For most people working the night shift, #thestruggleisreal holds true and dear, especially during the holidays. Even before the influx of call centers, working while the rest of the world is sleeping is the daily reality of the medical community, security personnel, law enforcement professionals and media entities, among countless others whose jobs are at rotating or irregular shifts.
Having erratic schedules, people who work non-traditional hours could suffer from “shift work sleep disorders,” which could lead to absenteeism and potential health problems. The sleep-deprived can become more irritable or less focused, depressed or grumpy.

Uratex - The Sleep Specialist recommends that shift workers should avoid bright light as they head home from work. Wearing dark glasses can also reduce exposure to the sun or too much light. Once home, the shift workers should darken the bedroom with heavy curtains to block out light so they could have fresh start for the day after a restful sleep.

As the “Provider of Good Sleep,” Uratex promotes better sleep in the Philippines under the Ganda ng Gising campaign, which embodies the benefits of good sleep to inspire Filipinos and lets us imbibe the value of good sleep so we could wake up happier and ready for the day---or night-- and the world. 

“Wake up to better, brighter tomorrows with Uratex because you can do more and be more with good sleep,” urges Cherry Wong-Tan, Uratex Marketing Director. “Uratex brings new innovation and research-based technology through better sleep solutions and products to its consumers.”

The Uratex Orthocare Biorytmic mattress, for example, has an Orthofirm® foam for exceptional back support, fitting for those who do back-breaking work. It has an advanced Orthofirm® foam topper for better air ventilation. It is also Sanitized®. It has advanced sleep technology using rejuvenating minerals responsible for restoring energy and regulating the bodys biorhythm. This mattress reduces stress while giving you better balance and concentration.

The effects of Biorytmic Sleep mattress ticking on stress during and after sleep have been traced with the EDA (Electrodermal Activity) method. The EDA method has confirmed the efficacy of this fabric in reducing stress and starting the day--or night-- stress -free resulting in 27% stress reduction.

The Sensory Memory Ultima Plus mattress, meanwhile, has cooling technology that helps you fall asleep faster, a luxury that daytime sleepers will surely appreciate. It has Hydragel® memory foam that absorbs heat. It has Cooler® knit cover for enhanced cooling effect. It is also proven to lower body temperature up to 2° C. Its Cooler mattress ticking provides a sense of cool that helps the body stay cool.

The Senso Memory Ultima Plus and Orthocare Biorytmic mattresses are part of The Sleep Revolution collection, which is the future of sleep. This line also includes Premium Touch Romance and Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh mattresses. It not only gives better sleep, but also responds to specific needs of different sleep problems Filipinos usually encounter.

Uratex Premium also offers innovative pillows equipped with the same sleep technologies to complement these mattresses. The core is made of supersoft molded foam built for plush comfort. The pillow comes in Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh, Orthocare Biorytmic and Premium Touch Romance. The Senso Memory Ultima Plus pillow’s core is made of Senso Memory with Hydrogel beads. Both mattresses and pillows are treated with Sanitized® that effectively protects against growth of bacteria, odor, mildew and dust mites.

Sleep long and prosper, and wake up to better, brighter tomorrows with Uratex!

About Uratex Philippines

For more than 48 years, Uratex remains to be the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. As a commitment to excellence, it continues to innovate itself by using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. For more information, visit or call the Consumer Hotline, 888-6500.
Procter & Gamble and Robinsons Supermarket Join Forces with Mothers to Further Strengthen Their Advocacy of Wellness. 

What happens when mothers come together to celebrate their personal advocacy of wellness? A Wellness Moms Movement emerges- a movement of change by mothers rallying as one for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Celebrity mothers and special guests were present during the official launch of Wellness Moms by Procter & Gamble and Robinsons Supermarket held recently at Marco Polo Ortigas, where different aspects of motherhood—Baby, Family/Household, and Personal Wellness —were openly discussed by celebrity mom guests Denise Laurel, Nikka Martinez-Garcia, and host Issa Litton during the talk show that highlighted as well P&G’s own wellness products and how they fit into one's life.

For example, Mom’s son returns home after playing outside, washing his hands with Safeguard for 99.9% germ protection before eating dinner. After mealtime, Mom can now easily wash away the grease of the dirty dishes with Joy Antibac, as well as any stains on her son’s clothes with Ariel Power Gel. Night time arrives and her baby daughter needs to sleep, so Mom soothes baby with Vicks Baby Rub, putting on her Pampers for a dry, peaceful sleep, covering her in a soft, comfy blankie, thanks to Downy Baby Gentle. These wellness products and their home benefits were presented in the Mealtime Tips and Bedtime Tips Wellness videos released online.

Moms shared their personal tips and bytes of advice to one another, talking about how Wellness Mom products have helped make their life at home an easier, safer, healthier and happier one. Also, to further showcase the unity of this movement, a special Moms for Wellness mosaic wall made up of photos of different moms around the country was also revealed.

Aside from P&G, Robinsons Supermarket, who has always supported the wellness movement, has proven that two is better than one when it comes to progress and change. This mutual undertaking paved the way for a solid partnership, which was also officially revealed last Thursday through the Wellness Moms promo! From now on, whenever one buys three of the participating Wellness Moms products (Safeguard, Joy Antibac, Ariel Power Gel, Downy Baby Gentle, Oral-B, Pampers, or Vicks Baby Rub) at any Robinsons Supermarket, he/she will instantly receive Robinsons Supermarket GC’s worth 50 pesos! 

The media launch of the new Wellness Moms movement was not only an informative event, but also a fun gathering of moms who only want what’s best for their families. With games, new knowledge, and special P&G and Robinsons Supermarket giveaways, moms made their way home with an extra push of encouragement and motivation to continue living the Wellness Moms life.

Being overweight is not just merely a physical problem. It is a burden emotionally and mentally. Aside from the fact that people who are overweight has problems with fitting into clothes, their self-esteem is troubled as well which makes them think they are not good enough for anything. Sometimes, they may even get depressed and have trouble meeting new friends. There are a lot of things people go through emotionally and mentally when they are overweight that’s why it is important to weight watch not for vanity’s sake but for the psychological health’s sake. Good thing FatOut aids in trimming down excess weight!

FatOut is the newest slimming supplement that helps lose weight without dangerous consequences. FatOut’s strength is its ability to REALLY help clean the colon and get rid of the waste as it is easily taken out of our system. The body flushes away the bad fat and toxins that make us gain weight, in the most convenient way possible! With FatOut, you will experience the revolutionary Sweep and Shred Formula which cleanses the colon and burn down fats for a healthier and sexier you which mainly promotes detoxification.

The wonder supplement—FatOut has the Sweep and Shred Formula from vital components. With Pu’er Tea extract which eliminates fats that are hard to digest, Aloe Vera Powder that detoxifies and cleanses the colon, Alfalfa that nourishes the digestive system, Oat Fiber that controls the appetite. Moreover, The Green Tea Extract is best known to effectively burn and shred fats by speeding up the metabolism and Psyllium Husk that sweeps away the toxins and cholesterol.

If you are already having troubles with your weight, it is time to make a lifestyle change and consider taking action on the dangerous risks of excess weight. FatOut would make your life better by keeping the extra weight away reducing the risks of health.

FatOut is high content 100% Pure extract of Pu’er Tea, Aloe Vera, Alfalfa, Oat Fiber, Green Tea and Psyllium Husk that is made more effective than powdered ingredients. It is a product of extensive research and development that guarantees top quality and excellent promising health results which makes it absolutely different from other slimming supplements.

Note that, FatOut is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

FatOut should be taken daily, before every meal, preferably with a warm glass of water. Available at all Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Available at a special promo BUY ONE GET ONE for a LIMITED TIME OFFER only.
A totally new outdoor experience is set to conquer the Philippines and excite people who love adventure, challenges and the outdoors in 2017. Called the “Legion Run”, this event is a 5km team-oriented run with 20+ obstacles that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to people of all levels of physical fitness and ability, due to its non-competitive nature.

The Legion Run, which is to be held for the first time in the Philippines, is an international event where successful runs were held for the past years in different parts of the world such as France, Italy, Poland, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria and more.

The Philippine debut of the event, the second to be held in Asia, is set on March 4, 2017 at the Greenfield City in Laguna, Philippines. There will be elements of mud, fire, ice and barbed wire all throughout the obstacle course and participants are expected to hurdle these by jumping, climbing and crawling.

Finishers complete the experience by conquering all these body and mental challenges, worthy enough for them to be regarded as true-blooded “legionnaires”. Legionnaires can then celebrate their success with food, drinks and various post-event attractions that can be found in the Legion Run Festival Area.

Legion Run is more than just a run or an event. It's an experience of a lifetime. Everyone participates for a different reason but they finish all the same; “changed". This isn't a race and the only prize to win is Pride. Legion Run is about overcoming personal challenges and the thrill of proving to yourself you CAN. But most of all, it's about getting out there and having FUN again.

Visiti the  online site for the Philippine edition of the legion run :

To learn more about the Legion Run, follow their  social media accounts in Facebook: or
and Instagram, email at
I grew up watching the girl squad cartoons, Powerpuff Girls. I know that you will all agree with me when I say that they are really awesome and everyone's favorite crime-fighting trio.

I get a chance to witness their comeback launching at the SM Mall of Asia last Saturday, October 22. Spending the whole afternoon with these superheroes is fantastic while everyone was so excited and having fun and laughs as the trio make their way.

The Powerpuff Girls are getting better, bolder and braver than ever! Kid's and kid's at heart enjoy the fun and action-filled activities at the Powerpuff Townsville where sugar, spice and everything nice all along. There are maze to test with the Catch the Villain activity. There is also a Buttercup Mini Training Grounds and enjoy the delightful Power-up popcorn and cotton-candy treat. Kid's also got a chance to battle and defeat their nemesis at the Mojo Jojo Obstacle Track and there is also a design your own Powerpuff merchandise shirts, bags and more.

I would like to share with you a short video while the trio was dancing and entertaining the crowd. Enjoy!

Powerpuff Girls’ toys are exclusively distributed by Richprime Global Inc. and available at all leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. Toy prices start at P299. To know more about their products, visit Richprime's official Facebook, Richwell Club and their website at
Ask any entrepreneur his secret to success, and he would tell you that it is more than just luck. For Victor and Evelyn Lam, the powerhouse couple behind the Mrs. Lam Rice brand, it was really the four Ps of perseverance, persistence, parental care, and prayers for God’s blessings that guided them throughout the years.

Fact is, the family of Victor Lam has been in the rice business for generations before his generation decided to venture into other careers. He learned much of what he knows about the business from his uncles. That’s why he was confident of going back into rice trading in 2000.

After deciding on naming the business after his wife, he went through the arduous process of finding suppliers and trying out different varieties of rice. Unsteady supply from rice traders meant that quality would vary from one purchase to another, from one harvest to another. There was the also the issue of storage. Being new in the business, they learned that rice mills often did not entertain small orders.

“We could not sell rice without a consistent supplier and quality,” says Mrs. Lam. “We had to build our own brand, and consistent quality would be the key to our success.”

The Lams bit the bullet. They ordered an initial stock of 40 sacks of rice, thinking that what they couldn’t sell, they would just cook and serve on their dinner table. Only then did they learn that you could not keep rice in storage for more than three months, because weevils start to grow.

Door-to- door sales

The Lams started to personally sell their rice door-to- door in villages near their home, distributing flyers themselves, and eventually advertising in village publications. They did the deliveries themselves, using their own car and tapping their family driver. Their cook, whom she discovered had an extensive knowledge on rice varieties, helped out by answering and taking down phone inquiries. 

Their base of loyal clients eventually grew from their relatives and close friends when they started placing their products in supermarkets. When their first big order came in, her parent’s and sister’s households helped in delivering their commitments in time. Mrs. Lam Rice had become a family endeavor.

Getting into supermarkets proved to be a tough task considering there are already a number of brands in the market.

“Honesty is very important when you deal with people,” says Mrs. Lam. “I remember the first clients we had. Initially we were told they don’t have space to display our rice. But after being very truthful in our answers to their queries, we were allowed to sell two varieties, namely Sinandomeng and Dinorado.”

To stand out from the crowd, the Mrs. Lam Rice brand was the first in the market to introduce vacuum-packed rice as a means of prolonging shelf life. From then on, sales started to grow slowly.

“We started getting accepted in various supermarkets, engaging in retail on a per kilo basis, as in wet markets. We kept our margins very low, and delivered best quality and tasting freshly milled rice. Our rice undergoes processing at par with big Thai rice mills,” says Mrs. Lam

Product expansion

Mrs. Lam Rice caters presently to the broad A to E market segment, from the budget-conscious to discriminating ones. Its premium local rice varieties include Dinorado Special, Whole Grain Sinandomeng, Long Grain, Sinandomeng Special, Intan, Sinandomeng, and Laon—palay that has been aged for a year for those who prefer fluffy and non-sticky grains with more yield. Its specialty varieties includes Thai Jasmine Milagrosa, Japanese short grain variety, Sticky or Glutinous (Malagkit), and Thai White Rice.

“When my father was diagnosed with cancer, we searched for an organic rice supplier and found a cooperative in Nueva Ecija to ensure a steady supply of church supervised farming and certified Organic Red and Organic Brown Rice,” says Mrs. Lam.

“Organic Rice is highly recommended for health enthusiasts as it is absolutely free from synthetic pesticides or chemicals,” she explained. “This is important because in semi polished rice, only the husk is removed. There is no polishing. That’s why we are able to avoid residual pesticides when we eat Organic Rice.”

The company also attended international expositions to upgrade its packaging to international standards. It started working from a small storage facility, roughly around 80 square meters, to intentionally limit its stock to just a few days’ supply of freshly milled rice. It counts top Chinese and Thai restaurants in Metro Manila among its loyal clients.

Breaking new grounds

For the past 16 years, Mrs. Lam Rice has relied on word-of- mouth and client recall to promote its products. However, the firm believes it is now time to actively market its inventory of rice varieties. It recently signed up actress and celebrity mom Danica Sotto-Pingris as its brand ambassador.

“Danica is already serving Mrs Lam’s Rice to her family, and they enjoy it. So, she is the perfect brand endorser for us,”Mrs. Lam proudly declares.

The endorsement of Sotto-Pingris of their rice varieties highlight the family orientation Mrs. Lam Rice wanted when the Lams were searching a name for their product.

“When we were deciding what to call it, my husband wanted a name that was more family sounding,” she recalled.

And the rest is now history.
A never-before-seen beauty breakthrough has arrived in the Philippines through That'so, an Italian skincare brand renowned for its "fast beauty" concept. That'so Philippines co-founders and Filipina-Canadian sisters Queenie Subido and Flecett Aspilla bring in the breakthrough for Filipinos to experience. Their first-ever offering is That'so Pure White, a patented skin-brightening and anti-aging treatment that addresses hard-to-solve woes including discoloration, hyperpigmentation, fines lines and wrinkles. But what makes the treatment a first in the country? Subido explains that it will be administered by doctors only using the That'so Pure White nano-spray machine filled with the Pure White lotion, which is packed with biomimetic peptides.

She adds, "Biomimetic peptides, which mimics the skin and improves its overall appearance, are sprayed all over the body in nano-particles so that it is absorbed deep down the layers of the skin." Moreover, That'so Pure White's biomimetic peptides are derived from natural ingredients—cinnamon to be exact—making it an all-natural spray lotion. Safe and gentle to all skin types, it is European Health Regulations-Certified and FDA-Approved. "We promise results. In just two to three sessions, you can easily see the change. But to achieve maximum results, we recommend to get a total of 24 sessions," shares Aspilla noting that it is best to take home That'so Pure White On the Go Instant Brightening Spray for everyday maintenance.

Aspilla and Subido, who grew up and settled in Canada, both attest to the effectivity of That'so. In fact, they were the first to provide That'so's whitening services to North America. Finally, these beautiful businesswomen are introducing That'so Pure White in the Philippines. "Our objective really is to educate the Filipinos that there are better, safer and healthier alternatives out there for skincare procedures," Subido relates. Aspilla echoes, "That is true. Ours is non-invasive and without harmful chemicals because we believe that beauty should be painless." Looking forward, the co-founders share, "In the future, we plan to offer other That'so treatments and products so that through them, Filipinos can embrace any skin color that they want." That'so Pure White is currently available at Floor D Suite, D2 Medical Plaza at Makati Medical Center, Makati City. It will soon be offered by different cosmetology clinics nationwide.
Most of the Mom's will definitely agree when it comes to bedtime challenge that we all face in getting our babies to sleep and stay sleeping.

Did you know that studies say that 20%-30% of babies experience sleeps problems, including difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

In return, it can cause problems not only to babies,  but also for mothers and have an impact in the health development of babies.

Establishing a sleeping routine is one of the most important things that parents can do to help their baby sleep better.  Johnson's had recognized this and that is why they launched a clinically proven Bedtime Routine. It helps baby to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer in just 3 steps.

Step 1. 

Bath: A bedtime routine, including a warm bath with Johnson’s bedtime baby bath, helps baby know it’s time to sleep.

Step 2. 

Massage: A massage, using Johnson’s bedtime baby lotion can help baby sleep better. Familiar and pleasant scents can make baby feel happy and relaxed and lead to better well-being by enhancing baby’s mood and emotions.

Step 3. 

Quiet Time: The moments before bed are an opportunity to help baby wind down through quiet time activities, such as reading, singing or listening to music. Complement quiet time with Johnson’s bedtime baby powder to freshen and keep baby feeling comfortable while sleeping.

You can complement the Johnson’s 3-Step Bedtime routine with Johnson’s bedtime baby oil to warm baby before bath.

During the event, Dr. Agnes Tirona- Remulla, a specialist in ENT-Head and Neck Surgery, sub-specializing in Sleep Medicine and Surgery told us that the sleep rhythms begin to develop at around 6 weeks and most babies are developmentally capable of regular sleep-wake cycles by 3-6 months.

Sleeping is important for the little ones because it has an impact to their immune system, it promotes cognitive development by building memory and supports learning. It also improves social skills of the baby.

Also, Johnson's has launched its Bedtime baby sleep app. Designed to equip mothers with information on how to ensure longer and better sleep for their baby. It is now available around the world, the App features a proprietary customized sleep profile tool to get a research based analysis of baby's sleeping habits, there is also a lullaby album and an ambient sound mixer to make playing lullabies more convenient. There is also an information on the Bedtime Routine and products, and access to Johnson's sleep experts to answer sleep-related questions.

It’s so nice to know that there is such products and apps like Johnson's offer. Johnson's encourage moms and dads to learn how to establish a good night time routine early on.

To know more about Johnson’s and how you can enhance a baby’s bed time experience, visit and
The world’s number one sports drink, in partnership with Runrio, will once again hit the road for the second year of the Gatorade Run.

It will be held on November 27, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The run will have two distances—11K and 22K.

More than 6,000 runners registered in last year’s run which featured hydration stations where participants got pre-race hydration drinks, a post-run hydration test area where runners instantly learned about their hydration status, and a warm-up area where free sessions were available for those who wanted a full-on warm up activity before and after the run. Gatorade ambassadors Jeron Teng, Jaja Santiago, Chris Banchero, Jett Manuel and Ara Galang were among those who were present to support the runners.

This year’s run promises to be more exciting, while still focusing on the importance of pre- and post-run hydration. Pepsico Marketing Manager for Hydration Tony Atayde said, “Gatorade is a global leader in sports performance and we’ll definitely bring that expertise to the run. Learning the benefits of proper hydration is crucial for runners and we look forward to reinforcing that message through the Gatorade Run.  We’re excited to show runners how, whether in sports hydration or a unique consumer experience, NOTHING BEATS GATORADE.”

Registration for the Gatorade Run 2016 will start on September 12. Log on to for updates and to register.
I know it was so scary to know that DOH have already confirmed that the Zika virus is now here in our country. For sure there are lots of Filipinos who don't know or perhaps don't have knowledge about this kind of virus that can be spread out.

We should be more cautious to our surroundings. As they say, "It's better to prevent than to cure!" But what if, there is no vaccine against the virus, like Zika? In fact, One in four people infected with Zika only develops symptoms while a very small portion of people may suffer complications after contracting the virus. 

What is Zika?

Zika is a kind of virus that being transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti, the same mosquito that transmitted Dengue and Chikungunya Virus. It could be symptomatic or asymptomatic.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Mild Fever
  • Skin Rash
  • Joint Pain
  • Conjunctivitis Fatigue
  • Headache

What to do if symptoms appear?

  • Treatment varies depending on the symptoms.
  • Do not self-medicate. Consult a doctor.
  • If symptoms worsen or other complications develop, seek medical attention immediately, you could be at risk.
  • Wear clothes that cover your arms and legs.
  • Have plenty of rest and sleep.
  • Take plenty of fluids.

How to prevent the risk of Zika, Dengue, or Chikungunya Virus infection?

  • Prevention starts at home.
  • Eliminate breeding sites such as flower pots, old tires, bottles and any other recipients where water can accumulate.
  • Cover all household water tanks and container to ensure that mosquitoes cannot get into them.
  • Prevent the accumulation of rubbish, dispose it in sealed plastic bags and use covered bins.
  • Keep drains clear to prevent stagnant water from accumulating.
  • Use insecticide-treated mosquito screens or curtains to cover windows and doors.
  • Wear long sleeves, long trousers and hats.
  • Use insect repellents recommended by health authorities
  • Share this information.

If you find it informative and may help concern people, now is the time that you share this article to all your friends and love one.

Source: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Anyone who’s had a medical operation knows that it can be such a source of pain. Traditional surgical procedures are invasive in nature, causing certain amount of trauma to implement a course of treatment. Many internal complaints require long incisions that take time to heal, not to mention an increase in the chances of infection. Rather than offer a quick remedy for an illness, the patient is left to recuperate on his sickbed for a period of time.

However, latest advancements in medical technology allow individuals to opt for a less traumatic approach to their care. The introduction of robotic surgery easily avoids all the complications brought about by most operations.

Now hailed as the future of surgical procedures, The Medical City (TMC) has been offering robotic surgeries since 2010 for procedures that target difficult and hard-to-reach areas. This signals its position as one of the most technologically advanced health institutions in the country, at par with leading centers in the world.

Doctors at The Medical City have been using this innovation for urological, colorectal, and gynecological procedures, which focus on sensitive parts of the human body.

 Dr. Julius Cajucom, TMC Urologist and head of the Robotics Surgery Program of The Medical City, says prostate surgeries target a “tight area” in the body.
“The degree of difficulty is so great,” explains Cajucom. “The area is very tight, and movements are so limited.” The use of the robot makes the operation in the said areas more convenient and easier.

The advantages of robotic surgeries are manifold. Compared to open surgeries, it only makes tiny incisions on the patient’s body where holes are made, as in laparoscopic procedures. Through these holes, the arms of the machine are inserted to perform the needed operation within the patient’s body. The doctor operates the robot through a console that allows him to see the inside of the patient without having to open him up. Since the patient has smaller incisions, the chances of infection from external causes are minimized.

“It is less traumatic, less bloody, causes less pain post-operatively, and promotes faster recovery,” says Cajucom.

Likewise, Dr. Kristine Katimbang, TMC Robotic Gynecologic Surgeon, says robotic surgery is beneficial for many gynecological procedures, such as hysterectomies, myomectomies, and excising ovarian cysts, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer.

Katimbang adds that many patients who undergo robotic surgery leave the hospital in just a day or two.

“Since there is no pain, they can move easily. They can eat well after a procedure, which isn’t the case compared with an open surgery,” she says. “Since there are no long incisions, there is less pain, less stress, and less agony. You cannot imagine how doctors feel when they see their patients with smiles on their faces after robotic surgery.”

The Medical City has highly-qualified personnel to perform robotic surgeries, from doctors to nurses. All of them trained with the leading health institutions abroad.

While the procedure is presently available for urologic, colorectal, and gynecological operations, Katimbang says it can also be utilized for head and neck, trans-oral, thoracic, and vascular surgeries.

Patients no longer need to fear surgeries and their after effects on their bodies with robotic surgery. Robotics surgery provides an alternative to both traditional open and conventional laparoscopic surgery, putting the doctor’s hands at the controls of a state-of-the-art robotic platform. It enables physicians to perform even the most complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions with unmatched precision.

For more information about The Medical City’s Robotics Program, you may call the Department of Surgery at 9881000 or 9887000 ext. 6288 or visit
It was such a nice to attend an event who featuring  about family, especially with regards to our beloved mothers. I personally touched on how Great Image showcases their love of our mothers together with the Make Your Mother Proud Foundation.

Who among us did not care about the person whom give us life? For sure guys, you know what I mean.

During the event, I get a chance to view the exhibits of the finalist. It was stunning and very heartwarming tribute to  all mothers. At first glance, I know the entry of Nanay Emilia and her daughters would be in the spotlight. I love it and very inspiring. I made a poll during that day and ask my blogger friends about who's their favorite and it seems like the most favorite. No wonder, it becomes the grand winner!

There are also some special guest like Michael Pangilinan,  Bryan Termulo and Sitti Navarro,  who serenade the audience with their special performances and of course, the Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation's founder Mr. Boy Abunda.
The #MeetMyNanay was so amazing, touching and very inspiring. I hope that will continue about this.

Below is the video and the full story that defines the bonding moments between Nanay Emilia and her daughters, the Mortega sisters. Watch their #MeetMyNanay real story.

Enjoy the story!
The marathon is not my forte nor my interest. Although, I run,  sometimes  I am not really into it as a serious sport. Marathons take years of preparation. One needs to train hard, maintain a balance diet and build muscles.

I know the fact that not everybody can run a race to help promote an advocacy. And so the ANCOP WALK was born from the effort of ANCOP Canada. Organizing a walk event for twelve years now. Where people of all ages and from all walks of life can participate in raising funds for education and likewise create an awareness about ANCOP.  ANCOP is Couples for Christ's work with the poor initiative.

This year, the ANCOP Global Walk returns to the SM MOA, hoping to triple that initial number, targeting the 100,000 walkers who will send 2,000 scholars to school. Everyone is invited to join the ANCOP Global Walk. Even your family pets can be registered too!

The ANCOP Global Walk will be held in Metro Manila at 4:00 AM on August 14, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds, Pasay City. Registration is at Php 300. Simultaneous walks in major cities in the Philippines, the USA, Canada, and Australia, among others, will also happen on the same day.

So if you're looking for an event to join that isn't a marathon and help a cause at the same time, why not try the ANCOP Global Walk.

See you there!
Over the weekends I get a package from Unilab that has Swish Breath Spray products. Then I remember that I signed-up to one the Unilab's Campaign. All I know was it was a mouthwash, but it’s not, and I get surprised to see the Swish Breath Spray.

So I thought that it’s something new and something to try from Swish.

Since it was a breath spray, I thought of something to  eat that day like pizzas and garlic bread before I try it to know how effective it was.

Well, poor oral hygiene is one of the major causes of bad breath because bacteria can build up beneath or in between of our teeth. Tongue and gums can produce gases, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

What if you are outside your home, and you eat food that contains strong flavor? What will you do, if you have meeting after that and no time to brush your teeth? Or perhaps after you take some pumps on your cigar?

I think, it could be a major problem. But fret no more because after trying out the Swish Breath Spray, I will recommend to you friends to use it and bring this handy spray on your pocket.

Why? Because,

- It can help you save the day.
- Giving you a fresh breath instantly in just 10 seconds.
- Very convenient.
- Economical (For only Php99 trial price).
- It can last up to 100 sprays

I should know because I tried it first hand and in just one to two sprays I got an instant fresh breath. One thing I love about it was, it has a nice flavored such as Peppermint Fresh and Arctic Chill.

What it actually does is, it quickly kills the germs and bacteria in your mouth to eliminate bad breath caused by eating, drinking and smoking. Don't worry, it's alcohol-free and sugar-free!

Like what I mention earlier Swish Breath Spray comes in two flavors:

- Peppermint Fresh
- Arctic Chill

How to use it:

Spray 1 to 2 pumps into your mouth to freshen breath instantly.

Warning: Avoid spraying into eyes. If contact occurs, flush with water instantly. If irritation persist, call a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Want to share to you also this video for a more confident story with #SayItWithSwish. Enjoy!

Why modern Filipina don't settle for anything less?

Because we know how to handle things in own way and when it comes to personal care products, we even have the same level of standards.

It was nice to attend the ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo. It was packed with lots of activities, booths and seminars. All intended to help modern women amplify the awesomeness in their lives. I attended the seminar wherein Priva has a special segment entitled "How To Attract The (Perfect) Life and Love You Want". 

I even enjoyed visiting the booths, especially the Priva booth where I had a chance to take a photo walk like Priva Walk and the best part was to take home some sample that I can test.

The Priva Promise

Priva is able to satisfy exactly what women want and need precisely because it also stops at nothing short of giving go-getters perfect intimate care. Tested by OB-Gynecologists to be safe and effective for everyday use, Priva  is formulated with tried-and- tested ingredients that provide noticeable whitening and smoothening results in as early as 7 days. Plus, it has RevitaCool TM, which provides a refreshing feeling with every wash.

From the ranks of the ultra-popular Priva Skin Lightening and Cooling Intimate Wash with glutathione (pink) and Priva Skin Firming and Cooling Intimate Wash with collagen and Kwao Krua (blue), comes Priva’s most advanced variant to date for the even more meticulous maven.

The NEW! Priva Perfect Care 2-in- 1 Intimate Wash (gold) is the first multi-benefit feminine wash specially formulated with glutathione to help lighten dark skin areas and collagen to improve the smoothness of the skin. It provides leveled-up confidence because of its multi- faceted approach of addressing these specific and sophisticated intimate care needs. It is definitely made for the “chic driven” woman. Now, women can truly “have it all.”

The NEW! Priva Perfect Care 2-in- 1 Intimate Wash is available in 60mL (P69.00) and 150mL (P149.00), and is available in leading supermarkets and beauty stores nationwide.

Will try the Prive Perfect Care 2-in-1 intimate wash and will feature the review here soon! So watch out for it folks.  :)
We all love eating red meat and I am guilty of it. Admitted it or not any kind of muscle meat from mammals, the red juicy meat coming beef, pork, lamb, veal, goat, and even from the horse has long been linked to heart disease and in 2015, the World Health Organization named it apparently as a carcinogen. 

I understand that we cannot avoid eating red juicy meat, especially from our favorite restaurant. The burgers and steak that we love can be one of the causes of sickness that we can get. Of course, I can’t say and tell you to stop eating it, but to eat it in moderation.

Below are various health concerns that you should know that are linked to red meat:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Stroke
  3. Diabetes
  4. Colorectal cancer
  5. Shorter lifespan

Researchers has been continuously studying about this matter and trying to understand how red meat affects disease risk and what would be the ideal amount to eat.  I am sure that it will take more years of research before they will prove it.

What should we do for now?

There are a few simple things we can all take to be a little bit healthier by doing the following:

· Choose lean cuts of red meat, like a fillet.

· Watch your portions. Experts recommend that should be healthier to have about a size of a card deck which is 3 -4 ounces.  Burgers can be half a pound.

· Eat 11 to 14 ounces of red meat a week and divide it serving throughout the week.

· Check out if it has a nitrite- and nitrate-free versions of the processed meats.

· Cook red meat at lower temps for longer periods of time rather than grilling or frying. Remember the concept, “Think low and slow.”

· Match your meals with enough amount of fiber to clean up your intestines. 
Selfless, this is how we best describe our mothers. They put their children’s happiness and well-being ahead of their own. Their unconditional love that they can give is priceless. This month of May, Great Image wants to meet your Nanay that gives and share you everything in life. It's about time to acknowledge them at the least time that they expected. 

Joining is so easy! How?

Take this chance to have a photo of you and your mom for only 20 pesos! Yes, you hear it right.  Just upload a photo with your mom and get the chance to win as much as Php 10,000. Check out the infographics below on how to join.

When we love, we say words of love and thanks. We proudly introduce that person to everyone and we want to let the whole world to see and hear our loved one’s story.  #MeetMyNanay

Promo period is from May 4 - 31, 2016. 
Submission of entries is until June 2, 2016

Permit No. 4382 Series of 2016