Practice No Leftovers Food In Plates

I used not to finish the food in my plate before but not when I start working and earn money. I often told my friends to eat everything in their plates every time we dined out. Even today, that I have my personal family and starting to build good habits in our own table. I used to force my kid to finish his food because, as I always say to him, "not all people eat food that you are eating." Telling him that he is lucky enough to have more than 3 meals a day. 

More and more people around the world have no food in their plates while other is not being mindful of wasting their food. In a research, it says that 50% of food supplies end up in garbage, and it was sad to know. 

I'm glad to hear and to know that Healthy Options has an advocacy to stop food wastage using social media, and they call it "Love Food, Don't Waste." And I love the idea of discouraging and aiming to reduce food wastage. 

We can help raise this campaign of Healthy Options by participating in the "Love Food, Don't Waste" campaign. Healthy Options is activating "Foodless Plate" where we can help by making donations to Hands On Manila. 

I used to take a picture of my food before I eat it but starting today; I will take pictures after I finish my food because it can help feed one child. So what are you waiting for, take a picture of your finish meal every where you are and post it in Instagram and other social media sites with a hashtag, #foodlessplate. Don't forget to tag Healthy Options. 

If we reach 500 entries, Healthy Options will donate to Hands On Manila Foundation to feed 500 kids. Here are the #FoodlessPlate Mechanics: 

1. After eating, post a photo of your empty plate on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can submit one photo per day.  Your #foodlessplate photos need to be set to public in order for them to count.

2. Include a caption and don’t forget the #foodlessplate hashtag.

3. Share your #foodlessplate photo on your other social media accounts.

4. Tag the Healthy Options Facebook page, Twitter (@_HealthyOptions), and Instagram (@HealthyOptionsPH) accounts.

5. A donation will be made to Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc’s EAT TO FEED program once we reach 500 entries.
You can also invite your friends to join the cause!
 and to volunteer for the EAT TO FEED program, e-mail only have limited slots, granted on a first come, first-served basis. 

Learn more about this campaign by reading article on common food-wasting habit on Healthy Options website at

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