Taking a Shower with Warm Water is Good for Your Health

One of the simplest luxuries we can have is having a warm shower after a long day. It was so calming when you feel the flow if the warm water.  Actually, when you take warm shower, its not just washing away impurities and relaxing your tired muscles because it can also considered a healthy routine.

Okay, let me share you the health benefits of taking warm shower and will prove to you to stay longer in the bathroom.

1. They are effective pick-me-uppers

Studies have proven that there is a science behind the calming qualities of warm showers. Showering with warm water helps with the production of oxytocin in the body, which is also dubbed as the love or bliss hormone due to its calming effect on behavior. So the next time you need fast relief from stress, run yourself a warm shower.

2. They help detoxify the body

Warm showers offer more than just stress relief. Evidence shows that this simple routine can help detoxify the body as well. The steam from hot showers opens pores and induces sweating, which then triggers the release of toxins. 

3. They are an instant solution to a cold

Need instant relief for a cold? Hot showers are also an easy solution. Steam aids in moisturizing nasal passages which help with decongestion.  

4. They give you better sleep

Warm showers also induce better sleep. Not only are they a treat in cold weather, they also trigger body temperature changes that promote better rest. Taking a shower with warm water before bedtime raises the body’s temperature, after which it will gradually lower once exposed to cooler air. This shift triggers  the body to produce melatonin, which then cues the body to feel sleepy. 

Taking warm showers are definitely a quick and easy option to enjoy these health benefits. For some though, the challenge lies in the very simple act of heating water. This shouldn’t be the case, especially with modern home technology taking the need for manual water heating out of the picture. 

Global home appliance manufacturer Midea makes this easy with its line of water heaters that promise quick and safe heating without ballooning electric bills. Available in four models (Basic Single Point, Single Point with Pump, Single Point without Pump and Multi Point), this home necessity answers all the common water heating problems of households. 

Midea’s Water Heaters are equipped with safety sensors to ensure that they do not overheat, cause scalding and accidental electric shocks. They are also designed to be energy efficient, with a 10-minute shower costing a very affordable 8php in your power bill. 

The Midea Water Heaters also promise instant and accurate heating performance through its advanced heating technology. No need for clueless estimates and long waiting times for the water to warm up; these units provide instant relief in seconds.

As simple as this daily routine is, it does provide grand benefits for the health and overall well-being. 

Just find the right home partner that can help you get the best out of your usual home showers. To learn more about Midea’s water heaters and other home appliances, visit midea.com.ph or like them on Facebook for the latest updates at facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.

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