Have you ever wondered how hard it is to deliver a package? Did you know that how dangerous the job of the delivery man and put their life at risk just to deliver your package?

This Christmas, let's makes a twist and give something to these people who give us joy every time we get a package delivered right from our doorstep.

As we pay tribute to the people who deliver us happiness. I'm sharing you this heart warming video to witness how life could be happier by giving back great things to others.

Geron Samson, Wilmer Peracion, and Nilandro Lagando got their surprise as they did their job to deliver their own package to be a #HapeeDelivery. Watch the video;

Hoping that other companies will be inspired to do similar activities to help the dedicated and hard working Filipinos. If that so, that's the ngiting pinoy... ngiting hapee!
In today's world, contemporary medical technology and procedures are continually arising. Treating injuries or diseases over the past years have been introduced in different ways to have a better and effective treatment. One of which is the Cytori Cell Therapy. It is one way of restoring or repairing the lost or damage tissue in the body. 

The good news is that we have it now in the Philippines because the EA Regenerative Medicine Center of Excellence offers this one of a kind tissue function restoration.

They also offer, StemSource Cell and Tissue Bank Exclusive adult Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cell & Tissue Banking technology from Cytori Therapeutics, USA (NASDAQ: CYTX) and the Deep TMS Technology treatment who can cure the depression and other Neurological disorders.

During the press launch, Dr. Florencio Q. Lucero, M.D., FPAPRAS, FPCS
Plastic Surgery/Fat Stem Cell Surgery tells us the benefits of restoring cells and tissue in our body. It's not giving you a good physical appearance, but also a healthy and complete body function. 

We also had the chance to explore around the center and I was very much amaze with the facilities and the technology that they are brought in here in the country.

Not only that we are also able to try the Shock wave machine and experience it by ourselves and it was amazing.

EA Regenerative Medicine is the first in the South East Asia that provides the most advanced regenerative medical procedures utilizing Cytori Therapeutics’ Celution System for state-of-the-art processing, delivery, and preservation of Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRCs) that follows the most stringent clinical protocols, registries and SOPs. 

EA Regenerative Medicine Center of excellence is composed of Board Certified Medical Specialists that will accurately address and examine a patient’s needs. To know more about EA Regenerative Medicine, visit www.earegenmed.com or contact +63 917 599 9385.
#StyleKoAyosDito promo was recently launched by AyosDito, where consumer had the chance to sell their pre-loved fashion items to create the next street fashion with their favorite fashion bloggers. 

AyosDito and top fashion bloggers Camille Co, David Guison, and Patricia Prieto together with sellers are all set to reveal the next street fashion collection they have to watch out for.

Last night at Raven Boutique Club in BGC , the fashion showdown and strut their collection happens. The hashtags use was #TeamCamille, #TeamDavid, or #TeamPatricia. 

So which team you want to be with?

One of the major criteria in judging the best collection is each team’s AyosDito factor: how well the bloggers engaged their fans to sell pre-loved fashion items on AyosDito.ph based on the number of fans who sold pre-loved fashion items to them, as well as the number of items actually posted as a #StyleKoAyosDito entry. The collections are also judged by how each team will incorporate the pre-loved stuff bought from AyosDito to their respective “Manila Street Fashion Collection”. 


At the blogger-seller meet-up, Patricia, David, and Camille inspected each item for sale and even haggled with their fans so they can buy a lot of their follower’s stuff! Because of this, the bloggers scored good-as-new and even premium branded clothes and accessories for an average of P350 only. 

“AyosDito is committed to helping young fashionable Pinoys to pursue their passions including fashion while giving them diverse options and value for their money. Fashion, being one of the fastest selling categories on AyosDito, grew by 111% from 2013 – 2014 and through the campaign, we wish to encourage more people to buy, sell, and celebrate the love for fashion on AyosDito to sustain this growth,” shared Rebecca Ricalde, Marketing Manager for AyosDito Philippines. “This is one of the most exciting campaigns we ever had and to see this come to life just really amazed us! Having the bloggers and sellers meet and transact in real life is our way of demonstrating how online selling and buying is easy, convenient, and safe.” 

For more information, follow AyosDito on Instagram @AyosDito_PH and Twitter @AyosDitoPH.

The original Asian Supermodel Series SupermodelMe's roster of finalist this year are Feisty Filipinas Irish Ong and Jasmine Ng from the 12 aspiring models of Asian heritage competing in a once-in-a-lifetime even to advance their fashion career.  The two lovely ladies are both set in their appearance to the media together with the fellow finalists, Brazilian-Japanese twins Rafaella and Gabriela Leonardo at the Cav Wine Shop and Cafe.

SupermodelMe have their most daring, most explosive and most revealing season in their comeback. Aptly dubbed as SupermodelMe Sirens. The latest season promises to break a new ground as the search for the ultimate siren is set to its new location in an exotic background in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The finalist will faced the fashion-forward challenges, grueling, crazy casting calls, photoshops featuring exotic birds, catfights on moving vehicles and more.

The difference of SuperemodelMe in the other modeling competition-based reality series is that they represent the Diva's commitment to not only entertain but to empower it core female viewers. SuperemodelMe: Sirens premieres on Novembere 24, 2014, Monday at 8 pm. First and exclusively on Diva, Channel 37 for Sky Cable and Destiny Digital, while Channel 32 on Cable Link. #supermodelme and #DIVAasia are the official hashtags of the SupermodelMe: Sirens.

For more information about SupermodelMe, visit http://www.supermodelme.tv/

I was invited for another opening of nail spa in BGC. Although I am not a fan of growing my nails and having it with nail polish I still attended the event. I used to have manicure and pedicure all by myself except that I want to have a good foot massage or foot spa, then that's the time I go to a spa center.

When I heard about the NailGanic Lounge, It makes me wonder if all the products in ther spa are really organic. Sounds interesting right?

NailGanic Lounge only use one brand of nail polish and other nail essentials, SpaRitual, certified 100% Organic and Vegan Ingredients from around the world.

As we always wanted to be pampered and spending time for our self is not bad. Actually, our body needs some treats sometimes.

NailGanic Lounge is an Organic Nail Spa that is committed to using 100% of Organic and Natural products. Their SpaRitual which they believes that slowing down is the path to enlightenment. Aside from that NailGanic Lounge and Spa believes that beauty should always be natural. As they provide top-to-toe, earth-friendly services that revitalize your senses and pamper your mind, body and spirit.

Their trained nail technicians are dedicated in providing excellent nail care and spa services to its customers. 

You can follow them on Instagram at @nailganiclounge_ph and Twitter at @nailganic, and Like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NailGanicLoungeOrganicNailSpa/. Also visit their website at http://nailganiclounge.com.ph/ for their services and feel free to visit them at the 2nd level of EIght Forbes Town Road,Rizal Drive cor. Burgos Circle,Fort Bonifacio,Taguig (beside true value). NailGanic Lounge Organic Nail Spa is open everyday from 11am-10am.
It was a successful blogger’s night that happens last November 8, 2014. It was indeed a night of learning and fun! The event was gracefully attended by the bloggers as well as the people behind the Mega C. It is actually something to remember.

It was an interactive night where bloggers had fun before they enter to play with the roulette game and the prizes are really winner because bloggers will be able to get a chance to win, literally fruits or vegetables as their winning options in the roulette. I've got sweet potato (kamote) while my friend got sayote, it was funny indeed.

The event was started with an invocation as well as opening remarks of the Mega C CEO and President,  Ms. Yvonne Buenavidez who is the lady behind the Mega C and also known as Tita Mega C. Afterwards the blogger was serenade by the boy band named the Voice Male, they are really good in singing and they can sing in acapella. This young boys are truly had a talent in singing and also Ms. Zuniga which I forgot her first name as well as Tita Mega C.

Aside from the roulette outside there is also a contest in Instagram, bloggers who have their most number of post and had a unique post in Instagram will win a prize before the event ends. 

The Vice President and Chief Operational Officer, Mr. Jowee Morel also share his experiences using the Mega C vitamins as well as some other testimonies from the people he knows who are using the said vitamins. He also, share us the benefits of Mega C and of course, more about the product.

So, what is Mega C?

Mega C is 100% alkaline vitamins C in sodium ascorbate form. It is non-acidic in veggie capsule which is readily absorbed by the body with pH level of 7.5 to 7.8. Mega C is safe to take even on an empty stomach.

What are the benefits of Mega C?

- It helps strengthens the immune system
- Maintains healthy gums
- Helps prevent eye diseases
- Promotes better digestion
- Smoothens the skin

Mega C is a product of Mega C Health Ventures Incorporated. They are direct selling marketing company engaged in the distribution and retailing of the proven safe and effective Mega C. They are in the business since 2009 as it continuously proves its competency in the market today. It is a Filipino brand who has a benchmark on high quality at a budget friendly price of P5.00 per capsule. Mega C’s inspiration are the hard working Filipinos who deserved to enjoy a healthy life despite of their busy routines and schedules.

Thanks to solrazo.com for the invites and to learn more about the Mega C and the company, you may visit their website at www.mega-c.com. Like their Facebook page at Mega C Vitamin C, follow them in Instagram at megacvitaminc and on Twitter at @MegaCVitaminC.

Make A Mega Switch To Mega C

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It was a successful blogger’s night that happens last November 8, 2014. It was indeed a night of learning and fun! The event was gracefull...
What we drink and how many times we drink is the key to a healthy and happy life. Too often, though, many of us think of only two elements as we go through our daily challenges in work or at home: food and fitness. It does not matter how many diet plans we missed or exercise regimens that we did not complete; at the back of our minds, we believe that it is essential to eat the right foods and perform physical activities regularly if we are to meet the demands in our personal and professional spheres.

All this is well and good, but it still lacks the third, and unfortunately often-ignored, aspect that is also important to our physical and mental well-being: hydration. In the medical sense, hydration means “adding water to our body.” To many of us, this means following the age-old rule taught to us since childhood that is to drink eight glasses of water a day. It is a healthy advice that we try to follow but often overlook. How many of us do make it a point to take that much amount of water intake? And if we fail, chances are we shrug it off – or try to compensate by substituting our favorite drinks such as soda, coffee, juices, iced tea, energy drinks, or even beer and liquor.

The only time we do become aware of the need to fill up our body with fluid is when we engage in physical activity. Thirty minutes of pounding the treadmill at the gym, whipping up a storm in dance class, or just a brisk walk around the neighborhood – the minute sweat breaks out of our body and the pangs of thirst set in, that’s when we tend to look for the nearest water cooler or, if we are smart, grab the thermos we brought with us.

However, these are extreme examples. Hailing a cab, lining up at the train station, running from one client meeting to the other to make presentations or do sales calls – all these translate to physical and mental efforts that also tend to make our body lose water. At the same time, this loss demands equal and instant replenishment. In short, we become dehydrated or lose hydration without our knowing it until the symptoms appear -- unusual anxiety, dizziness that does not go away by lying down, inability to remain awake, hurried breathing, and a weakening or quickening pulse.

Drinking water to replenish the fluids lost from our body through sweat is a part of the solution. The intake of this precious liquid can make up for the sweat-induced loss, but it cannot easily replace the other substances that have been removed. A human being’s sweat tastes salty because it indicates the presence of other important elements known as electrolytes that are equally crucial to our health and functioning, such as: Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride.

Pocari Sweat is the one and unique healthy hydration drink that can replenish the body not just with water but with the important electrolytes that it had lost during sweating. It is best used during sports, exercise or other physical activities in order to counter dehydration and prevent its many effects such as fever, electrolyte imbalance, and hangover. Pocari Sweat has a 63 percent absorption rate, faster than any other liquid, and therefore is capable of quickly restoring the substances that the body needs.

As an added health benefit, Pocari Sweat does not carry any artificial coloring, preservatives, caffeine, and artificial sweetener; a one-year-old child can drink it and remain safe. While refreshing in its flavor, its taste is milder compared to other beverages that have strong favors and coloring, leaving no aftertaste to wash off with water.

Food and fitness are two sides of the triangle that compose the apex of our health. Hydration is the third. To function at full par, it is time we rethink our strategies for the sake of wellness – and rethink the drinks that we take, and how many times that we take it. Because water and its electrolytes make up a majority of our body, we need to be replenished of them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the time we get up to the time we sleep. Pocari Sweat shows us the way.

For more info on Pocari Sweat and healthy hydration visit,www.otsuka.com.ph
Life is a compilation of moments. It's an album of snapshots from instances worth remembering. For some parents, their life's photo book is dominated by their children reaching their milestones. Thanks to technological advancements, parents now have the ability to capture these fleeting manifestations of their kids growing up. They proudly share their kid's collection of firsts - from their first solo bike ride to their first declamation contest – to their relatives, friends, and other parents.

Enfalearn Philippines provides parents the chance to showcase their child's everyday milestones through the Snap A Milestone photo contest! A milestone should feature any of the brain's four critical skill areas – intellectual, motor, emotional, communication. (Examples: first math problem solved, playing the first violin piece, first encounter with a pet rabbit, first poem recited)

The promo will run from October 9 to November 15, 2014 and is open to parents or guardians (Philippine residents) of kids aged 37 months to 10 years old as of the submission period of this contest. They may join through these 4 easy steps:

How To Join

1. Register. Complete the registration form and click the SUBMIT  button. *only open to parents or legal guardians of kids aged 37 months to 10 years old
2. Upload a photo. Upload a photo of your child showing the milestone. A milestone should feature any of the brain's four critical skill areas.
3. Write a caption. Photo must be supported by a caption (in English, max of 90 characters).
4.  Submit and Wait for Approval. All entries will be validated within 24-48 hours. You will receive an email.

Be one of the 10 winners

1 of 4 Panel's Pick Winners Php 25,000 worth of Toy Kingdom
or Toys "R" Us gift certificates each

1 of 6 People's Choice winners Php 15,000 worth of Toy Kingdom
or Toys "R" Us gift certificates each

Interested participants may visit the Enfalearn Philippines Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/enfalearnph or https://apps.facebook.com/snapamilestone/ *on mobile, type https://apps.facebook.com/snapamilestone/ on the mobile browser.

Submission Period: October 9 to November 9, 2014
Voting Period: November 10-15, 2014

Per DOH FDA CFRR Permit No.0334 s. 2014
Kids usually picky when it comes to eating. What more is that they decrease their interest in taking foods during the time they are sick. They tend to sleep more and eat less. However, mommies like me are used to prepare something to give to our kid during this kind of moment.

Making comfort foods for our sick love ones are the reasons why they recover instantly along with their fever reliever, Paracetamol.

I have a good new mommies, at times like this... Calpol of GlaxoSmithKline is currently running a promo called "My Favorite Comfort Food" promo which you can submit photos of your kids' comfort food when they are sick.

Check out the detailed mechanics below as well as how to claim the prizes.


a) To join, a user must send a photo of his/her child's favorite comfort food when he or she has a fever along with the user's complete name and contact number and the child's name & birthday to Calpol.philippines@gmail.com until October 19, 2014. 

b) Only entries with complete information will be considered. In addition, only parents/guardians of children aged 12 years old and below as of the promo period (October 13-28, 2014) are eligible to win. 

c) Only one entry per user and/or e-mail address will be considered. 

d) On October 20, all the qualified entries will be uploaded in a photo album on Calpol's Facebook page and users will be encouraged to vote for the entries they like. 

e) To vote for an entry, users need to click the "Like" button that corresponds to the entry they like. 

f) The 5 users whose entries garner the most number of likes as of October 27, 1PM will each win Php2,000 worth of gift certificates. 

g) In case of a tie, the user/s who submitted the entry first will be declared as winner/s. 

h) Only one user per family may win. "Family", as used herein, includes all relatives within the first to fourth civil degree of consanguinity or affinity. 

i) A user may only win in one Calpol mini-promo per year (i.e., a promo that does not make use of a Facebook application). 

j) Validation of winners will be done in the presence of an FDA representative. 

k) Winners will be announced on Calpol Philippines' Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CalpolPH) on October 28, 2014. The announcement will also be posted on the website (www.calpol.com.ph). 

l) Winners will be contacted via e-mail and phone call/sms message starting October 29, 2014.

Claiming of Prizes:

1. Winners in the General Metro Manila area are required to claim their prizes at Yehey! Digital Group office located at 1801 Tektite East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1605. 

They are also required to present one valid ID and the birth certificate of the kid when claiming their prizes. If the winner is not the child’s parent, a signed letter certifying that the entrant is the guardian of the child has to be submitted. 

2. Winners from provincial areas are required to send a scanned copy of a valid ID and the scanned copy of the
birth certificate of their child as proof of their age. Prizes will be sent via courier to their registered mailing address. 

If the winner is not the child’s parent, a signed letter certifying that the entrant is the guardian of the child has to be submitted. 

3. Prizes unclaimed by December 19, 2014 shall be forfeited. 


a) Calpol Philippines reserves the right to reject photos that are obscene, inappropriate, and do not conform to the rules and regulations of the contest mechanics. Calpol panel's decision is final. 

b) Any violation of the Calpol Philippines House Rules, including but not limited to the provision on the PH CyberCrime Law, is considered grounds for disqualification.

c) Calpol reserves the right to remove disqualified entries without prior notice.
Archery is used for hunting and combat way back while in our modern times is it an art and sports that needs practice and skill of propelling arrows using a bow. It was never become a mainstream not until it was seen in some popular movies like The Hunger Games, Brave and The Avengers.

Today, the Gandiva archery range brings a certain magic by breathing new life into the art of Archery. It was named after a mythical bow in the ancient epic poem Mahabharata.

It all begins in 2009 when Gandiva's first branch open in SM Mall of Asia with the aim of popularizing the sport and becoming a one-stop shop for fitness, focus and fun. Some of their basic offerings are the 1-hour archery package, range and equipment rentals, Archery Training (re-curve and compound archery), Archery armory (archery equipment repairs and servicing) and offset archery range set up and facilitation.

Some celebrities who have graced the ranges at Gandiva are Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli, Liza Soberano, Richard Gomez, John James Uy, Slater Young, Rafael Rosell, and many others. Celebrity ambassador Bangs Garcia is currently enrolled in Gandiva's basic and advance module.

As a training facility, Gandiva also desires to further bring pride to the country as it makes more Filipino athletes competitive and equips them to be at par with Archery champions around the world.

Over the past few years, they have also hosted events such as the 3rd Asian Grand Prix, South East Asian Championships and sponsored major sporting events such as the Palarong Pambansa.

With it steady rise and growing clientele, Gandiva is sure to continue to fan the flames of passion for archery not only as a sport but as an art form - futher hitting the bullseye in the hearts of Filipinos of all ages for the years to come.

Just like every part of our body, our teeth can get dirty too. From eating too much sweets and drinking carbonated drinks to keeping bacteria-friendly toothbrushes, there are many causes for dirty teeth. 

However, cleaning your teeth can be just as easy as one-two-three. Floss first to remove bigger debris in between the teeth. Second, brush your teeth at least twice daily for two minutes each time. Third, don’t forget your tongue and brush this area clean too.

And to beef up your daily regimen even more, here are three teeth-cleaning partners to help maintain your pearly whites. First is a 12-hour anti-bacterial protection toothpaste to boost your teeth’s defense. Second is the right toothbrush that suits your cleaning needs. And of course, don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months for professional cleaning.

Remember, it’s easy to get our teeth dirty, but with a little effort, having clean teeth will become even easier.

How Clean Are Your Teeth?

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Just like every part of our body, our teeth can get dirty too. From eating too much sweets and drinking carbonated drinks to keeping bact...