Safeguard Creates “SOAP ALARM” To Eencourage Hand Washing

Global Hand washing Day is celebrated during the month of October. In support of this, Safeguard launched the Safeguard Soap Alarm, a soap dispenser created to alert people of the importance of hand washing after using public toilets.

Forgetting to wash your hands after using a public toilet is indeed very alarming as they contain an estimated 3.2 million germs per square inch. And these germs can cause serious diseases like hepatitis or diarrhea.

To encourage public toilet users to wash their hands with Safeguard, the Soap Alarm was mounted in a fast food chain (McDonald’s SM Marikina). And for the duration of its run, more than 9,000 customers were alarmed.

The Soap Alarm worked this way:

1. A person enters the toilet, locks the door, and does his business.

2. As he unlocks the door to step out, he triggers the Soap Alarm.

3. To stop the alarm, he dispenses Safeguard Anti-bacterial Hand Soap onto his hands.

4. Above the soap alarm is a warning and hand washing instruction guide that he can follow.

The Soap Alarm caught the attention of moms, dads, kids, students and barkadas - prompting them to wash their hands immediately with Safeguard not only to stop the alarm but, more importantly, to stop the spread of germs.

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