Jelly Nail Polish By Jennifer Lynn At Nailandia

It was my first time to have a manicure in a salon and do some coloring to my nails when I was invited to have a pampering for my self and give a little time to enjoy the foot spa with pedicure and manicure. Nailandia, this nail studio and body spa is really new to me. Maybe because they just started for just a month and so.  The place was not too hard to find because it was located along the street of Tomas Morato where you can use the  Zirko Bar as the landmarks.

The place was so homey and the ambiance is really relaxing as if you are only in your house and staying in some familiar part of it. The receptionist is very approachable as well as the crew. They prepare the things that they might use for my hand and foot pampering and served me with a glass of iced tea for refreshment while soaking my feet in warm water.

I have a chance to talk to them while having my free foot spa with pedicure and manicure at the same time. I feel like a princess because I have two servants who works for my feet and hands at the same time.

Having a reviews like this is really fun specially when the people who is in front of you are really nice and very attentive to things that you will need. Colors in my nails is totally something new to me, I choose the color who looks like natural or nude, that is I think the best for me or at least I think fits for me because I don't really like to have a nail polish in my nails, it's just that I have to try the Jennifer Lynn's products. Jelly nail polish, that was they say about it and they said that its hard to remove because it has some kind of special removal to clean up your nails when you wanted it to take off or to replace. 

At first, my hands feel a little heavy because of the nail colors that they put on in my nails. I love their UV nail dryer, I was so hesitant to move my fingers and keep closing my palm. Then, eventually I get used to it, after a few days I saw that the nail colors started to chips. I saw it from the tip and the rest is follow. I feel sorry because it chips already after three days. 

It took me some time to removed the nail polish because I have no time to visit Nailandia once again to have it colored again like what they said or to have have it remove with them. So, I removed it with my own risk. I think Jennifer Lynn's product is best when you have to have change your nail colors in more frequently. I think it's effective to celebrities like Karylle who happens I be there too to have her nails done for an event in the evening and will change again after a day or two for some shows or events that she may be attending.

I wish that Jennifer Lynn will not get disappointed to what I have said in here because I only tell things that had happen and based on my experience as a first timer having my nails done with colors. I felt bad because I did like the neutral color that I had but it was easily chips. I wish that I can still have a chance to do it again and get comfortable having nail polish in my nails. Thanks Ginger for the invites and hoping to review more of nail colors or nail care in the future. Cheers!

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