In our modern world today people are tend to eat everything in an instant because of fast pace of everything around them. People are most likely eat in fast foods, artificial ingredients, preservatives, meats and fats that can't resist and I think, it's about time to know how to clean our colon an make it healthy and function normally again.

So glad that I have a chance to join the Life Seminar of Easy Pha-max and the So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass.

What is So Easy Colon Cleanse with Wheatgrass?

It is a thorough and complete cleansing program that removes chronic fecal matter in 3 days. It is the only colon cleansing product that has OIL PALM FIBER combined with WHEATGRASS that synergistically work to expel toxic substances that normal bowel movement can't remove. It is also a very effective and easy way to lose weight.

It is a complete diet program that replaces all regular meals. This fasting process is necessary to allow the digestive system to naturally eliminate hard to remove waste and rebuild damaged cells and tissues within the system, the nutrients blended into each sachet of SO Easy are better absorbed and assimilated by the body to facilitate the removal of chronic waste and toxins.

So Easy Program

Everyone must have a complete inner body cleansing at least once a year. The So Easy Colon Cleanse Program is your best choice for removing toxins from your body. It can be safely and effectively done from one to fifteen days defending on your goals. A clean digestive system means your body goes back to its original healthy condition when it is able to better absorbs all the nutrients you need.

To maintain a clean colon, prevent digestive diseases and colon cancer, you can have a thorough colon cleanse either 3, 7 or 15 days once a year to be followed by one day cleanse each month as a maintenance of So Easy Colon Cleanse Program of Easy Pha-max.

Start to get rid of the garbage in your colon today, try So Easy Colon Cleanse, available in strawberry and cocoa flavor. It is Awarded Silver Medal in the 34th Geneva International Exhibition f Inventions, New Techniques and Products 2006 for the development of So Easy, the first and only detoxifying product made from oil palm fiber. 

Find out more about the So Easy Life Camp, a venue to Restore Health, Transform Life. Visit
ESSENTIAL LOOKS from Schwarzkopf Professional brings you the FLUX Collection. The latest catwalk trends distilled into four NEW visual moods for Spring/Summer 2012.

Each season a handpicked team of hair professionals immerse themselves in the fashion weeks of London, Paris, Milan and New York and emerge inspired to create a collection of distinct trends that will lead hairdressers and their salon clients to progress their personal style for the months ahead. These ESSENTIAL LOOKS capture the essence of the season - defining the fashion zeitgeist, creating a cultural snapshot and presenting a storybook of style.

This season, for the first time, ESSENTIAL LOOKS features the Catwalk to Salon concept. Since its creation in 1997 Essential Looks has a proven trac k record in translating catwalk couture into a commercial reality, but in this economic climate means Schwarzkopf Professional recognizes accessibility is more important than ever. The concept is about taking avant-garde looks as inspiration and then creating interpretations that are both aspirational and adaptable, with versatile cuts and colouring techniques that promise to work
for all salons and their clients.

Essential Looks is THE seasonal tool for change from Schwarzkopf Professional, delivering wearable, desirable style direct to the salon door in a usable, accessible format that empowers. Schwarzkopf makes a commitment to the stylist to deliver creative education on time and on trend with step-by-step guides to support and inspire.

The last decade has established Essential Looks as the innovator in presenting trends specifically tailored for the professional hairdressing community. Written in a language that speaks directly to them, it is designed to give them the true essence of season and the means to deliver the look their clients want.

Steve Hogan, Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks says: "We are proud to present the Essential Looks FLUX Collection. Called FLUX not only because of the ever changing global economic situation, but because we believe to succeed in hairdressing you need to be able to adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the game. We have strived to create four truly eclectic trend directions that reflect the diverse tribes emerging from today’s modern, global society. 

The DARK ANGELS are sensual, mysterious and confident women who are the embodiment of feminine beauty. 

SPORTS JUNKIES are honed, toned adrenalin junkies always seeking the next endorphin rush. 

HIP OPULANTS are hedonistic pleasure seekers who want to see and be seen at the coolest bars and hippest hangouts. 

COOL HUNTERS are the epitome of 21st century entrepreneurs, travelling the
world with a high tech virtual office in search of the next new "big thing”. These tribes and our strongest images to date are certain to ignite your imagination and fuel your creativity for the season ahead.”
Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source is to provide a timely information on diet and nutrition for health professionals and the public so that we can learn more the benefit of eating healthy in our daily life.
Healthy Eating Plate was created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health to educate us how to have a blue print for planning our well-balanced meals.

In your Healthy Eating Plate, first, you have to fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruits. Go for more color and variety in this portion of plate. Second, A quarter of your plate is for full grains such as whole wheat, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta because they are less processed.

Next is put a healthy source of protein in the last quarter of your plate such as fish, chicken, beans or nuts. You can have an egg a day but limit your red meat and processed meats.

Followed by good plant based vegetable oils like olive, canola, soy, corn, sunflower, peanut, etc. The glass bottle signifies the healthy oil you need.
Then completing your healthy plate in your meal in a glass of water or a cup of coffee or tea with a little or no sugar is best. Limit your milk and other dairy products to one or two servings per day and also limit your juice or soda to a small glass per day.

Lastly, stay active is one of the secrets to control weight gain.
You can use this Harvard Healthy Eating Plate guide side by side together with the Healthy Eating Phyramid for you to be guided in your healthy diet.

Disclaimer: The Healthy Eating Plate image on this Web site is owned by the Harvard University.  It may be downloaded and used without permission for educational and other non-commercial uses with proper attribution, including the following copyright notification and credit line: Copyright © 2011, Harvard University.
Having fun outdoors is THE way to go during summer. But having fun outdoors entails some caution. One way to do it is to protect yourself from the harmful effects of excessive sun exposure.

SunProtec is a dermatologically-tested sunblock that helps reduce the risk of skin damage and aging due to the too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light emitted by the sun. It can also help in the prevention other adverse effects of UV such as skin cancer.

SunProtec has an SPF (sun protection factor) ranging from 60 to 70 that signifies longer protection against UVB. SPF measures how much exposure your skin can take before it gets burnt with even with the application of the sunblock.

SunProtec also has broad spectrum protection, which means that your skin is not only protected from UVB, but also from UVA, which is generally attributed now to cause skin cancer. Furthermore, SunProtec is hypoallergenic that makes it applicable to any skin type, without the harm of irritation.

One way of protecting yourself is by applying sunblock unto skin. SunProtec is a revolutionary skin care product of Kohl Industries Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial and personal care products.

It is also easy absorbent making it practical to use, since you only need a little amount of SunProtec to lather into your skin for protection. It is best to apply generously and evenly unto skin, 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight. Re-apply at frequent intervals after swimming and towel drying.
SunProtec is your all-in-one sunblock since this can be applied both to your face and body. So, less hassle for you to buy two sunblock products separately.


SunProtec is available in 40, 60 and 90ml bottles in easy-to-carry designs, fit for any outdoor activity you might have. SunProtec is available in Mercury, Shopwise and Rustans for only Php 139(40mL), Php 199 (60mL) and Php219 (90mL).

It’s the most affordable sunblock with the high SPF compared to leading brands. Thus, you get more protection against the sun, without ripping your budget. Making it the budget-friendliest sunblock for your summer activities.
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I was so excited to attend the event of Nestle Fitnesse Shape Up night featuring Zumba Fitnesse Party at the NBC tent in Bonifacio High Street last Saturday. I have seen that there are really lots of people kno w adays who are very much consious with their lifestyle and choose to be fit in someway. I came early and so I got a lot of time to stroll around the venue, I found different booths where you can get free glittered tattoo, nutrition counseling, unlimited animated booklet booth and some free sampling of Nestle Light Fresh Milk and of course the Nestle Fitnesse Whole Wheat Cereal which comes in three flavor which is the Nestle Fitnesse the Low Fat Whole Wheat Cereal, Nestle Fitnesse and Fruit the the Low Fat Whole Wheat Cereal, and Nestle Fitnesse Honey and Almonds.

Nestle Fitnesse can help us to get back in shape and maintain our healthy body weight because it's made of whole grain and its a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Plus it comes in taste that you will enjoy.

Nestle Fitnesse has it's 14 days program to have a kick-start for your healthier lifestyle. All you have to do is to enjoy Nestle Fitnesse cereal as a replacement in your breakfast and dinner. Adds variety of fruits and vegetable to have the nutrients you need. Your lunch should be balanced that consist of vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and diary. You can also have in you meal plan some fruits and yogurts.

As the Nestle Fitnesse Shape Up Night featuring Zumba Fitness Party was started people are go crazy when they hear the music and one of the most anticipated summer party of year that I have attended. It promotes the fun side of health and wellness.

We party with the international Zumba specialist, David Velez and hosted by the sexy and very fit Ms. Iya Villania.

For more information visit and LIKE Nestle Fitnesse Philippines on Facebook at
Spyders, the brand that brought top quality and high performance multi-sport and motorcycling gears in the country, launched its summer season campaign for a more exciting, super active and healthier summer activities with Spyder-Charge Your Summer 2012.

The been hosted a week long Spyder-Charge YOur Summer 2012 mall event where newbies are introduced to the discipline of multi-sport  which is swim-bike-run by offering them the highest quality of products like helmets, shades eye wear, and other protective gears, accesories and products that will fit in their own style without sacrificing the quality in affordable prices.

Aside from the Spyder products that are being on sale from March 26 to April 1, enthusiast are also being introduced to motorcycling, cycling, and running clinics. They also held a blogging contest where been awarded during the blogger night at the Festival Mall Alabang. Awarded with cash prizes and premium items from Spyder and sponsors. Top blogs were featured on the Team Spyder website with the grand prize of P50,000 cash and all-expenses paid beach vacation for two.

Aside from they also offer the Spyder Assist Program for rider's insurance protection . Aside from the assurance of safety rated products, the Spyder Assist Program provides the riders with an extra protection for their rider's peace of mind at the cost of P150 only. It covers their personal life insurance, covering loss of life or disablement of up to P100,000. medical reimbursement of up to P5,000 for accident related injuries including motor related accidents and Crash replacement policy for damaged helmets during major accidents resulting in damge of their helmets.

Spyder-Charge Your Summer is an event of Spyder Helmets and Optics and sponsored by Sketckers Go run, No Fear, Gatorade, Sun Cellular, Kawasaki, All terra Cyclery, and supported by Total Fitness, Multisport, One Sport, Inside Racing, and Weekend Warrior Magazines,,,,, and