Wheatgrass And Whea-gee By Easy Pha-Max

I have a chance to meet Dianne Castillejo and his son Matthew in one event of Easy Pha-Max. We had a good chat with the two, they both very active in their lifestyle, and they tend to do everything more on physically in their every day life. Of course, Dianne as a sports caster, she was always on the go. She even told us that her car was full of everything she needs because of her busy schedules and day activities. Matthew grew with her mom's routine so the kid is also doing more physical things.He said he loves football and tennis.  He even joined her mom in her shows and even busier at school. 

For them, their love in drinking wheatgrass helps their active lifestyle to boost energy they need. Dianne drinks almost 10 times a day of wheatgrass and she sometimes replaced foods to wheatgrass when she was too busy.She is always carrying a sachet of it in her bag every day while Matthew loves the whea-gee and also a wheatgrass drinker. 

Wheatgrass has the highest chlorophyll content among other greens who detoxifies the blood, promotes blood production and helps heal wounds. It is loaded with antioxidants that protect against UV rays of the sun, radiation, pollution and other sources of cell damage or the free radicals. In addition, it has 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 17 amino acids, chlorophyll and fiber, and 100 types of enzymes which the body needs to function well. 

While the Whea-gee is for kids to maximize your children full potential by combining the wonders of wheatgrass and the benefits of colostrum in a chewable tablet that they will surely love and enjoy. It cleanses, alkalizes and nourishes the body of your kids because nutrients alone aren't enough to prevent health problems from cropping up.

For more information, visit www.easypha-max.com or www.wheatgrasscan.com today.

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