the vibrant colors of blue, green and white is so placid. It was cool in the eyes and pleasant

You can have your nails done without any hassle and pain free!

Oh, I heard that they will be having a National Pampering Day on October 17, 2017 and enjoy a choice of FREE Manicure, Foot Spa or Foot Massage from 10am - 1pm. 

See you there!