Selfless, this is how we best describe our mothers. They put their children’s happiness and well-being ahead of their own. Their unconditional love that they can give is priceless. This month of May, Great Image wants to meet your Nanay that gives and share you everything in life. It's about time to acknowledge them at the least time that they expected. 

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Permit No. 4382 Series of 2016

The Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine (PSSM), the primary organization that aims to promote sleep medicine healthcare in the Philippines, again led in the celebration of World Sleep Day 2016.

The World Sleep Day 2016 slogan is “Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream” and this year, Multiflex RNC Philippines, Inc., makers of Uratex foam and mattress products, lent its wholehearted support to the PSSM in its efforts to help promote good, healthful and restful sleep.

During the celebration of World Sleep Day 2016, the PSSM held its 10 th annual symposium entitled “Sleep Matters: Discovering the Importance of Sleep” recently at the EMG Auditorium of the Lung Center of the Philippines. There were various workshops and lectures on many sleep-related concerns for adults—and even in children—that elicited interests from symposium guests.

The PSSM is just one of the many organizations around the world that advocates the importance and educates people about the value of good sleep, which many people lack or perhaps do not pay attention to due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle and blinding-speed technology. Various studies have already shown that lack of restful sleep because of irregular work and lifestyle may lead to health problems in the future. Or even having an incorrect mattress may harm the body rather than provide the restful sleep it needs after a long and hard day at work.

This is why the PSSM reiterates the important elements of good sleep, which are “Duration” or the sufficiency of sleep to become well rested and alert the following day; “Continuity,” which means sleep time should be continuous and unbroken; and “Depth,” that sleep should be deep enough to be restorative or invigorating. Quality sleep, the PSSM said, is very crucial to one’s good health and quality of life. It said that good quality and invigorating sleep is important for people’s day-to- day functioning, even in children for their overall wellness and development.

The PSSM also cited the 10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene, according to the World Association of Sleep Medicine or WASM, such as having a fixed bedtime and waking up time, no daytime sleeping in excess of 45 minutes, avoiding excessive alcohol intake 4 hours before bedtime or smoking, avoiding intake of caffeine such as those in coffee, tea, most sodas, including chocolate 
6 hours before bedtime; avoiding heavy, spicy or sweets 4 hours before bedtime, but a light snack is acceptable, exercising regularly but not before bedtime, using comfortable bedding, finding comfortable temperature when sleeping inside a well- ventilated room, blocking out distracting noise and less light as possible, and limiting the use of the bed to just sleeping.

For its part, Uratex supports the PSSM through its own advocacies in promoting good sleep in the Philippines. 

“Uratex has always been humbly supporting efforts to promote good sleep, a much-needed bodily activity that unfortunately many people do not pay attention to or perhaps, do not know how to achieve it because of various reasons. Simply put, it all boils down to adapting to a more healthy and less-stressed lifestyle, a positive mindset toward life, and choosing the correct mattress depending on the body’s shape and contours, and this is where Uratex can help,” explains Dindo Medina, Corporate Sales Director of Multiflex RNC Philippines.

As the country’s sleep specialist, Medina said Uratex will continue to help Filipinos achieve helathy and superior sleep by continuously developing and bringing innovative mattresses and other sleep solutions.

The PSSM is a group composed of several specialists involved in the practice of sleep medicine in the country and are highly trained to address sleep disorders among Filipinos. Pulmonologists, Neurologists, Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, Psychiatrists and Pediatricians are among those that comprise the group and have expressed interest in the process and study of sleep.

Here in the Philippines, the practice of sleep medicine is still relatively young compared to other countries so it is no surprise that even other doctors do not know that such practice exists here. But the practice is, indeed, growing, even in Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) member countries. In fact, the Philippines will serve as host of the 4 th ASEAN Sleep Medicine

Congress in 2017 where it will share vital knowledge with other countries about sleep. Together, this collaborative meeting will also help determine how the different cultures of these countries can impact on their actions with regard to sleep concerns.

For more information about the value of good sleep to one’s health, visit the PSSM website, To find out more about the Uratex mattress and other sleep solutions, call the Uratex Consumer Hotline, 888-6800 or visit
Dietary supplement CardiMax is once again helping long distance runners harness their own energy in this year’s CardiMax-Clark Ultramarathon, a premier ultramarathon event happening on September 3 and 4 at the Clark Freeport Zone. Seasoned and aspiring ultramarathon runners who wish to join the event can participate in the 100 Kilometer Championship race or the 50 Kilometer Challenge.

Both categories include team relays where each member is required to cover approximately 25 kilometers to complete the race. Competitors are set to race around the areas surrounding the Clark Museum.

The course stretches from the tree-lined Airforce City installation and its WW2 fighters, all the way through areas of the SCTEX expressway, and back to the Sacobia Bridge, ending along Balagtas Avenue.

Athletes will be tracked online and in real time using automatic time checkpoint stations. Preparation for the event includes an 18-week training period spearheaded by running teams, veteran ultramarathon runners, and previous race winners. CardiMax will be made available for free at the training sessions and at designated aid stations throughout the course.

The first CardiMax-Clark Ultramarathon reintroduced the brand as an ideal supplement for athletes, according to Katheryn Feliciano, Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc. VP for Operations. She recalled that those who tried CardiMax during last year’s training sessions personally felt its capacity to boost energy and specifically asked for the supplement at the aid stations.

“CardiMax used to be known only as a supplement for diabetics and patients with heart disease, but last year’s ultramarathon showed that it also benefited high-endurance athletes who needed help in maintaining their energy levels.” Feliciano said.

For CardiMax-Clark Ultramarathon organizer Christine Ferrera, last year’s partnership proved to be a synergy of purpose: “The tie-up with CardiMax was aligned with our goals of promoting health through sports. Last year was a good experience for the runners, and we will do our best to keep this year’s event just as festive as it is challenging,” Ferrera said.

Ideal for athletes

CardiMax is a supplement composed entirely of pure L-Carnitine, a nutrient that helps convert stored fat into energy. While the human body naturally produces L-Carnitine, it usually falls short of the requirements needed to synthesize the nutrient. One way to augment this is by consuming more red meat, which, in turn, can cause a number of health problems.

With CardiMax, the body receives sufficient amounts of L-Carnitine without having to increase red meat intake. This is helpful for athletes who need to watch their diet while simultaneously maintaining peak physical performance.

Registration for the event is until July 15, 2016. For more information about the CardiMax-Clark Ultramarathon, please log on to

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Today's modern Mommies should be creative enough in thinking of ways of how to feed their children properly, with food that is not only delicious and tasty but also healthy. 

It's a good thing that there are modern kitchen health mates today that can help Mommies solve this problem, and that is the Matstone Multipurpose Slow Juicer.  

It's the best kitchen assistant you'll ever have in creating nutrition-packed and tasty food choices, particularly made out of vegetables and fruits.

Watch the video below:

Your mother is walking miracles to you. This Mother’s day show your appreciation and love for her by treating her to a lavish Sunday brunch, the Manila Pavilion Hotel crowns the queen of our hearts with awe-inspiring offerings that is sure to make her feel truly special. Reward your mom with 
genuine affection by allowing her to celebrate the joy of being a mother.

Indulge her appetite with a sumptuous Mother’s Day Special Buffet lunch on May 08 at our very own interactive lifestyle restaurant – Seasons. With a group of three or more and get special treats from our sponsors (Dermcare, Tony and Jackey, and Metro Dental.)

Start the gastronomic experience with (best seller dish that will be served on lunch). Make sure to order The Manhattan Whiskey Shower – a mixture of Bourbon whiskey, sweet Vermouth and Angostura Bitter.

To cap off the experience, give in to the heavenly goodness of Patisserie’s Mango Cheesecake.

Pamper moms with a relaxing and luxurious getaway by availing our room packages for as low as Php 3,600 nett.

For inquiries and reservations visit the Manila Pavilion Hotel at United Nations 
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