No To Fake Rice That China Produces!

Have you ever wonder that the rice that your family will eat and you served in your table was a fake rice?

I never thought that it could be a reality because the reality... it was a total nightmare. Even though our country can produce more and more rice. We have to be vigilant when it come to our food in our plate because we even imported rice from other country and to make it safer for our family. 

Let us teach our family to love locally and traceable food. We should know the origins of our foods and how it's grown. It makes our family protected and more healthy. We even helped our local farmers by buying their crops.

Before I heard about the artificial eggs from China and now the plastic rice which being exported to several Asian countries. Although this news was reported last 2011 but until now it make me feel so scared.

What the hell are they thinking about this? 

Why Chinese do this and sold on the Chinese markets and now on its way into other Asian countries like India, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

The most alarming is that it was also found in many known brands. According to one local news source, that these fake rice is undetectable because it was mixed with normal rice pack.

It was said in Weekly Hongkong newspaper, China is mass producing fake rice. This rice is a mixed of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plastic polymer. It is formed in mixing the potatoes and sweet potatoes into the shape of rice grains and adding industrial synthetic resins.

Oh my, I can't even imagine I will digest those fake rice into my tummy and much worst with my kid. 

Unfortunately, health expert says that such  fake rice can seriously damage our digestive system and be very poisonous because of the resin. You can also have gastritis and other stomach related diseases.

Check out the reported videos below;

I hope that our government should be more aware of this thing. We should be more careful in choosing our food for our family. 

And look... here's the video on how they do it;

As a citizen of this country, we should share our part by spreading the news about this fake rice grains. So that people are more aware and knowledgeable. I hope it won't reach us all here in the Philippines.

Take care everyone!

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