Strip Ministry Of Waxing: The Global Authority On Waxing

I never tried visiting a waxing salon because I'm scared of many thing. First, I know and I feel how painful it is even just thinking of how it was done. Second, I'm not comfortable of being naked in front of someone whom I don't know, plus the fact that I am also shy to that person. Third, I know that these kind of salon is expensive.

One day I met Ms. Monique Jamlang, the Head of Sale and Marketing of Strip Ministry of Waxing during their press-con  She explain to me that the concept store in waxing is from Singapore back in 2000. Strip opened its doors in Manila back in 2008.

The brand's charisma can be seen in every Strip Salon because no two branches look exactly the same. It has a vibrant interiors that been a character, distinct from the others. Their products and services are just as dynamic such as New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax and Hoochie Cooclie Facial to complement the wide range of sensory expressions that make a Strip waxing experience to be extra ordinary and enjoyable.

Their therapist undergoes a rigorous training for 2 months in Singapore. They provide each customer a sealed waxing kit for the procedure because they are very particular in hygiene  So they standardized their methods that no double dipping commandments. They even customized the wax according to the skin types of Filipinos.

I order to claim the Stripella title, candidate must perform timed treatments in a consistent manner like 15 minutes for Brazilian wax, 15 minutes for underarms, and 30 minutes for the legs.

Tad Abad, the Managing Director for Strip Manila, decided to bring the establishment to the Philippines. After being impressed by Strips unwavering commitment to cleanliness, technique and consistency.

"Its impressive how the establishment is very particular on hygiene  speed and quality. I was surprised that the Brazilian wax was pain free and took only 15 minutes," 
- Tab Abad

Presently Tab Abad and Strip Manila Team plan to expand in the northern and southern parts of the Metro. To date, Strip Ministry of Waxing has 29 branches in major cities all over the world including, Singapore, New York and London.

Strip Ministry of Waxing is located at the  2nd Floor of Serendra, Bonifacio Global City and at the 4th Floor of Greenbelt 5. For inquiries and reservation you may call 901-0892 for Serendra branch and 501-3997 for Greenbelt 5 branch. Follow @StripManila on Twitter and Like Strip Manila on Facebook.

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