When I am stress and need a little break from work, the first thing that pops into my mind is to have been well pampering day. This pays off my long week of working. I usually visit a spa twice a month to have massaged and once a month for a foot spa.

I have tried the different kind of spa and massage center in Manila as well as here in Baguio for I was based right now. I need to set schedule for the pampering session by Asian Massage, Asian Salon and Asian Clinic which invited me to try their services. Apparently, there is a big bloggers' event that day which persuaded me to go to Manila. 

It was my first time in their spa center and when I get to their branch in Ortigas. The first thing I notice is the warm smile of their receptionist who asked me to change my footwear to their bubble slippers which you can see in the rack on the right side once you enter. I pick the color black, and so I waited in the lobby area where I was impressed in their purple elegant sofa with a standing glamorous Christmas tree on the side (I feel like a princess in the sofa). 

One of their personnel called me to follow her in their massage area and had my clothes change that they provided. I like the ambiance there, the calm music and the glittering stars in the ceiling in a dim light. When my attendant arrives, She asked me what kind of oil that I would like to have during the whole-body massage, and the choices are Peppermint with Eucalyptus, Floral Lavander, Lemon and Green Tea. 

When she started and giving me the warm up massage, there is a pressure on my back and my butt that gives me pain but after a while the warm of oil in her hands makes me feel more relaxed. She says, she will give me the combination of Shiatsu and Thai massage using Floral Lavander oil that I choose. It helps stimulates my blood flow and takes away my back pains due to the long drive from Baguio the night before. My indulgence doesn't end there. 

Next stuff, Asian Clinic skin and Slimming Center who is in the same vicinity but in different room. They give me their Basic Facial with no pricking using KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel Skin Whitening. They use only this brand in their clinic because they are also the distributor of KB Dermafirm product, which is made from Korea. 

It was gently applied to my face after I wash my face without using any soap or cleanser. After 15 minutes of massaging it in my face and rinse it off, my face felt a little light and freshens my face. They also offer quick whitening bleach, mud mask, body sculpting services, and IPL in their clinic using the modern apparatus. 

Wait, there's more...

I eventually tried their Asian Salon. Actually, I have choices of Manicure, Pedicure and Haircut with Shampoo and Blow dry. Since, my hair gets brittle and ends started to dry and usually don't have my manicure and pedicure in a salon. I choose the Haircut with Shampoo and Blow dry.Though, they did not shampoo my hair and its okay (actually, I took a bath before I came to their center and my hair is still wet).Their hairstylist blow dry my hair first and sectioned my hair before he started cutting it. After 20 minutes, it's done. 

I was like in a hurry that day because I also have some other appointments. After thanking all those guys in Asian Massage, Asian Clinic and Asian Salon  for giving their time and effort for letting me try and experienced their super special services that they have provided for me. I have flown to my other engagement right away (sorry for that, schedule is hectic that day). But I'm telling you guys, you are the best and thank you for the great service. 

Anyway, if you really want to have a total pampering for yourself. I must say that this place is a one-stop center for your total relaxing and makeover. They are 24/7 open with a great facility and services. 

They also offer home services for Asian massage, and by appointment for Asian Salon and Asian Clinic. You can even hold a spa party for your friends and family. Plus, if you would like to venture into a business.  Asian Massage is open for franchise. Visit their website at http://www.asianmassageph.com/ for more information. 
Cough and colds are my kid usual sickness. I was one of the lucky Mommy Bloggers who had been chosen to try samples of Unilab's famous Vitamin C Syrup for kids, known as Ceelin Plus.  

Actually, Ceelin is my kid Vitamin C although we haven't tried the Ceelin Plus before. The Ceelin Plus is the combination of Vitamin C and Zinc in a liquid form to improve the health of kids' ages 1-13 years of age. These combinations will results with a dual immunity boosting action that makes the immune system of kids to be stronger. 

One thing I love about Ceelin Plus is that, there are no foods should be avoided while taking it. 

Now let us know the two main nutrients of Ceelin Plus. Of course, these are the Vitamin C and  Zinc. 

What is Vitmin C?

Vitamin C is a vitamin which is soluble in water. It helps the growth and repair of tissues in all of our body parts. It helps make collagen in our body that is needed for healing wounds. It also repairs, and help maintains our bones and teeth. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant too and fight the bacteria and viruses that can harmful the body. 

What is Zinc?

Zinc is nutrient that we need to stay healthy. Like Vitamin C, it helps the immune system to fight the invasion of bacteria and viruses throughout our body. 

It is a major component to make proteins and DNA, which are genetic materials within the cells. It also helps our body to grow and develop properly. 

Ceelin Plus is nutritional supplement for our kids to prevent and treat the Vitamin C and Zinc deficiencies in their body. My kid loves it's Apple flavor and the smell of Ceelin Plus. So mommy's give your kids the right nutritions that may help them to have a strong immunity. Try Ceelin Plus from Unilab