Once upon a time, women had time to pull their hair in rollers and blow dry it to perfection. But in this era where every minute counts, spending too much time to fix your crowning glory is not always an option.

However, the frequent bad hair days can be prevented if you have the right haircut, color, and/or treatment, which passed through the hands of a hairdresser who understands the art and science of hair.

“What sets a hairdresser apart from the rest is how long he or she can make the look last. The technical know-how on what type of haircut to do, what products to use on a specific hair, and the techniques that go with it are all factors in achieving a long-lasting, easy-to-fix do,” says Tinette Ozamis-Puyat, owner of Tinette & Co. salon.

Three decades of working and training in different parts of the world exposed
Tinette to almost all types of hair. She is also one of the most-trusted stylists of
prominent celebrities, politicians, and personalities.

This California-accredited hairdresser is also the first Filipino Schwarzkopf
ambassador who was flown all the way to Germany to learn more about the science and precision of hairdressing from a culture of perfectionists.

“I consider hairdressers as hair doctors—we use different medicines for hair and we should know what to prescribe. It’s not enough that you know how to cut hair. It’s how you handle the hair and how you make the hair look its best. Hairdressing is a science and everything has a formula. It’s not guesswork,” says Tinette.

Tinette personally tries all hair products on her own hair before carrying it on her
salon. She also discovers different ways on how to use these products in different
proportions to achieve a look that would suit her clients perfectly.

Being a homegrown talent, Tinette also believes in grooming her salon’s
hairdressers in the same discipline. She multiplies her skills through them and
shares all of her knowledge taken from her decades of experience and training.

Looking your best c/o Tinette & Co.

Since Tinette & Co. opened 18 years ago, it has been the salon’s objective to make their clients’ hair healthy, easy to manage, and enhance the person’s natural

“We’d like to keep focus on making you look natural, making you feel good so that
your aura will be good also,” shares Tinette.

Indeed, there is no need to fish for compliments when you sport a fabulous do which you can carry comfortably and with pride. Tinette & Co. playfully reflects this belief in its eye-catching fish mascot they call Ms. T.

“That fish came out because I don’t want people to take hair too seriously, I want
them to have fun with it. Hair is an everyday part of your life and I want our clients
to go out with hair that they can handle themselves,” she says.

Every session in Tinette & Co. is a personalized experience. And even if you don’t
know what to do with your hair the moment you stepped into their salon, their
friendly hairdressers can give you expert advice on what would look best on you.

Since everybody’s beauty features are unique, the hairdressers at Tinette & Co. also makes sure that every procedure would be carefully executed depending on the type of hair that they are dealing with.

“It’s very important to know how to do technical treatment because you can over
process the hair and you lose your focus on making your hair shiny. Shiny hair looks like healthy hair so you have to bring that shine out,” shares Tinette.

And for more special celebrations and events when you need expert help for your
hair, Tinette & Co. has also mastered the art and science of blow dry. The salon has also been famous for this service because of its long-lasting effect.

Tinette & Co. is located in Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City and its newly-opened
branch in San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park, is currently on a dry-run. The San Antonio branch currently offers promo rates where haircuts can go as low as Php200 and hair color services are on a 25% discount.

“Your hair is your crowning glory. Start from looking good because looking good
makes you feel great,” shares Tinette.

Tinette & Co. is open daily and it currently has two branches, one in Forbeswood
Heights, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and one in San Antonio Plaza,
Forbes Park. For reservations or for more information, contact (632) 856-9806 to 09 or (632) 8067050.

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By their very name, micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that are needed only in very small amounts, but their impact on our health is huge.

Micronutrients like iron, zinc, Vitamin A, and many others are responsible for the vital functioning of our body’s systems, from physical growth and vision, to brain vigor and increased immunity. When the body fails to receive the small quantities of micronutrients that it needs, serious health problems can result in a condition widely regarded as micronutrient deficiency or “hidden hunger”.

The nutritional makeup of the Philippines continues to be characterized by the severity of micronutrient deficiency. According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute- Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), 70-90 percent of Filipinos lack iron and Vitamin A in their usual diet.

Two out of ten schoolchildren suffer from iron deficiency anemia, and the incident rises with age. Following closely are those lacking adequate amounts of Vitamin A in their diet. One out of ten from the same group is Vitamin A deficient.

The same study also shows that two out of ten children are zinc deficient. Zinc is a trace mineral that plays a role in body metabolism, reproductive health, immune function, and more than 200 important chemical reactions in the body.

Inadequate intake of these three important micronutrients may lead to several nutritional problems, including stunting, fatigue, poor concentration, lack of focus and other signs of impaired physical and cognitive development. These may be reflected among schoolchildren who suffer from poor mental and physical performance and frequent absenteeism as a result of impaired immunity. It is also important to have plenty of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that boosts immunity, prevents cardiovascular disease, and contributes to healthy skin, among many other benefits.

“Making the right food choices is one of the ways to address the problems of micronutrient deficiency,” said Dr. Imelda Agdeppa, Assistant Scientist of FNRI-DOST. “Unfortunately, the inaccessibility of food and money in the majority of Filipino households puts many families at a high risk of getting sick. The good news is there are many products in the market that are affordable and fortified with these micronutrients, and many families are already benefiting from

Experts from FNRI recommend that when there is an inadequate intake of these nutrients, the consumption of foods that are fortified particularly with the three micronutrients primarily lacking in the Filipino diet—Vitamin A, Iron, and Zinc—is encouraged so as to address nutrient gap.

In response to this dietary concern, Nestlé Philippines is intensifying its campaign to promote nutritious and affordable sources of important nutrients especially needed by children, such as BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink. It is fortified with tibay resistensya nutrients like Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C plus Calcium that kids need for proper growth and to perform well in school.

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As a result if inadequate services, contaminated drinking water and waterborne diseases safe drinking water remains a major public health concern today in the Philippines.

Accounting for more than 500,000 morbidly sick citizens and 4,200 deaths per year the avoidable health costs alone is estimated to be at Php 3,3 billion annually. While the economic losses die to water pollution are estimated at Php 64 billion in fishing and tourism industries alone.

Now, can you put a price on the health of your family or children?

I bet not and for sure you will always seek to have the solution with this. I was invited to an event where I was really convinced that the WaterBoy machine from GreenFocus inc. can actually harvest pure fresh alkaline drinking water from the air.

The WaterBoy is not only provides limitless alkaline water but it creates a more healthy environment within your home. Puzzled? Oh well here's the catch;

1. It harvest humidity from the air and dispenses it as pure, cool drinking water.

2. It purifies the air, removing contaminants for a healthier environment in your office or home.

3. It dehumidifies the air, aiding to eliminate dry rot, mold and mildew, and reduces allergens.

Sounds impossible but true... 

It's pure alkaline water that you can trust and made from the air. Why? because it meets international water safetly standards to include Phlippines based accredited testing laboratory, INTERTEK - (Verified Alkaline).

Also, Beta testing is continuously sin October 2011, it has a rapid response after sales service, and U.S.A. TECHNOLOGY. 

The WaterBoy is always available. No more waiting for sporadic municipal water or an unreliable delivery person. It's safe for your health, very economical, environmental friendly and reliable.

Check its specifications;

Output: Produces up to 30 liters per day
Dimensions: 37cm X 48cm X 52cm
Weight: 39.5 kg\Total Water Storage: 13.5 liters
Power Costs: As low as Php6 per liter
Refrigerant: R-134a (environmentally friendly)

Filter System and Safety Controls:

-Auto Humidity and Temperature Control
- Filter Exchange Detector
- Drainage System and Automatic overload detector.

"I enjoy living a healthy and worry free lifestyle at a low cost. The WaterBoy provides my family and I with unlimited Alkaline water from the air. I no longer have to buy bottled water or worry about the quality of the water being delivered to me. It is simply the best tasting water money can buy and it is at my fingertips."

- January "Lumen" Isaac, Actress

So, worry no more about where your bottled water came from and if its clean and toxin free because WaterBoy is here and many Doctors claim numerous benefits from drinking Alkaline water.

For more details about this product, you may call (02) 551 0860 or email them at waterboy@GreenFocusInc.com and visit their website at www.GreenFocusInc.com.

I never tried visiting a waxing salon because I'm scared of many thing. First, I know and I feel how painful it is even just thinking of how it was done. Second, I'm not comfortable of being naked in front of someone whom I don't know, plus the fact that I am also shy to that person. Third, I know that these kind of salon is expensive.

One day I met Ms. Monique Jamlang, the Head of Sale and Marketing of Strip Ministry of Waxing during their press-con  She explain to me that the concept store in waxing is from Singapore back in 2000. Strip opened its doors in Manila back in 2008.

The brand's charisma can be seen in every Strip Salon because no two branches look exactly the same. It has a vibrant interiors that been a character, distinct from the others. Their products and services are just as dynamic such as New York Vanilla Cupcake Wax and Hoochie Cooclie Facial to complement the wide range of sensory expressions that make a Strip waxing experience to be extra ordinary and enjoyable.

Their therapist undergoes a rigorous training for 2 months in Singapore. They provide each customer a sealed waxing kit for the procedure because they are very particular in hygiene  So they standardized their methods that no double dipping commandments. They even customized the wax according to the skin types of Filipinos.

I order to claim the Stripella title, candidate must perform timed treatments in a consistent manner like 15 minutes for Brazilian wax, 15 minutes for underarms, and 30 minutes for the legs.

Tad Abad, the Managing Director for Strip Manila, decided to bring the establishment to the Philippines. After being impressed by Strips unwavering commitment to cleanliness, technique and consistency.

"Its impressive how the establishment is very particular on hygiene  speed and quality. I was surprised that the Brazilian wax was pain free and took only 15 minutes," 
- Tab Abad

Presently Tab Abad and Strip Manila Team plan to expand in the northern and southern parts of the Metro. To date, Strip Ministry of Waxing has 29 branches in major cities all over the world including, Singapore, New York and London.

Strip Ministry of Waxing is located at the  2nd Floor of Serendra, Bonifacio Global City and at the 4th Floor of Greenbelt 5. For inquiries and reservation you may call 901-0892 for Serendra branch and 501-3997 for Greenbelt 5 branch. Follow @StripManila on Twitter and Like Strip Manila on Facebook.