Health hazards of Microwave Ovens: Should you fear them?

Microwave ovens are one of the kitchen’s best time savers. These versatile home partners are great for heating and cooking, making them a great catch for those who are always pressed for time when it comes to their meals. 

But for all its perks and conveniences, this home appliance has always been stuck in the “safe or unsafe” debate. Some believe, for example, that heating or cooking meals in a microwave oven breaks down the nutrients in the food. The most troubling claim is that this home appliance leaks harmful radiation exposure which can lead to cancer. 

But are microwave ovens really dangerous to our health?

A closer look at available evidence shows a lack of scientific foundation behind these claims. In fact, according to Dr. Anthony Komaroff in an interview about microwave ovens with the Harvard Health Letter, the house appliance actually uses one of the least likely forms of cooking that damage nutrients. 

Any form of food preparation breaks down nutrients since heat breaks down their chemical structure. That means the longer you cook something, the more their nutritional value is compromised. Since microwave ovens cook faster than the conventional kitchen appliance, it can actually preserve more nutrients in your meal. 

In terms of radiation and cancer, people believe that the electromagnetic waves from microwave ovens can mutate their DNA. However, these waves have a different effect on humans, and it all points to the way these home partners work. 

Understanding the microwave

Microwave ovens function by generating electromagnetic waves. Its heating mechanism is powered by the oscillating electric field which transfers their kinetic energy into the molecules of food. The concentration of hundreds of watts into these molecules is what enables this appliance to heat anything quickly. 

The premise behind the belief that microwave ovens can cause cancer is that the wave they produce is also an electromagnetic wave similar to X-rays, which can cause cells permanent harm if they are overexposed to it. However, X-rays move faster than microwaves, with the latter’s wavelengths a billion times shorter than the former.

Therefore, the only way that a microwave oven can actually cause harm is if someone is exposed to it at immense amounts to the point that the body temperature rises. This can only happen if someone is to be squeezed inside the microwave itself. 

A helpful kitchen partner

Going beyond the myths concerning the health hazard of this home partner, microwave ovens can be easily considered as one of the most efficient and time-saving parts of a kitchen. Global domestic appliance distributor Midea Philippines, for example, offers digital and mechanical microwave oven 
models that can prove to be worthy additions to any home. 

In addition to their time-saving potential by providing quick, hot meals, Midea’s Microwave Ovens are also designed to provide a healthy way of cooking. They retain nutrients in food, and cook with 10% less fat versus the conventional frying. 

Moreover, these Microwave ovens are also very friendly to the budget with their energy-efficient feature. The models from Midea have a “Piso Meal” capacity that lets you spend only Php1 for every 3 minutes of cooking. 

Promote harmony at home by looking for partners that suit your lifestyle. A reliable kitchen investment should be efficient in all the right aspects, whether it’s performance, cost, or safety. 

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