Treatment Woes

People diagnosed with chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol levels) need to change their lifestyles from how it used to be.

The challenge is to find a trusted healthcare brand that will ensure not just quality but also availability ensuring uninterrupted treatment. Second, the need for lifestyle modification is of utmost importance – patients must be aware of the chronicity of their disease, how complications would arise if these are poorly controlled & how vital it is to modify one’s lifestyle especially practical diet, nutrition and physical activity.

Winning Over Chronic Illnesses with Watsons Compliance Packs

A year and a half ago, Watsons Pharmacy launched the country’s first Compliance Pack program to help improve health outcomes of people afflicted with chronic diseases. “It’s high time for patients to win over chronic illnesses and take charge of their health & well-being. Through this program, we want to build awareness on medication compliance as a vital tool for therapeutic health, especially when it comes to chronic conditions. This is because, despite having these illnesses, it’s still possible for patients to enjoy healthier, quality lives,” said Watsons Health Business Unit Director Lyle Morrell.       

Since then thousands of patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol have greatly benefitted from the program. Dina Sarne, 47, a working mom and hypertensive relates: “Malaking tulong and Watson’s Compliance Pack kasi naiiwasan yung mga instances na I missed out on my medication. Dahil halos 60% yung savings, nakakabili na ako ng monthly supply. Hindi din ako worried kasi alam kong trusted yung manufacturer”.

Leonardo Garcia, 50, on the other has been diabetic since 2007. Last year, he started using Compliance Pack Metformin saying, Very timely ang produkto na ito dahil yung mga pamangkin ko tinutulungan ko din.. nag-aaral pa sila so yung savings na nakukuha ko sa gamot ay nagagamit kong  pandagdag sa sa allowances nila!  Also, now I see a brighter future kasi alam kong kaya kong I manage yung sakit ko at hindi sya hindrance in living my life to the fullest.”

Event Director Rodgil Flores, 44 with high cholesterol, enthused Added feature ng Watson Compliance Pack is that it comes with a very informative literature – mga tips on how to better manage my health condition! Yung pharmacist din nagka counsel talaga so they help as well. I’m a very busy person, if I’m not involved with events I go around the country judging beauty pageants so I should always bring my medicines with me. With this program of Watsons, it’s easier to stock up on my medication”

Inspired by the positive affirmations from patients, Watsons pushes the envelope further by relaunching the Compliance Pack program that’s even more affordable, informative and rewarding.

More Reasons to Comply!

Happy and healthy living can be achieved with Watsons Compliance Packs.
Prescription lapses can worsen one’s illnesses and make it difficult for patients to cope with complications. Thus, the new Watsons Compliance Pack program aims to help in managing patients’ health issues easier and hassle-free with the following benefits:

More Savings. Now, with as much as 80% savings versus leading brands, Watsons Compliance Packs are sold in packs of 30s for easier compliance in taking the daily medications. Prices have been brought down further to enable more patients to afford it.

New Quality Healthcare Partner. Now in partnership with Unilab, patients are assured of gold-standard, quality formulation of commonly prescribed medications like Amplodipine, Losartan & Metoprolol for hypertension, Metformin for diabetes and Simvastatin for high cholesterol.

More Informative & More Rewards. Each pack contains a product leaflet that has valuable information on the disease, sensible tips on how to stay healthy and a suggested diet plan. It even gets better with more rewards from partner brands like Omron, Accucheck, Health First & High Precision, Wheatgrass and other partners to help patients manage their diseases better.   

Exclusively available at Watsons, the program aims to strengthen Watsons advocacy of not just offering effective yet affordable medication Filipinos but strengthening awareness and education for improved disease management.

“It takes too much effort for a patient to integrate a lifetime of
treatment into his daily routine …”

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