The Skin Bureau Product And Ambassador Launching

Every girl dilemma is having a breakouts that makes them feel ugly. The confidence and the self-esteem was banish. Every girl wants to have a beautiful skin to be able to present their self in front of others. Breakout problems might go along the way as they grow mature and sometimes it gives not only physical but also emotional damage.

I was fortunate enough to meet wonderful people like KG who introduce to me the products that they considered and quoted "No Politics Just Results". 

I was excited to be in their product launch who held in Imarex Plaza Hotel in Angeles City, Pampanga last week and meet their ambassadors. There are lots of beauty enthusiast, beauty queens from Mutya ng Pilipinas Central Luzon, guest, bloggers, vloggers and media who graced the event.

During the event, the founder of The Skin Bureau, non-other than Mr. Jefferey Geronimo was on the hot seat and amicably answered the questions from the bloggers and media friends. 

The Skin Bureau ambassadors, Ms. Georgina Knight, Ms. Arjane Amante, Ms. Anna Cay, Ms. Ashley Singh and Ms. Seika Hashizume was also game to answer the questions such as "What are their favorites in The Skin Bureau products?" and more.

The target market of The Skin Bureau is specifically the Millennials because they think they are the one who needs the products. Although, as early as 13 years old anyone who have skin dilemma can use it. Even men can use The Skin Bureau products because it safe for the skin and every effective. It also caters all skin types.

I got a chance to have a set of their products and I love the names of it. I will write another blog post about the product as my review in the future. I like their brand for they have a variety of face and body products that can address the needs of any skin type, including sensitive skin. The Skin Bureau mission is to empowered teenagers, young professionals and adults to have a healthier-looking skin.

Imagine they call their soap as President Pretty Soap. The toners are Beauty Queen Party for the day toner and Gorgeous Allegation for the night toner while for the creams are Cabinet of Allure for the night cream and Charming Campaign for the day cream. Kinda pretty political right? However, it is their ultimate facial set that will officially be available in the market on July 1, 2017. 

The Skin Bureau is a brand of skincare products owned by Nurse Pharmaceuticals. To learn more about their product, visit The Skin Bureau Facebook page at 

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