As WOW World of Wellness Direct Sales is celebrating its 2nd year of anniversary. It turned out to be a perfect get together of WOW distributors and wellness enthusiasts along with Ms. Cory Quirino, WOW's medical consultants, management and staff in their WOWork-out theme.

It was hosted by Jojo Alejar and Ms. Weng Cruz. All shook a leg in zumba, excitedly indulged in WOW fruit/vegetable/hyaluton and collagen juices, basic facial/calming back massage, healthy snack, hair/scalp/body fat analysis and basked in life-changing, enlightening talks by the speakers.

I enjoy the time in although I did not finish the program because of some commitment but the hand and back massage that I have tried is perfect because I get relax in a way. I always wanted to have massage but I can't find time to do it. Thanks to my friend for inviting me.

WOW also acknowledge the generous supports of their sponsors such as Cocoon Boutique Hotel, Hurom Slow Juicer, Nailandia, Gym Plus Fitness Center/Elorde Boxing Gym, Fanny Serrano Salon, D'Healthfield Enterprise and Allied Bank.

WOW has succeeded in making more people healthier and live more productively. I know that WOW is still have a far way to go.

For more inquiries on WOW, please call 928 9969, 441 8969 or 0932 8436092, 0917 5740405 and 0999 9933805. Also, visit their website at

Feng Shui aficionados from all over the Philippines and those nearby Asian countries will get together once more in the biggest feng shui event in the Philippines slated on January 19, 2013. The Marites Allen 2013 Feng Shui Updates, an annual convention organized by World of Feng Shui (WOFS) Philippines since 2006, seek to provide valuable insider tips on way to enhance one's luck in the Year of the Water Snake, which starts on February 10, 2013 and ends on January 30, 2014.

Ms. Marites Allen, an international feng shui expert and resource person for the convention, is known for generously sharing her expertise with the participants and for not leaving anything to chance to ensure the success of the annual event. This year the new venue for the event is the Infinity Ballroom, Best Western Premiere F1 Hotel, Fort Bonifacio Global City, The First Premiere Hotel at The Fort. 

"The choice was made for auspicious reasons. F1 Hotel is a period of 8 building. It faces South and thus offers lots of positive opportunities especially in the year of the Snake. This year, South-facing properties will enjoy the luck of the prosperity star 9 so F1 Hotel is the ideal venue for the 2013 Feng Shui Updates," she reveals.

Aside from sharing the genereal prospects for different countries and industries indicated by specific feng shui disciplines, WOFS president and CEO Marites Allen will also discuss individual forecasts for each animal sign in the areas of career, romance and health, among others. There will be a special discussion on the ideal feng shui luck enhancers to activate positive energies and cures to counter inauspicious elements that present themselves in 2013. The international feng shui consultant, however, issues a caveat.

"Feng Shui does not claim to answer all problems nor does it present a crystal clear glimpse into the future. What it does is provide valuable guidelines to make us realize that we have options and that it's the individual who holds the key to the improvement of his or her personal life," she clarifies.

It's when some participants at the event starts sharing their experiences on how feng shui changed their lives for the better that it becomes obvious why they keep coming back to attend the convention every year. Many of their testimonials can be viewed at

Traditionally, feng shui is regarded as the practice of harmonious placement of luck cures and enhancers to attract positive and deflect negative energies. By attending the Annual Updates, participants learn new and exciting ways to apply feng shui in daily living. "People have started to realize that they can also tap auspicious energies by wearing lucky symbols in their dresses and fashion accessories. This is the reason I put up my FRIGGA fashion line to benefit those who like to bring good luck with them wherever they go." Fashionable FRIGGA wear and accessories, along with other WOFS luck-enhancing products, will be available at the venue. "We're also working on mobile apps designed to give users access to information such as lucky colors, compatibility among animal signs, ways to get lucky in 2013, among others. This year's participants are in for a lot of pleasant surprises " Ms. Allen adds.

Asia's King of Talk, Boy Abunda, will grace the event as Ms. Allen's cohost. For more details or to make reservations for the 2013 Feng Shui Updates, please call +63 9209509390, visi any WOFS boutique or email

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Distribution and retail company Tenkiebox, in partnership with I Can Serve Foundation, calls for a nationwide donation of bras in support of the fight against breast cancer.

The bra drive is the first phase of “Bra Snap For Support,” Tenkiebox's nationwide volunteerism-campaign with the breast cancer foundation.  Used and unwanted bras will be received in participating Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branches and all OtterBox Kiosks.   

A portion of the donated bras will be used to produce mastectomy bras for resource challenged breast cancer survivors, while others will be re-purposed to encourage women to support the cause with #MyOtterBoxCanServe photo pledge through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

The bra photo can be presented at any Otterbox Kiosk upon purchase of any case, to pledge a portion of their sale to support the Breast Cancer cause.

Through the drive, OtterBox and I Can Serve aim to extend their reach to thousands of women and other advocators who believe that awareness and support can go a long way in helping breast cancer victims find their strength.
Global Hand washing Day is celebrated during the month of October. In support of this, Safeguard launched the Safeguard Soap Alarm, a soap dispenser created to alert people of the importance of hand washing after using public toilets.

Forgetting to wash your hands after using a public toilet is indeed very alarming as they contain an estimated 3.2 million germs per square inch. And these germs can cause serious diseases like hepatitis or diarrhea.

To encourage public toilet users to wash their hands with Safeguard, the Soap Alarm was mounted in a fast food chain (McDonald’s SM Marikina). And for the duration of its run, more than 9,000 customers were alarmed.

The Soap Alarm worked this way:

1. A person enters the toilet, locks the door, and does his business.

2. As he unlocks the door to step out, he triggers the Soap Alarm.

3. To stop the alarm, he dispenses Safeguard Anti-bacterial Hand Soap onto his hands.

4. Above the soap alarm is a warning and hand washing instruction guide that he can follow.

The Soap Alarm caught the attention of moms, dads, kids, students and barkadas - prompting them to wash their hands immediately with Safeguard not only to stop the alarm but, more importantly, to stop the spread of germs.

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