10 Things To Remember on Back-to-School Days With Swish

Every year, in the month of June. All student in different levels are getting busy and excited to start their classes. They are also excited who to hang out with and of course, meeting new classmates and teachers.

As we get close to other people we sometime become more conscious to everything. So check my 10 tidbits of advice on what to during this season.

1. The night before, prepare your things in your bag. 

2. Sleep early so that you can wake-up early.

3. Do not skip your breakfast. 

4. Take a bath and brush your teeth everyday.

5. Do not forget to use mouth wash like Swish every day.

6. Make sure your uniforms, socks and shoes are clean.

7. Go to School early.

8. Don't forget to follow the school rules.

9. Attend all your class.

10. Be friendly with your new classmates (don't be a bully).

I include Swish mouthwash in the list because it helps you kill the bacteria in your mouth that causes of bad breath. It also prevents plaque build-up, gum diseases and tooth decay. It has 5 different flavor to choose from such as Peppermint Fresh, Arctic Chill, Cinnamon Blast, Mangosteen Mint and Icy Choco Mint. Swish is another quality product of Unilab.

For more information of Swish Mouthwas, visit Unilab website at http://www.unilab.com.ph/ and Like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SwishPhilippines.

Photo Courtesy of: yashirokuru.blogspot.com

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