What started as a 100-day countdown before Christmas is now about waiting before we bid goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016.

The adversities and difficulties we experienced the past year are now almost behind us and today, we look forward to the coming new year with much anticipation and excitement.

And best we greet the new year by presenting a new version of ourselves—whether women and now, even men—not just with a new look but being healthy and beautiful inside and out. And this we can achieve by using a potent and powerful drink touted as today’s modern “fountain of youth”—HyC 150.

HyC 150 is becoming popular for being the "secret weapon" of today's generation when it comes to looking young, feeling fit physically and emotionally and over all being great.  Made by one of Japan's manufacturing firms, FINE Japan Co., Ltd., this potent food supplement in a sachet contains a worthy mix of nutrients and proteins to achieve that healthy and youthful you.

When combined, these powerful nutrients offer substantial benefits to our bodies. During various clinical trials abroad, particularly Japan, North America and Europe, almost 93 percent of the users from both sexes said their hair, nails and skin showed remarkable improvements when used consistently.

Credit goes to HyC 150’s mighty mix of 7 “wonder” nutrients and proteins like collagen, hyaluronic acid and ubiquinol, plus other active ingredients like Vitamin C, Biotin, Elastin and Pearl Coix, all renowned for their youth-inducing effects to help us become healthy and full of vitality every day.

With 5,250mg in every sachet of HyC 150, Collagen is HyC 150’s age-defying ingredient. It helps us keep our skin looking practically eternally youthful by helping slow down the aging process. Collagen helps keep the skin supple and smooth enough to prevent wrinkles and age pores from showing early, and 
helps keep our skin protected from the harmful effects of being exposed to too much sunlight, pollution and other negative elements in the environment.

One of the main ingredients of HyC 150 is hyaluron, where every HyC 150 sachet contains 150mg of this “lubricant.” Hyaluron’s gel-like composition is beneficial for keeping people active enough since it helps lubricate the bones in our bodies for it to move freely and much fluidity, even our eye tissues and aids in keeping our gums healthy. It acts as a complementary nutrient to collagen since it nourishes and hydrates the skin to keep it young-looking. It even helps keep a healthy scalp so our hair remains healthy and glossy all the time, and promotes faster healing of our wounds.

Elastin, meanwhile, is a highly elastic protein found in the body’s connective tissue to keep our skin flexible enough. Every sachet has 15 mg of elastin to maintain skin elasticity. Pearl Coix, on the other hand, helps lighten the skin to make it refreshed, relaxed and more radiant all the time.

Included as well in HyC 150 is 100mg of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects us from certain types of cancer and helps us maintain a stronger immune system, while Ubiquinol (10 mg in every sachet) provides us with more energy. Ubiquinol is naturally produced by our bodies to block off a variety of harmful toxins. Plus, Biotin helps protect the hair and scalp so you’ll have nice and shiny hair.

So forget all your health woes and other concerns for the past year and welcome 2016 with a healthy, youthful, vibrant, and brand-new you. Gals—and guys—we all deserve to be in good shape, and the good thing about it is it doesn’t take a lifetime to achieve that, thanks to HyC 150!

HyC150 is available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and at online selling site Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph).  For more information, visit our website at www.HyC150.com; “Like” us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HyC150); follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150, or call (02) 5467297, 09177750779.
The International Feng Shui master Marites Allen gave a briefing on the luck indications for each of the zodiac signs to the members of media last Monday, December 7 at the Marco Polo Hotel. She said that not all animals signs are lucky during their year, the Monkey year is very fortunate for all Monkey-born people. The Rat, Dragon, and Snake who are all allies of Monkey, may have difficulties next year according to her.

Starting on February 8, 2016 until January 27, 2017. The Fire Monkey will take over the Wood Sheep as the ruling animal on the Chinese zodiac. For Feng Shui followers, the changing of the lunar year brings different opportunities and certain challenges for each animal sign.

To guide everyone, Marites Allen has written 12 horoscope books for 2016. She said, writing the books take long and has exhausting hours but she needs it to be done. Monkey is the 9th sign in the Chinese astrology and the number 9 symbolizes ambition, adventure, and smartness. She share a sneak preview into the luck readings for each astrological sign that follows below:

RAT: very encouraging personal luck and very strong vitality levels.
OX: certain forces in your chart will test your motivation and resolve.
TIGER: inner vitality may be weak, but there is sufficient levels of success.
RABBIT: auspicious stars indicate exciting events in your life.
DRAGON: so many positive indications; It is almost unbelievable!
SNAKE: the presence of your astrological allies in this year's chart has positive indications for you.
HORSE: your confidence will get a boost, filling everything you get involved in with positivity.
SHEEP: opportunities will come thick and fast. Grab them fast because they might not last long.
MONKEY: fabulous luck brings potential wealth and abundance in everything you do.
ROOSTER: average prospects; still, you have a lot to look forward to this year.
DOG: auspiciousness comes from your allies who could wield important influence on your life this year.
BOAR: excellent elements spell an incredibly lucky year for you.

Each book provides monthly readings for one's career, business, health, and relationships. There are also feng shui suggestions for the home, auspicious fashion and accessories, guide to the lucky and unlucky house orientations for each month, and many more useful tips.

The books are now available for pre-ordering for shipping on December 20, 2015. Please call 0920-9509390, 5560615, 4420113 or 8188858 or order online at www.frigga.co.uk.

She will also have the 2016 Philippine Feng Shui Convention for the year of the Fire Monkey that will be held at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas from 10am to 3pm. To reserved a seat for this convention, please call the numbers above or email maritesallenevents@gmail.com.

As your child develops, he begins to have favorites, choosing what to eat and what not to eat. And because he's at that stage when he is most curious about his surroundings, anything can distract him from his meal; his attention maybe grabbed by objects he finds more interesting than food. 

Sometimes, because of either of these, he won't even touch the food you serve, making you worry that he may not be getting all the nutrients he needs to be completely nourished.

Do you know how your child can be 100% nourished (with 3 balanced meals a day) in a healthier way? 

Lactum 3+ is formulated by Mead Johnson for children aged over 3 years old to 6 years old. It is made with the children's reference nutrient intake as guide, that's why it contains essential nutrients found in the food groups of the Food Pyramid. 

It also has Healthy-Nutri Blend (Fiber, Lower Added Sucrose, Healthy Calorie Blend in line with expert recommendation (WHO/FAO 2003. Diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseases. Joint WHO/FAO Expert consultation. WHO. Geneva) of Lower Sucrose (25% lower sucrose vs previous formulation ), Fiber and Healthy Calorie Blend to help provide 100% nourishment in a healthier way. 

Giving your child 1 to 3 glasses of Lactum 3+ a day, combined with your child's usual diet, helps ensure that he meets his nutrient needs for 100% nourishment. Visit http://www.lactum3.com to learn more about Lactum 3+/6+! Buy now via Lazada: http://www.lazada.com.ph/lactum-3-6/

Girls always wanted to have a beautiful skin and even boys these days become so vain. I was very choosy on selecting facial wash for my face because I don't like to end up regretting on things I've done for myself especially if it is something to do with my daily regimen.

Washing of face is one of the most important things to do every day, in the morning and at night time before going to sleep. This should not be skipped in our daily lives.

I was lucky to try the newest Myra VitaSmooth and VitaWhite Facial Wash. I actually tried it and I love the soft feeling after I wash my face. They are both multi-benefit products and they are the only facial wash in the market with Vitamin E beads to help keep skin healthy and nourished while riding skin of excess oil and dirt. I will admit that my face is oily and this newest facial wash from Myra is perfect for me.

One thing I love about Myra VitaSmooth and VitaWhite Facial Wash is that they are Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested. Your can assure that it is mild, effective and safe for everyday use. To know more about the Myra VitaSmooth and VitaWhite Facial Wash check out their product details below:

Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash 50mL – Moisturizing Facial Wash

  • Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E  beads which protect and nourish skin to help keep it healthy with a youthful glow.

  • Has Moisture Plus formula that retains and seals in skin’s natural moisture, keeping it hydrated and more supple.

  • Contains French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Extract that improves skin elasticity and helps keep it smooth and young-looking.

  • And of course, because it's from Myra, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to be safe for everyday use.

  • SRP 70.00

Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash 50mL – Whitening Facial Wash

  • Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E  beads which protect and nourish skin to help keep it healthy with a youthful glow.

  • Has Biowhite Complex which is derived from plant extracts that gently whitens skin.

  • Has Niacinamide that evens out skin tone by reducing red blotches to make skin more radiant.

  • And of course, because it's from Myra, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to be safe for everyday use.

  • SRP 75.00

You can also check out their newest TVC for Myra VitaSmooth and VitaWhite Facial Wash.

Keep in mind that the more you take care of your skin, the healthier it will become and the more beauteous you are!
These days, most people eat unhealthy food and are surrounded by pollution resulting to diseases and sickness. For our bodies to function properly, we must have a discerning taste for what is good and beneficial to our health. It is imperative to watch what you eat because as they say, you are what you 
Antioxidants play an important role in protecting the body from toxins and boosting the immune system. Known since the olden times, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant used by Chinese and Indian herbal medicine in treating many conditions. These conditions include stomach pains, menstrual problems, intestinal gas, dyspepsia, stomach bloating, loss of appetite, headache, colds, lung infection, fever, heartburn, diarrhea and arthritis. 

Now, you can get a dose of this antioxidant with Fine Japan Co. Ltd.’s Fine Turmeric Extract Powder, available in sachets. It is made with curcumin from turmeric which keeps the liver and digestive system healthy, resulting to faster metabolism and detoxification in the body. With the Fine Turmeric Extract 
Powder, it is easier to break down food and filter dangerous toxins. Even in small doses, curcumin is effective in treating inflammatory bowel diseases.

The Fine Turmeric Extract Powder is mixed with natural ingredients that help increase the body’s absorption of curcumin. It does not only boast of healthy qualities but also a pleasant taste that both young and old will love. Consumers may drink it with just water or mix it with any daily morning drink.

For optimum boost, pair it with Premium HyC150, a supplemental beverage that is also manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd. The Premium HyC150 is the rediscovered “fountain of youth” which contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and ubiquinol. It is also packed with vitamin C, biotin, elastin and pearl coix. It is an effective anti-ageing tool that helps prevent cell damage, sagging and hair loss, and protects the body from harmful toxins.

By drinking Premium HyC150 with Fine Turmeric Extract Powder, you will experience the quality of life you deserve by having a healthy and fit body. Spend the day feeling more refreshed and vibrant than ever with Premium HyC150 and Fine Turmeric Extract Powder.

For more information, visit our website at www.HyC150.com; like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HyC150; follow us on Twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150; or call (02)546-7297 or 0917-7750779. Available at select Watsons stores nationwide, as well on Lazada Philippines at www.lazada.com.ph.
TV host and comedienne, Alex Gonzaga was recently launched as the First Filipina Face of Proactiv. A loyal user of Proactiv for 6 years, the 27-year old actress is thrilled to be among the elite roster of Proactiv Hollywood endorsers.

“I discovered Proactiv when I was in the States. A relative recommended it to me and true enough, Proactiv got rid of my pimples.  When I came back, I asked around where I could get it and found out they have it at Watsons,” shares Gonzaga.

Proactiv’s General Manager, Mari del Rosario considers this a big milestone for the brand.

“For years, we have been looking for the perfect Filipina to represent Proactiv. Alex Gonzaga is not only beautiful and charming. She’s also an actual user of the brand which is the top qualification to be a Proactiv ambassador,” del Rosario explains.

Watsons, the exclusive distributor of Proactiv here in the Philippines, celebrates with Proactiv in this occasion. 

“We are very proud to be the exclusive partner of Proactiv in the Philippines for 10 years. The vision of Proactiv and Watsons is very much alike: To make you look good and feel good about yourself. Now, with Alex Gonzaga being on board to spread the word, we look forward to a more fruitful collaboration in the coming years,” says Maita Santiago, Watsons Trading Director for Beauty Division.

Proactiv is available in 30-day kit (P2,495) and in 60-day kit (P 3,995) at all Watsons nationwide.
One of the simplest luxuries we can have is having a warm shower after a long day. It was so calming when you feel the flow if the warm water.  Actually, when you take warm shower, its not just washing away impurities and relaxing your tired muscles because it can also considered a healthy routine.

Okay, let me share you the health benefits of taking warm shower and will prove to you to stay longer in the bathroom.

1. They are effective pick-me-uppers

Studies have proven that there is a science behind the calming qualities of warm showers. Showering with warm water helps with the production of oxytocin in the body, which is also dubbed as the love or bliss hormone due to its calming effect on behavior. So the next time you need fast relief from stress, run yourself a warm shower.

2. They help detoxify the body

Warm showers offer more than just stress relief. Evidence shows that this simple routine can help detoxify the body as well. The steam from hot showers opens pores and induces sweating, which then triggers the release of toxins. 

3. They are an instant solution to a cold

Need instant relief for a cold? Hot showers are also an easy solution. Steam aids in moisturizing nasal passages which help with decongestion.  

4. They give you better sleep

Warm showers also induce better sleep. Not only are they a treat in cold weather, they also trigger body temperature changes that promote better rest. Taking a shower with warm water before bedtime raises the body’s temperature, after which it will gradually lower once exposed to cooler air. This shift triggers  the body to produce melatonin, which then cues the body to feel sleepy. 

Taking warm showers are definitely a quick and easy option to enjoy these health benefits. For some though, the challenge lies in the very simple act of heating water. This shouldn’t be the case, especially with modern home technology taking the need for manual water heating out of the picture. 

Global home appliance manufacturer Midea makes this easy with its line of water heaters that promise quick and safe heating without ballooning electric bills. Available in four models (Basic Single Point, Single Point with Pump, Single Point without Pump and Multi Point), this home necessity answers all the common water heating problems of households. 

Midea’s Water Heaters are equipped with safety sensors to ensure that they do not overheat, cause scalding and accidental electric shocks. They are also designed to be energy efficient, with a 10-minute shower costing a very affordable 8php in your power bill. 

The Midea Water Heaters also promise instant and accurate heating performance through its advanced heating technology. No need for clueless estimates and long waiting times for the water to warm up; these units provide instant relief in seconds.

As simple as this daily routine is, it does provide grand benefits for the health and overall well-being. 

Just find the right home partner that can help you get the best out of your usual home showers. To learn more about Midea’s water heaters and other home appliances, visit midea.com.ph or like them on Facebook for the latest updates at facebook.com/MideaPhilippines.
In response to what they believed were conditions in the fashion-modeling industry that needed to be professionalized, top-caliber models founded the Professional Models Association of the Philippines, or PMAP, in 1987. They sought for reasonable working hours and standardized compensation for model bookings. “As a union we are vocal with our rights.  As an association, we have a vision of what we want to become in the future,” says one of the original members, Tina Maristela-Ocampo, who co-founded the organization with co-models Ronnie Asuncion and Robert David.

PMAP is the very first of its kind in Asia, and probably the world. It is the only organization of models run by models themselves, each confident of their own talents, abilities and capabilities to manage and plan their modeling careers. Established on February 11, 1987, the PMAP aims to “uplift, protect and professionalize the modeling industry in the Philippines, and to develop and stabilize, national and international awareness, participation, involvement and competition in the field of modeling.” 

The PMAP served as a key force in the development and upgrading of the local modeling industry, with the firm belief that as a united group, models can band and work together for their own protection and progress. Contrary to some beliefs, the PMAP is not an agency but a cross between an association and a union of models. Succeeding members of PMAP have sought to maintain and improve these standards, seeking the professional services of legal and financial consultants.

PMAP male and female models are distinguished for their physical attributes (clear skin, healthy hair, great height and good looks) as well as their overall attitude and disposition. 

They are well paid, high profile and top of mind among designers and clients. More often than not, a PMAP model has a prominent place in the industry. Their faces are splashed across top fashion magazine covers, national dvertisements, international commercials and fashion shows here and abroad. 

They are trailblazers (Tina Maristela, Tetta Ortiz, Suyene Chi, Leo Rabago, JB Abesamis, Annette Coronel); beauty queens (Izza Gonzalez, Desiree Verdadero, Marilen Espino, Abbygala Arenas, Gem Padilla, Mafae Yunon, Valerie Wiegmann); icons (Tweetie de Leon, Patty Bettita, Marina Benipayo, Denden Abesamis, Wilma Doesnt) and a roster of celebrities (Eric Quizon, John Estrada, Ornussa Cadness, Sanya Smith, Phoemela Baranda). 


On its 28th year, PMAP is on the hunt to discover and mentor aspiring or experienced models with immense potential to become the next Filipino model archetype and influence the course of professional modeling in the Philippines. Girls must at least be 5’8 tall with a waistline of 24 inches, while the boys must at least be 5’11 tall. 

A Modéle Philippines can advance any designer’s vision. He or she possesses fierce catwalk skills, a compelling editorial presence, a memorable screen register and a strong social media following.

This game-changing project employs a tripartite arrangement among the entities of Zen Institute (presenter) and A Concept (producer) and legendary designer/model discover Renee Salud in partnership with PMAP.

Together, their vision is to be “the inspiring trailblazers in the Philippine fashion industry that provide a premiere competition platform and opportunities to individuals who best represent what a professional Filipino model is and what Philippine modeling is  in the global arena.”

Their mission is to “discover, develop, and nurture Filipino individuals to become models of influence who represent the Filipino image of excellence through our competitions. We create continuous opportunities for our professional models in order to achieve excellence and secure a great future, thus contribute to our country’s positive image and progress.”

The first Modèle Philippines winner will receive a high level of exposure in the modeling world, the opportunity to work with the industry’s best, a one-year endorsement contract with Zen Institute, a fashion spread in a top fashion magazine, free trip to Thailand and a cash prizes.

Visit or call MODÈLE PHILIPPINES for inquiries at The Zen Institute at 024122528 / 024411712.
MANILA, Philippines - Nine in 10 Filipino consumers surveyed by global nutrition company Herbalife are “highly concerned” about the potential diseases that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause them, with the same number believing that simple lifestyle changes can help improve their overall well-being.

A good number of the respondents expressed willingness to adopt a healthy lifestyle; 79 percent said that they would cut down on unhealthy foods, 78 percent expressed their willingness to exercise more regularly, and 72 percent said they would make better nutrition choices. 

“We welcome the results of the survey. It gives an understanding of Filipinos becoming even more health conscious and self-aware that they need to make some lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being. It also gives Herbalife an idea where we are needed, because as the survey revealed only four out of 10 would spend 10 to 30 minutes a day to make simple lifestyle changes,” said Rosalio Valenzuela, Herbalife Philippines General Manager.

The respondents, however, cited the following as the top obstacles to achieving a healthy lifestyle: lack of time for exercise (75 percent), lack of time to make proper nutrition choices (64 percent), and high cost of healthy food (62 percent). 

The same health poll likewise showed that the top three aging-related concerns in the country were heart, brain, and eye health.

Better knowledge and understanding

 “The findings from the Herbalife survey clearly show that the majority of people in Asia Pacific that we questioned believe in the value of good nutrition and exercise as contributing to their overall well-being. We aim to play a greater role in providing practical tips and information to people to help them understand that the journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle is not difficult to achieve. With as little as 10 minutes a day, consumers can take positive steps to improve their nutrition and be more active, which will improve their overall well-being,” said William M. Rahn, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Herbalife Asia Pacific.

Herbalife conducted the survey in September 2015 in the lead-up to its Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour. It surveyed 1,200 respondents across six countries, including the Philippines, on perceptions towards their health and current lifestyle. Respondents from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand were likewise included in the survey.

Herbalife Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour

Now on its fourth year, the Herbalife Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour aims to deepen people’s practical understanding of the various aspects of living a healthy active lifestyle. Its previous tours in the past three years saw close to 60,000 participants across the region.

This year’s Wellness Tour will feature five members of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) visiting 14 markets and 21 cities across the Asia-Pacific in the month of October. They will share their expert views on how people can make use of the little time they have to make simple lifestyle changes that will enhance their well-being.

Herbalife’s NAB experts will likewise share their views on a wide range of health-related topics, including weight management, brain health and aging; heart health; immunology; and skin care at the medical symposia being held in Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Herbalife NAB experts participating in this year’s Wellness Tour include Dr. David Heber, who incidentally will be coming to Manila, is a leading expert in the field of nutrition and named as one of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” by Thomson Reuters in 2014 and considered one of “The Best Doctors in America”; Dr. Lou Ignarro, a Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1998 for his discovery of nitric oxide’s health benefits; Dr. Gary Small, a specialist in brain health and aging who has authored over 500 scientific works and has received numerous awards and honors, including the “Senior Investigator Award” from the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry; Dr. Marion Fltechner-Mors, a health nutrition specialist who is currently heading the nutrition and obesity research group at Ulm University, Germany; and Dr. Wang Jae Lee, a physician and academic specializing in immunology and a professor at Seoul National University College of Medicine.

Dr. Heber, who is the founding Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles, will be conducting a symposium for free to Filipino medical practitioners on October 23, 9am, at the Manila Hotel. The symposium will gather a group of 100 doctors, nurses, physical therapists and medical practitioners. The title of the symposium is “Obesity: More Than Just Being Overweight and Nutrition Forecast for 2020.” Seminars of Dr. Heber are recognized by US hospitals as part of Continuing Education Studies, which are often required of applicants. The following day, Oct. 24, Dr. Heber will be holding seminars for thousands of Herbalife Independent Members in the same hotel. 

This is the first time Dr. Heber, who is also the Chairman of the NAB and the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, to conduct a seminar in Manila since the company was founded in the Philippines 22 years ago.

Press Releases
Scarring is part of the body’s healing process but scars need not stay on your skin forever. The same goes with skin hyperpigmentation. But through innovative solutions discovered by dermatologists, many patients are now faced with several alternatives on how to improve their skin condition.

One of the latest methods out there is the fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment. According to Dr. Emehly Sevilla of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, both young and old may undergo the treatment.  In fact, her youngest patient was seven years old. Indications of the CO2 laser treatment include deep scars, big pores, stretch marks, fine lines, and skin conditions like syringomas, milias, warts, keloids, melasma, freckles, and hyperpigmentation in the face, underarm, under butt, knees, elbows, fingers and toes. It can also treat dark lines and ‘chicken skin’ on underarms.

Aside from erasing marks and blemishes, it is also a good anti-aging tool and can be done along with other treatments. Vine’s extensive and simple programs work in synergy for optimum effect. Dr. Sevilla said she erases wrinkles with fractional carbon dioxide laser and proceeds with the Botox procedure.

“If the patients do not have skin problems but want to tighten their pores, wants to have skin rejuvenation and remove fine lines, fractional carbon dioxide laser can do that. It’s a good maintenance as well. Even some 25-year olds already have mini-lines on their forehead because of the lifestyle today, so this treatment is the answer,” said Dr. Sevilla.

In the past, doctors only based their evaluation on the visual and history of the patient (background of what really happened) to know how deep the problem is. With the new fractional carbon dioxide laser machine, its skin analyzer can accurately assess the skin problem and recommend the ideal operation. It can tell if the skin is moist or dry and will set itself to the safest setting that the patient needs. However, Dr. Sevilla said that the new machine can also be set manually if the doctor wishes to.  

"If you overset the treatment for a certain problem because you’re only visually only looking at it, it may cause inflammatory hyperpigmentation that will leave dark marks,” noted Sevilla. The advantage of fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment is that it is measurable, precise and safe. 

“The problem with peels is that you cannot control its absorption. There are patients where you put this percentage and they would absorb and peel so much, but if you apply the same percentage to other patients who have thicker skin, they won’t peel that much,” explained Dr. Sevilla.

Furthermore, she said that with needling procedures, doctors can only base on the visuals and history taking so it may not be precise.

For safety, the doctor, nurse and patient wear goggles during the whole procedure which usually lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. If the area to be treated is near the eyes, they use micropore tape so that the eyes remain closed.

“Laser is okay with treating eye bag area but for safety reasons, we don’t recommend treating on the upper eyelid (on top of eyeballs) even if the depth can be controlled,” remarked Dr. Sevilla.

Before the procedure, anesthesia cream is applied on the skin. It takes 30 minutes to numb the face and one hour for extremities. A slight discomfort may be felt on the first session. But none of that will happen in the succeeding sessions, said Dr. Sevilla. She explained that the tip of the machine emits air and distracts the patient from any possible pain.

The procedure will leave the patient with pinkish skin. To go back to their daily activities, patients need to undergo cryoporation before leaving the center to close the pores, relax the skin and infuse more serum. Post laser cream is given to enhance cell repair. 

After getting the laser treatment, avoid eating chicken, seafood and eggs. Do not wash the face or put on makeup for at least 12 hours after the treatment but sunblock lotion can be used as long as the skin has already absorbed the serum. Patients can come back for another session as early as two weeks but normal protocol is a month.

However, not everyone can just go and get the procedure. Contraindications include chronic skin diseases like psoriasis, allergies, fungal infection, eczema, rashes, measles and chicken pox. “Treat the skin problem first before doing the laser. But if the area to be treated is far away from area with disease, laser can be done,” related Dr. Sevilla.

Vine Aesthetics is located at Unit 2H Mezzanine Level, Grand Hamptons Tower II, 1st Ave. cor. 31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For inquiries, call tel. nos. 09178590642, 217-2687, 843-3023, email vineaesthetics@gmail.com or visit www.vineaesthetics.com.
I was invited for a stress free night without knowing what will gonna happen. All I know that there will be a Launching and Press Conference for JAB Hauz of Zen Holistic Center.

It was a raining night but still got the courage to go at the event.  It was so surprising to know that Comedy Cartel was also there that will give us laughter to take away our stress. This group are professional comic artists whose aim is to master the art of conventional method using the classical monologue and sketch comedy.

It's just one thing, second the JAB Hauz of Zen Holistic Center who promotes alternative medicine for 15 years and is able to form a great clientele as being part of the medicine team of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition with Dr. Bong Ramirez is the Head Physician and the President of JAB Hauz of Zen . He is also the co-host of Dr. Nonoy Zuniga at Med Talk with Dr. Z.

Then, there was Ms. Mary Joy Jasmin, the Vice President and the Finance Manager of JAB Hauz of Zen and also the founder of Miss J beauty products. With her wide range of organic beauty products, she make sure that that her products uses only organic materials that are purely Pinoy and specially made for the Filipina skin.

The collaboration of the three makes the launch a success. But not only that because they also announce the Road to FAMAS which is a series of events that would present FAMAS in a new light for the new generation.

During the event, Dr. Bong give us a sample on how he treat or how he make the patient throat clear. Also, the skit of Kuya Ruther Urquia was really funny and love brother/lolo puppet that he carried. 

It was such a spectacular night with lots of food, laughter and more "God Bless you!" night. I would like to try the services of JAB Haus of Zen some other time. For now I have to part our ways by saying "God Bless You... Guys!" hahaha.
Millennials today, are setting trends across all markets. In the realm of real estate, millennials’ needs and preferences are even prompting developers to build more vertical housing units that feature micro-condos.
To show just how versatile a micro-condo space  can be,  despite its size,  the Philippine School of Interior Design’s graduating batch of 2015 tackles its personalization with STUDIO24, an exhibit showcasing innovative design solutions that not only maximize the area but also cater to the taste of 24 different dweller archetypes.
Small Space Can Mean Big Potential
According to a study by Lamudi, 42% of the condo units for sale have a floor plan of 50sqm. or less. While the floor sizes decrease, the number of units in a building increases. Therefore, more tenants are accommodated. In exchange of proximity to lifestyle conveniences and the chance to actively socialize, first-time homeowners are choosing micro-condos over house  and lots in  the suburbs. 

Often, small condos carry the stigma of being cramped and limited. However, in the right hands micro-condos can be personalized  into a dream abode.   With micro-condos becoming the norm, adapting one’s style  to a small  space is more of an opportunity than a challenge. As long as the space is customized to fit the style and needs of the homeowner, the small size is of very little consequence.

A Legacy of Thinking outside the Box
For the past 48 years, The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), has nurtured and taught countless interior designers who continue to make their mark here and abroad. In doing so, PSID fostered a legacy of taking unassuming spaces and turning them into the ideal nests. STUDIO24 utilizes twenty-four standard 24sqm.  spaces decked out in 24 popular trends  inspired by unique personality archetypes. Each of the 24 styles fall under 3 main categories. 

Ladies’ Lairs evoke the colorful activities and interests of today’s independent women. The styles under it include; The Pastry Chef, The Socialite, The Romantic Writer, The Artist, The Classy Dame, The Bachelorette, The Shy Violet, and The Comic Geek.

Meanwhile, Man Caves is geared towards the modern male who lives a well-rounded and active lifestyle. Listed under Man Caves are the following: The Refined Gentleman, The Gadget Freak, The Young Urban Professional, The Sports buff, The Travel Bug, The Anime Aficionado, The Goth, and The Old Collector.

Lastly, Perfect Pairings celebrate dynamic duos and the passions they pursue. This category houses the following styles: The Retirees, The Power Couple, The Newlyweds, The Backpackers, The Brothers in Arms, The Spinster Sisters, The Gay Bestfriends, and The College Buddies.
“We want to show that our budding designers can not only adapt to the new norm of micro-condos, they can use ingenious, imaginative,  and innovative design solutions that not only showcase their talent but also show dwellers how to transform their space,” shares Pojie Pambid, Dean of PSID. The exhibit runs from October 3-31 at Ronac Lifestyle Center along Paseo de Magallanes. 
PhilCare is bringing the first NFC-enabled HMO Card in the Philippines. As the next best thing in mobile transaction PhilCare continues in providing a much-needed upgrade in the way health care is delivered to thousand Filipinos.

This after the leading health care provider PhilCare came up and put in operation NFC-capable membership cards designed to make availment of health services from hospitals faster, more efficient, and close to paperless.

NFC-capable card means to do away with the usual tedious process of availing health services from health maintenance organization (HMO). With a single tap, hospitals and clinics can now determine coverage and benefits of  a member, as well as other details of the member's account.

Basic consultation and procedures will also be processed faster. since it will no longer require long waiting times just to confirm coverage.

What are the Benefits:

Convenient and efficient - be assured quick, efficient and accurate service with just one tap of your card on the NFC terminal

Easy viewing of membership benefits your eligibility status and membership benefits  are immediately confirmed

Real-time update of member records - patient information is updated in real time- the first of its kind in the Philippine health care industry

Quick approval od Letter of Authorization (LOA) requests - enjoy quick approval of LOA request for consultations and selected outpatient procedures

The new technology is the first of its kind in the Philippine health care industry and allows patient information to be updated in real time, ensuring quick, efficient, and accurate service. So what are you waiting for, get yours now! 

You may call them at 802-73-33 local 19224 from Mondays to Fridays, 9-5pm. You may also visit, www.philcare.com.ph
All of us are achievers, we want to be the best among the rest. Challenging ourselves to be a straight achiever is a great way to spend life. Living your life of countless feat is a life story worth sharing.  Be on top of life by keeping your brain on point, with the help of ATC Ginkgo Biloba.

What is ATC Ginkgo Biloba?

It is a dietary supplement that is called the “Brain Enhancer”. It contains Ginkgo Biloba which protects the brain from nerve damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and can also be a possible aid against Dementia. It helps retain good memory, sharpen your mind and avoid cognitive knowledge. 

It is used to help the circulation of brain to help fight the memory loss due to stroke, Alzheimer disease, and dementia. 

Is ATC Ginkgo Biloba Safe?

Yes, because it's a herbal product that helps increase blood flow to the brain.

What is the Dosage?

As dietary supplement, you may take 3 soft gels a day, after meals with warm water.

To help you giving the best information, consult your doctor about your health condition before trying any product that you may start using to avoid unnecessary problems using the product.

Be a life achiever with the help of ATC Ginkgo Biloba.  #ATChealthcare @atchealthcareph #ATCGinkgoBiloba #TheBrainEnhancer

ATC Ginkgo Biloba is available in all Mercury Drug and leading drugstores nationwide for P 6.00 per capsule. For inquiries, you may contact ATC Healthcare at these numbers: 516-8888, 0909-3333333 or 0917-5623333.
Hello  ka-Panatag Moms!

I would like to share to you the Lactum 3+/6+'s latest promo, 100% Fun Mealtime Transformation.  It's a creative way to transform healthy food into a fun and nourishing meal with the help of Lactum 3+/6+.

Winners will get a chance to win Electrolux appliances and Judy Ann's Kitchen cookbooks, autographed by Panatag Mom, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo!


To join, just upload your own #FunMealtimeTransformation in Facebook or Instagram based on the given inspiration and caption it with #FunMealtimeTransformation. Email the link to lactumfunmealtime@gmail.com with your details and wait for 24-48 hours to see it in the gallery in www.lactum3.com/promo.

Inspirations and submission period are posted on the following dates:

Post 1 - September 1-23
Post 2 - October 1-23

Check out below the sample entries...


20 winners will each receive Electrolux kitchen appliances worth Php20,000 plus Judy Ann's Kitchen Cookbook and 100 winners will get signed Judy Ann's Kitchen cookbook.

Watch the video below;

For more details about the promo, you may visit www.lactum3.com/promo.
MANILA, Philippines – Shared experiences between parent and child — whether it is reading together, playing outside, or sharing meals — play an important part in the child’s development.

They help him grow mentally, emotionally, and socially, and seal the bond between parent and child through memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Last August 29, Friso held the second and last leg of their Experience Camp FunRaiders event at the atrium of the Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City. 

Experience Camp FunRaiders is an event organized by Friso aimed at enabling parents and their children to share a fun afternoon of experiences, something Friso greatly advocates. It also demonstrated Friso’s commitment to help parent and child grow better together through bonding and spending time with each other. 

The atrium of Shangri-La Plaza Mall was transformed into a jungle safari that parents and their kids explored part by part for a fun afternoon of activities, learning, and bonding.

August 29 saw a full afternoon of activities for parents and kids with the help of event partners The Learning Library, KidzArt, Mizuno, and JoomaJam.

The Learning Library led a safari-themed storytelling activity. Storytelling helps a child develop language skills and teaches them to appreciate literature. It also helps sharpen their memory and opens them up to new worlds. Storytelling is a great way to teach children about history and values.

KidzArt conducted arts and crafts activities for the budding artists. Arts and crafts help children develop pattern recognition, sequence detection, and spatial rotation, according to parenting.com. This means that while kids get creative, they are sharpening skills needed for Math. Using the hands to create also improves motor skills.

Mizuno kept the parents and kids in running and kicking form with fun soccer drills. Active children are more likely to grow into active and physically healthy adults. Aside from having a healthy heart, they will also have better coordination and balance, sleep, and social skills. Parents need exercise to stay healthy for their kids, too!

JoomaJam provided space for the children to sing and dance. Music plays a very crucial role in the development of a child’s social skills. From being an inner experience, it becomes a shared experience, especially when they sing together. According to Paul Madaule of The Listening Centre, music increases children’s desire to “listen more, learn more, and know more.”

Developmental pediatrician Dr. Jack Herrin’s talk was called “Experience More Together.” 

He spoke on the importance of shared experiences between parent and child, and its impact on the child’s development. By “shared experiences,” this means parents are offline and focused on their child. 

Being physically present around the child is not enough. It is important to communicate to the child; talk to him/her. Speaking to a child — without the distraction of digital devices — teaches him more words and increases his IQ, something he will benefit from for the rest of his life. It’s a challenge for busy parents to make time for this, but it is a challenge worth dealing with.

Friso also did the soft launch of FrisoMoms.com, a rewards program aimed at giving moms membership into a community where they can share tips and experiences with each other. 

Friso encouraged participants to post photos on Twitter using the hash tags #ExperienceMoreTogether and #FrisoFunRaiders. Five winning posts were picked towards the end of the event. Each of the five winners received three 45g sachets of Friso Four.

The event closed at 6:00 PM. A total of 73 moms and 82 kids came to share the Experience Camp FunRaiders experience.

For more information on Friso and Friso Moms, please visit Friso.com.ph or visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/FrisoPhilippines or call the Friso Nutriline at (02) 63-(FRISO) 37476.

Follow us also on Twitter and Instagram (@friso_ph) for the latest news, product updates, events announcements, and special promotions about Friso Philippines.
Philips AVENT is proud to announce the launch of COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE. As part of its commitment to help breastfeeding mothers.

With its campaign, COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE: Breastfeeding at Work, it encourages offices across the country to make it easier and more comfortable for moms to breastfeed in the workplace by setting up breastfeeding rooms. The activity coincides with World Breastfeeding Month in the Philippines. 

“At Philips AVENT we’re committed to supporting parents and their babies, giving them the best start in life to set the stage for healthy futures.  We know that most new moms want to breastfeed their baby because they believe it’s healthier for them. “ 

- RJ Buenaventura, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

Philips AVENT recommends that a mother should exclusively feeds her child on breast milk for the first six months. For the working mom, expressing milk at the work place is often difficult. This is very challenging for moms when returning to work and when their workplace have no good facilities where to do it. These is the sign that mothers are lacking support to balance their careers and breastfeeding.

Fostering work environments is the possible solution to balance the demands of breastfeeding and work, mothers will be more productive and able to continue their career pursuits, and their children will benefit directly with improved health and well-being.

The COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE advocacy also supports a government directive (RA No. 10028) which mandates every health and non-health institutions to have a breastfeeding room or lactation station. 

It was launched in a gathering of media, homemakers and potential corporate partners. During the event, Dr. Seizan Marie “Yogi” Reyes, a physician, mother of three and breastfeeding advocate, tell us the importance of breastfeeding at home and at work.

As part of the advocacy, Philips encourages corporate offices to sign up for the COMFORTABLE ANYWHERE program where Philips can help design ideal breastfeeding spaces and also give
support to moms in that workplace through Philips AVENT breastfeeding packs.  

To be part of the COMFORTBLE ANYWHERE advocacy, email Lester Hernandez at lester.hernandez@philips.com. For more information on Philips AVENT, log on to www.philips.com.ph or check the Philips AVENT Philippines facebook fan page.
One of the challenges of being a Mom is to protect our children to sickness. We all wanted our kids to be healthy as always. Our battle in every day fighting the pollution and climate change is really tough as well as the viruses and diseases are stronger and aggressive.

By this changing times, immunity is our topmost priority and non-negotiable health benefit. 

In the TVC it says, “Ang mga sakit, madaling makahawa, mabilis lumala, mas nagtatagal”.

Moreover, substitutes are not enough. As a mom, we will do everything to take care of our children. This includes by giving them healthy food diet and other fortified foods. In this regards, we can fight the changing times and give superior protection with Ceelin Plus. It has Vitamin C PLUS Zinc for Proteksyong Plus that has another layer of protection. Ceelin helmet which stands for Vitamin C and Plus is the shield that represents Zinc.

Compare to other Vitamin C with Zinc. Ceelin has ZincPlus technology that ensures the right levels of Vitamin C and Zinc. So, we can assured that they are protected.

Check out the video below;

Ang batang naka-Ceelin Plus, may Proteksyong Plus!

To learn more on how you can protect your children and family. Visit, http://www.unilab.com.ph/.